New MEYTAL album 'The Witness' is LIVE: 👉 /> *** BECOME A PATRON ► />Let's keep in touch! ► />Merch on Meytalshop ► />Wanna buy me a coffee? ► /> *** first Tool song I ever covered... took me 2 weeks of 8 hours a day. I was way over my head when I started covering these songs... I read an article this week that said that successful ppl start before they feel ready. I think that makes sense.. so I'm passing the knowledge along - take more then you're capable of, and then slowly figure that shit out!

I want her in my band. Well I dont really have a band.....But i want to make one so i can have her in it
Dan Wright
Mike M
If you can cover Danny Carey, Peart and Dolmayan, you're sick.
Jerald Candelario
When I first saw this i was so amazed by Meytal. But then i watched Danny Carey perform this song and i'm sorry but he made meytal look like shes playing guitar hero on easy mode lol. Still a huge fan love u! ❤️
Владимир Хайзенберг
i love your hair :3
Your videos are really helpful because you really stick to the original drumming. Not only are you an amazingly talented drummer, you also help me a lot to understand how to actually play those songs. So i'm just leaving this comment to thank you , i hope i'll be able to play Tool the way you do someday ;) keep rockin !
Disciplined Artist
We need more people like this...
Lyndon Leverington
I think.... I.... I think I'm in love! :O
John Smith
0:16 - 0:19 I see a smiling turtle
Michael Britt
My FAV Tool jam. And you make it better doll! Thanks!
unpredicable man
where is the tour ??? Talent or Live play ???
Ashton Diebolt
When can we get another tool song
cutting Tool songs is illegal...
Quyen Tran
Please do Triad
I love all of your covers that i have seen so far, but this is my favorite by far, thank you for it, you rock.
Мишаня Отжыгает
Привет!Красиво бацаешь,мне очень нравится!!! Да,и сама ты симпатичная.
Mike Locke
Meytal Cohen. Your incrediblely awesome. Absolutely amazing on the drums. Your so talented and fabulous. Very creative.💋💋. I love your Tool covers. I love all your music.
What version of the song is this? The riff at 0:57 is missing on the album version
John Patrick Cullen
this girl is awesome.... I want one....
Lemons Lime Lemonaid
this lady kicks ass period. killer talent with allout class and her smile is addictive.
3:19 Right tom - Smiling cartoonish face
Meytal , I've been a silent fan for many years .....but after seeing this video ..I can no longer be silent ..I am stunned and amazed at your power , grace , skill and drive when your in your groove ...this is a Masterpiece !. Bravo ! Bellissimo !
Sapetoku m
Sheila E has a daughter, thanks for sharing Meytal :) Talentuous you are, pretty you are :D
Ulisses Malanski
i got fallin in love
Ashik Rahman
awesome!! God bless u \m/
Ramones Fan
I'm impressed drumming in a skirt, must be hard
Jon Gill
nothing better than a beautiful woman rocking the double bass!!!!!
Joey James
Schism Please?
Great work as usual, but you don't show what a kickass time you have (or should have) playing metal. I make better faces playing air guitar, which is the only instrument I play by the way. Respect.
Luis Alberto Antunez
Excellent hob Princes Meytal Cohen,: You´re a genios drummer: congratulations.
Insignius Productions
The kind of woman any man would like to marry :D
Mark Keeling Drumming
I really like this song, and you nailed it Meytal!
Producciones Rastas
I love how she gets serious on tool dongs lml Meytal and Tool pls never die!
Michael Moyer
Simply; WICKED Meytal!!You and Danny would make a great couple ; )
Larry Zeno
Effortless balance, respect jealous.
Vetter Burns
3:18 double chain-drive Awesomesauce!
Amazing. Covering Danny Carey on drums is like covering Hendrix on guitar. You have yet another fan!
jason johnson
DAMN....she's a BAD ASS and a lil cutie on top of that. Sh's a kepper
Steve Guldenzopf
How did this get 651 dislikes? Meytall is a great drummer. Fast, powerful, and skilled.
Gilbery Gaytan
awesome girl! !😉
Lord VonBhu
why can i perfectly hear the original drum pattern? -.-"
James C.
Danny Carey of Tool is the current bad ass of drumming!
davi lima
o may good.... o que que isso... queria te conhece-la um dia...virei um fã seu... tbm toco.....más chego lá um dia....
