Pole dance fails Top 10 Compilation 2013 (failarmy)

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A Life Form Called Whis Worthy of Marvel and Dc
The first stripper could have broken her neck..omg!
I love how #8 just laughed and didn't give a shit that her crappy silicone pole detached from the ceiling
lool lool
#7 (IS HOT)
Lexi Colpitts-Campbell
The first one isn't funny...That's a hard trick, and the way she fell could've ended in a spinal injury or worse.
Oh damn, the first one. The sound of that impact...
Amyia Carder
What a hek
bob tony
link to number 7 pls?
#7 was kinda hot! I wouldn't mind her practicing her routine on my pole.
Patricia Nunziato
number 9 is from 2012 fails
Cameron Lopes
Me when I try to do something sexy...
Whats the song name on 1:59? Thank you for your answer forwards!
Lexi Colpitts-Campbell
Also the teacher for #10 doesn't know how to spot.
Σταυρος Ελλας
10 ^_^
don't need 20 flip'n gawd dam reply to see what happened.. gawd dam..
Gone Bad
so many poles breaking off from the roof. seems dangerous
Lynna Cassidy
8 was almost cool xD
Geert Wilders
number 5 is so funny
The second one is freaking John cDNA smack down XD
Nickel Mahabeer
are you aware in vid 2 a pillow fell from the ceiling no wonder the pole fell.
Vãn Siouxsie
Jayden Strickland
On 6 when she fell the song said boom boom boom
John Zaniah
I wanna know the music in #8 please :3
Elizabeth cornejo
Is number four stillalive
Lara Soares
on number 2 did any one else think John Cena xD
Carlos Janeiro
Kylie Shepherd
Cole Sanderson
Part 7 was pretty
Van Gomes
Boa d mais adorei
Jasmine Jr.
The last one had me bugging
Song at number two not sexy and I know it
all are hilarious and even if they hurt themselves severely theres still plenty of girls
Can anyone tell me the song on #8??
Lord Metaphors
#4 shes dead
True Kenny
Number two was two fat lol
Schechter Arts
It was funny until no. 4...Did she get knocked out? She didn't move after she fell. :(
I didn't want to laugh but about half way through, I couldn't help myself and laughed all the way to the end.  A person could get seriously hurt in a simply hilarious way -- lol. 
Gisellé 9v9r Crrz
Es difisil para una mujer sostenerse con los brazos así q no es q se caigan x tonta (esepto las q pusieron mal el cañoXD), es muy difícil y hay q tener mucha fuerza. El primer año todas se caen una y otra ves. es asta agarrar la técnica y la fuerza TvTr.