Tool Lateralus (FULL ALBUM) HD AND HQ

Lateralus by Tool FULL ALBUM 1. "The Grudge" 0:00 2. "Eon Blue Apocalypse" (Instrumental) 8:36 3. "The Patient" 10:48 4. "Mantra" (Instrumental) 18:00 5. "Schism" 19:13 6. "Parabol" 25:59 7. "Parabola" 29:04 8. Ticks & Leeches Instrumental- 35:07 9. "Lateralus" 42:53 10. "Disposition" 52:17 11. "Reflection" 57:05 12. "Triad" (Instrumental) 1:08:13 13. "Faaip de Oiad" 1:16:57 Total length: 78:51 Would Like To Share Your UFO Videos and Alien Abduction Cases Please Email Us @ [email protected] If You Have A Video You Would Like To Share With Us. Visit our website More Strange Phenomenon Video and Website Article Links Below: Strange Sky Trumpet Sounds 2015 Phoenix Arizona: /> Mirrored by Shield of the Son - "Aliens Come From Hell": /> UFO Over San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Mexico 11/1/2015: /> UFO Orbs Lit Up By Lighting Storm: /> Tool Lateralus (FULL ALBUM) HD AND HQ: /> Best UFO Sighting of JUNE 2014:
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Michael M. Palaske
dude that transition from parabol to parabola when theres like one second of silence breaks my heart. Is like having sex and right in the climax your mom comes in.
I love Fibonacci jokes, each new one is as funny as the previous two together.
Tool is not a band. They are a spiritual experience!
6:57 when you Smash your pinky toe on the corner of the bed
Sean Maloney
"Hi sir hello, would you mind telling me what your religion is?" Listening to Tool on LSD
Sarah Morton
I can't believe this dude is actually using the Fibonacci sequence. What a Tool
I am with stupid people at my workplace, it helps me to survive! 🤘🤘🙏
Brown Town
removed track durations   1. "The Grudge" 0:01 2. "Eon Blue Apocalypse" (Instrumental) - 8:36 3. "The Patient" - 9:41 4. "Mantra" (Instrumental) 18:00 5. "Schism" - 19:13 6. "Parabol" - 25:59 7. "Parabola" - 29:04 8. Ticks & Leeches Instrumental- 35:07 9. "Lateralus" - 42:53 10. "Disposition" - 52:17 11. "Reflection" - 57:05 12. "Triad" (Instrumental- 1:08:13 13. "Faaip de Oiad" - 1:16:57
Masterpiece. One of the great artistic achievements of mankind.
Sniping Reaper
When I listen to Tool, so do my neighbors!
Matt Ray
This album saved my life.
Fun with Guns
Who is listening to "||" {[]} {[]} |]_ in 2019?!
Joe Shaner
Are you guys aliens? Tell me the truth.
Pink Floyd on crack. In this case, I'm a Junkie.
Carol Lyn
God I love Tool.
The repetition of Eon Blue Apocalypse always ruins the vibe and reminds me I should have picked a different uploader.
MJ Puente
"||" {[]} {[]} |]_
Cameron Reinlasoder
Sounds like someone dropped their band practice session in where Ticks and Leeches should be.
Think I might have to get the cd, the one second skip between parabol and parabola kills my soul
Kacper Krasowski
I'm Tool's fan for like 3 or 4 years now and it's still dificult for me to grasp how amazing this band is. Danny's sick drumming, Maynard's powerful lyrics and beautiful emotional singing... And then there are Adam and Justin putting their own unique background and atmosphere to all of that. I don't care if it will take them 10 or 50 more years to release new album, I'm just happy that I can enjoy what they put out so far. God fucking bless them!
Bird Up
Man I forgot how freaking awesome Tool is.
📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Tool └📁 Bad Songs └⚠ This folder is empty
Enrico Contadini
If you hate the gaps between the tracks buy the original cd and Lp. Keep the music alive . Music worth is more than streaming or download.