Chris Haines
talented and beautiful
Gary Taylor
solid. right in the pocket 🤘 you bad muthr shut yo mouth. KILLER QUEEN
Winston Rebel
Nick Slick
I've watched like 6 of your videos now and every one just confirmed what I thought during the first one- I think I love you. What do I do about this?
Brett Bernier
I just love watching you play, so much passion :) you are awesome !
HFM designs LLC
Seems pretty flawless. You win girl!!
simply awesome!! love watching her play, timing dead on!
me enamore *o*
Do you by any chance have the audio of just you?
Andery Smith
Parabola my lovely track, with guitar in the end/
Danny Carey would be proud
Luc Leblanc
Meytal Will you Mary me? Seriously I'm deeply in lovexxxxx
Rob S
My neighbors hate this song, lol. Nice job
without a doubt the hardest drummer to duplicate, nice job !!!!!!. you have done your homework
Troy Ashby
Hanna Ford vs. Meytal?
Seb Ste
You play the best covers of Tool
wow, that's well executed! you kinda rocked my sox... thank you.
Nice sample.
Doesn't beat johnkews cover. That dude can play drums for sure
Jeff Jacobs
Nice Drum set, you rock!
So if Danny is ever sick on tour...
Kristian Du Vall
I bet Maynard is thinking now,,,,,,,,Holy Snikeys...............Great Job Meytal!!
Javier Montiel
Me encanta!!!
Mindaugas Kukis
This is the first song when you play with feeling that I like. I have to grow a lot to the skills, technique you have. But for me is also important how it looks - the playing. (I'm not speaking about twisting of the sticks or similar show elements). You always do the very good drum covers. That's no question. But this one gives the vibe of the song through your moves, the way you hit cymbals ect. Well done! :)
Javier Montiel
Me encanta!!!
Bassam A
Amazing talent, hard song to play, you nailed it!
Lisa Cope
You gotta see this
Eres la mas hermosa de todas!!!!
Do ticks and leeches.. That'll determine if you're a good drummer
Danny Caballero
Amazing talent!!
And this is how you make a living doing what you love. Being beautiful doesn't hurt either :)
Once again perfect !
Wow! Nice job!
Scott Smith
Very good drumming! You look a lot like Anne Hathaway, but much prettier.
Jerry Lambert
got my t-shirt (wearing it) and my lollipop, luv u Meytal, keep doing that thing u do
Charles Hanson
You. Are. So. Unbelievably. Awesome. Wow! Just wow.
Andery Smith
Wow nice, techniks.
José Diaz
Excelent !!!
Steven Dull
it is not because of the mix. her drums are plenty loud. it's because she's playing so tightly to the song that you can't tell which drums are hers. this is what happens when someone really gets into the groove, and she's grooving much tighter in this one than in lateralus or some of the others(which are already pretty tight). that's why live drummers will always prevail over programmed drums. there's a certain flow to a good musician that cannot be replicated. that's why you will go see a certain band and they will sound 3 times better than their cd. all these one man bands with their mac and keyboard will never be able to achieve that.
Meytal is inspiring.
i was on a playlist, looking at a different tab, then i saw it was a cover and I had no idea. Nice job xD
John Bartley
Freaking nice! Awesome job!
sergio cortes
3:19 - 3:37 just wow
Brian Howk
its difficult for me to watch these videos, without at one point during it exclaiming very loudly "JESUS CHRIST THIS GIRL IS AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL AS SHIT". normally a few times, depending on length of song lol. \m/
Bruce Nelson
Ive got a really good friend who plays bass and is cutting a new album. It would b awesome to see them do a gig together. Music sooths the beast in all of us. Meytal your an inspiration!!!!
Philip Gx
would be there !
Thomas Rockman
Perfect, the best... ever!
Patrick Poland
I noticed a lot of her videos are from years back wondering if she still plays or maybe with a band !!!!!!
Mark Osterman
This is missing a whole section of the song at the beginning.....
Jake Rabska
You should do Vicarious :)
TC Farms
now thats some real good drumming.
Andrew Brady
Great job! Every single note!
William Moses
I love your Tool covers!! Incredible
Butch Cassidy
Shes my favorite drummer!!
Alex Benitez