John Kricfalusi The Great Piggy Bank Robbery Commentary

John Kricfalusi talks about his favorite cartoon of all time watch the cartoon along with this video!

ButtercupFan 01
Fun Fact: This was the first cartoon to air on Cartoon Network on October 1, 1992.
Robert Lutz
Neon Noodle? NEON NOODLE!!!!
His voice is so relaxing.
Marius Møller
the Bat Man joke always floors me
Snackerd Jack
I first saw this when I was five and it was one of the greatest thing I saw as a kid, I used to watch it all of the time and remembered every single line from this cartoon.
Thank you I've been wanting to hear this for years.
just show the damn vid i don’t need talking!
Binkle Babe
Damb! Clamped ruled! Love your commentary. You really went on to do some classic work yourself!
1:54 - The same Bill Melendez who went on to produce all of the Peanuts TV specials and provide the voices of Snoopy and Woodstock. - The same
Kristen Ross
Octodaddy LOL:)
Bolek Lolek
1:20 "this is just guy who can't control his urges... like me" oh boy.
Justin Urhead
Where is this from? Did John K. do a commentary series?
Hadi Nasrallah
hey i combined the audio with the episode do you want to upload it?