“Lateralus” is one of the most overtly intricate songs by Tool. The predominate lyrical theme is that over-analysis leads to loss of control, linear structures don’t exist in nature and that we “should embrace the random”, and “swing on the spirals of our divinity and still be a human”. Ironically, the song, as well as the entire album’s, structure was carefully planned; this specific song is based on the Fibonacci sequence: The introduction section of the song is 01:12 long (0, 1, 1, 2 are the first four numbers in the sequence). The first verse starts at 97 seconds, which is approximately 1.618 minutes – (The Golden Ratio) Each verse is 55 seconds long (11th # in sequence). The syllables in the verses coincide with the sequence, as the first part of the first verse goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 5, 3 The 2nd line “to swing on the spiral” finishes at 6:18 which numerically matches 1.618 – (The Golden Ratio) The time signature of the main riff is 9/8 8/8 7/8, 987 is the 17th # in the sequence. So as a sort of double-standard, this song wants you to embrace the random, but “embracing” could be interpreted as such for studying its anomalies, which in turn could be found as over analysis. -
Josh Miller
This album changed my life forever. It's so profound and powerful. I owe this album for many changes in my life. I am truly touched and ever so greatful.
Ricardo Merino
Otro nivel de música, mas elevado, nítido, entre momentos de relajo y poderosa distorsión. Sinceramente una de las mejores bandas que he escuchado, personalmente hablando. Thank you very much for upload this masterpiece !
Michael Lee
“Reflection” is the best song on the album. 57-68 minutes 🙂
Ali Ezzeddine
Man this album is a whole spiritual experience... medicine for the soul. Nothing has helped me more with shedding my ego. Brilliant <3
So happy to have been born in this time to enjoy this band.
Ignacio Joaquin Molina Almeida
Este disco sana el alma, te da calma en tiempos de tormenta.
Bertin Salas
the patient great song.....lateralus the best song ever
Kershen Pillay
How could you put that boring fake tool high school band crap in place of ticks and leeches, which happens to have one of the most epic drum riffs ever! Its down right disrespectful to such a beautiful piece of art. Like drawing a mustache on the Mona lisa!
Alexander Gonchiy
This doesn't sound even close to HQ, more like mp3 128 kbps.
The Ræl Dingø
Whose heard the NEW TOOL SONGS. the album is almost here. We made it.
Diego Cepeda Isla
Madd Genome
Still riding that spiral, since 1642
Andrew Steele
Good possibility that this is the greatest single album, by any band, of all time. The singular vision of this brilliant music is present throughout the record. If you want mind blowing music...put Lateralus on........ minds = exploded
DM kr
Love this holy alien band!!!
Why can’t you be on Spotify 😩
Randy Man
Stumbling on this album on a YouTube mix is like opening junk mail and finding a bar of gold 10/10
Franco Chamorro
Smook weed and listen that...amazing.
jon anderson
Never faced such a difficult experience listening to music before. Gyrating, buzzing, engulfing me, all while reminding me I'm okay.
one of my favourite albums of all time.
New album release confirmed!!! 08/30/2019!!! The new songs sound amazing too. I cannot wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
selvin quiná
This Band it´s so very amazing
Hichem Herichi
A piece of art . Paranormal magical mysterious genius TOOL.
PAPA Giarnella
TOOL are Gods and Legends of thier own Genre!!!!!! Thank God for A Perfect Circle!!!! Omfg
Cold Brick
wow, bassist beats those strings harder, than my dad beats me.
Jose diaz
use to listen to this album as i played Zelda on the Nintendo 64.
Leonel Giovannini
Warning: This video contains a crappy garage band jam somewhere in the middle. Great way to ruin one of the greatest albums of all time. Some heads up in the title name would've been nice.
Debonaire Nerd
iTunes brought me here.
masterOF madness
tool --its over the MOTHERFUCKING TOP i closed my eys and fly when i hear tool thats AMAZING
sion owen
I feel like my soul just ejaculated on my own fetus 25 years ago.
shortfacebear 63
So, what happens when an exceptionally gifted group of serious artists evolve and grow as artists and people to a sublime level, while still maintaining their core identity? They create quite possibly the best prog-metal ever produced.
The Random Unknown Track..... They say freak.. when you're singled out....... holy shit lmao
Would be great if you changed the title of the video so people knew they were about to listen to a Kazaa-style bastardization of the album.
