Rudy "It's A Bitch-Ass Life" - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Daiyaan Sutton
I'm still laughing at the fact that his last word was shit.
1:55 Just casually walking by the graves at noon
Generations of Insults! =D
Eli 101
Last words Shiiit
He did it.....he kept the same haircut for over 70 years....
Rodrel Ackerman
This was the longest roast in history
Oh my fucking god His name is Rudy Because he’s rude And the teacher finally gave him the juice
Insane Taco Cat
Teacher: “ He was rude his whole life.” Rudy’s grave: “DAMN RIGHT”
Ani's Trash Can
Ha. Rude-y
Kerrai Katta
The fact that he was going to eat the orange with the peel on
Melanie Yvette
I want his tombstone 😂😂😂😂
0:29 why is she reading a book of someone punching a giraffe
Alffon :V
1:28. 1950-2029?
*B I G T I T T I E*
I counted...he said ass 26 times
Yca Gala
1:18 I want my grave to look like that😀
When he says he wouldn't change a thing, it's so beautiful👏
yoshi play
1:40 like father like son like grandson
Ani's Trash Can
That's not insulting that's just putting ass after everything.
The Diamond Knight
I can’t believe he actually roasted every person he cane into contact with for his whole life
b00t leg
*1:40* oh now the sons backstory
Claudia M'thini
I did the math. 2029-1950=79. Rudy was 79 when he died.
Blueberry GamerTM
*C A T S I N T H E C R A D L E A S S*
Ankit Sharma
Topaz 13
He had a low voice for a kid
Moti Tech
All I noticed about the wife was her eyelashes XD
Assasinpro 24
The baby at 0:59 was soooo cute
Takela Richardson
B**** a** no baseball caughting XD
Def alt
*No baseball catching',*
Dantee'th ish
2:39 thicc
Funkstreife 5-3
My absolute favourite episode
The Reverse Card From UNO
I want my grave in the shape of a middle finger
Bardi girl
LMFAO he roasted everyone I'm still laughing at this
Captain Jurgh
Here lies Rudy; By the Rood, he was Rude and Crude enough for his Mood.
Joseph Agar
Am I the only one who realized he said ass in every single sentence he said?
Riverdude Covers
Still the best Cyanide and Happiness short
Roberts Vindedzis
How did he get a job?
One of my most favorite Cyanide and Happiness videos.
Jack Schibelli
How is the teacher still alive..?
iDot Abe
i just realized they called him rudy because he’s rude LOL
Archie the Garfield lover
His grave is a middle finger
Daniel Lewis
Sarai Wynn
I'm dead
That grave tho
Christopher Beriont
Ha Ha HA HA!! OH MY GOD!!!
Talking Derpy
This reminds me of my friends and I roasting each other and saying "head ass" after every roast.
How old is this teacher !?
Kenneth Vinson
How does the older teacher last longer than the kid...??
and his last words will go down in history. "shiiiiiit....."
Josue De La Luz Calles
New Challenge: Take a shot everytime he's rude.
Kicking Man
Moral of the story: you can do whatever you want without anybody stopping you
TurKeyBisKiT 64
I was hoping for an "it's a hard knock life" parody.
Nate Burnside
I’m 15 years in the making of being rude my whole life
She Devil
I’m only here because one of my friends over on Wattpad tried to kill themselves. They sent everyone this video to make up for it. I’d say they did a pretty good job apologizing, even if they didn’t have to.
I put no effort in my videos
I just realized it took the teacher 100 years to get the orange juice for Rudy
You know what they say, Orange is the new Black.
Lvl. 1 Take a shot everytime he says ass Lvl. 2 take a shot everytime he says a cuss word
Gibber UT
Best insult was when he was a kid xD
larry Gagon
Kicking Man
Always go back to this video.. It really motivates me.. does anyone agree?
Vincent B
Mr Flames
Lmafo that’s all lmafo
Can someone count how many he said ass?
Heaven Bel
The fact that it was spelled too not two 😂😂😂😂
WE THE PEOPLE OF YOUTUBE DEMAND: Rudy II: "It's a b**ch a** afterlife.
Teeny Gecko
He should have started insulting people after eating the orange
Jaden Garnes
Is he being serious? Like if you think if he's serious🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Dragonslayer 999
*here lies Dragon slayer, he died laughing at this* also did the wife die too or she was crying
He said a total of 29 swear words in the video I think (excluding the orange part)
Trevor Phillips
If rudy died at the age of 80, the teacher was 130!
In Every scène hé said ass Respect
jake star
Lol and the generation continues
- khushi
Paloma Maceira
thas not hpw u treat yo0ur woker i wil; find your besiness and save your cocoworks if u nbo not be nice to them
That dude was about to bite into the orange without peeling it first?
Noah Daniels
Can someone please write a transcript for this? I need it badly
Whoop Dee-Doo
This was incredible.
I guess he was Rude--y
Zachyrich Reblesa
1:41 maybe his grandson is like him
Took the teacher a while to give Rudy that juice.
Eli 101
omg I'm dying of laughter!
Isiah O
He mostly said ass
Jayz Gaming
1:40 the legend lives on🙏😂😂😅
Aydin Scott
Damn right
Rocket _96
I get why his name is Rudy
joaco &co productions
Yellow :v
Sarah Thomas
This made me so happy 💖😂😂
Prancing Corn98
Disrespectful orange pickin’-ass grave defilin
Writban Alim
>Orange tree grows out of black guy's grave Well I guess orange is the new black
Nikolax34 Bruvinski
This is so sad yet so funny
Kimberly Sangster
His tombstone was a middle finger😅😅😅
Spongebob Squarepants
Bring him the juice
Elytra Plays
How you don't get demonitized
I have to wonder how the teacher ended up outliving him...
The Noob / Minecraft Tester
Rudy? Lele pons?
Shawnclocks S
Holy crap it spread to his kid holy the fruit can talk
Penguin King
his so RUDy
Coco Pearl
This will always be my favorite video.
Yakarot Sennin
New challenge, take a shot of Vodka every time he says "ass".