John Wiley
Ive been a tool fan since 92 when they were touring L.A. this album is hands down my fave cant wait for the new album
David Lavish
This is such an amazing album thank you so much for making this Tool. I can't wait for your new album I know it's gonna be epic!
The greatest album since Dark Side of the Moon
Richard Ortega
I still play this album loud when I drive tool is a very smart a who ever understands the art of the music will agree tool one of the best
Purple Floyd
Walter Heimlich
Only 1.5 million Humans on Earth? Sounds about right.
Robert Andaya
Infinite possibilities...begins with the miracle of forgiveness...let go and spiral out into ur unconscious mind
Greg Kavarnos
Did you hear the one about Tool and a new album?
Grant Zeidler
Theo Schmidt
I honestly think this may be the best record/album of all time.
Joe Taylor
The patient is an underrated song
John Sprouse
I was fully erect until track 8.. then became soft and uninterested. Damn it and damn you for saying this is Lateralus FULL ALBUM.
That scream in the grudge tho
Chris Thomas
Having such a bad day... I need this.
49:33 GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!
Bob Ross
Tool is still the loudest band I’ve ever heard in concert.
Zack Hartle
guys so ive made a great observation, any Tool fan who knows the song Judith by a perfect circle I swear that's the istrumentl that's replacing ticks and leeches
Sweet thing!! :)
High On Nymphetamine
This is the most spiritual album ever created. I wish more music were like this.
Outdated Meme
Rock am Ring 2019 <3
Baku Panurple
the pause in between each track are kinda annoying for those that have heard this album before in the past and want to reminisce old memories.
Santiago Cueto
"||" [{}] [{}] |]_
Alexander Mikhalyov
Хороший альбом...
Jack K
Carlos Maestas
One reason other than selling out. Tool does not want to release they’re music on iTunes or Spotify because they want people to listen to the whole album. Because they are telling a story. 🤷‍♂️ I heard that once I think. While eating a box of krispy creme.. god damn shit the bed.
Marijn Post
this album is so good it should be illegal
Mattijn Oosterbaan
This cd chnanged my life and made me beilieve in god and gaia, mother nature, source of life, source of everything and all.. Even timetravelling If you dont believe in timetravel then you are ignorant and dont experience what you should experience in your life from all the time travekl thats been made by the people who DO believe in it!!
that 30sec long scream in the me goosebumps. <3 maynard
Fictional !
1. This isn't the full album 2. This isn't high quality 3. Pleaae change the name or delete the video
Jackie Ashton
Tool at Dowload Festival 2019 🤗
mastodontool Niclas von Riva
Why can we all just be one and loving eachother! I'm in love with life..
Luxito _44
"||"{[]}{[]}|]_ is just as unic as a unicorn with a horn in its but, pretty unic....
Νικόλαος Γκουγκούσης
I am not an expert but I think this might be one of the best albums ever
whenever i listen to tool, i think of courage the cowardly dog.
Burrito Wyrm
holy shit Tool is really good How tf did it take me like a year to finally understand what any of the lyrics meant why did i make myself miss out
Felipe garcia
I can't describe the beauty of this album...
Ben Stoll
The instrumental that's in place of Ticks and Leeches sounds like it could be a track in the original DOOM....dig it.
Booty Hole Man
@35:08 The bonus track you never wanted. Haha. J/K keep practicing
This is great thank you
0:42:56 lateralus
desperate to control, unable to forgive and sinking deeper. State of the democratic party...
Tashi Chodak
“As above, so below; as below, so above”–The Kybalion. Once you come full circle, you realize its not a circle at all, it's a spiral. The spiritual path, in and out is spiral in nature... literally. In order (literal meaning) to evolve, the natural order of things is an evolutionary process, not revolutionary. To transcend, to evolve, to take the next leap in human consciousness, we have to ride the spiral. We've tried revolution(s) it isn't working. It's time to stop chasing our tails, time to finally find the courage to let go and spiral out... Keep going! Spiral out... Keep going!!!
11 goats
favorite Tool album, hands down. Lucky to see many of my favorites from this masterpiece performed live at the Gorge.