Pole dance fails Top 10 Compilation 2013 (failarmy)

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A Life Form Called Whis Worthy of Marvel and Dc
The first stripper could have broken her neck..omg!
Lexi Colpitts-Campbell
The first one isn't funny...That's a hard trick, and the way she fell could've ended in a spinal injury or worse.
I love how #8 just laughed and didn't give a shit that her crappy silicone pole detached from the ceiling
Oh damn, the first one. The sound of that impact...
Gone Bad
so many poles breaking off from the roof. seems dangerous
Cameron Lopes
Me when I try to do something sexy...
lool lool
#7 (IS HOT)
bob tony
link to number 7 pls?
#7 was kinda hot! I wouldn't mind her practicing her routine on my pole.
Amyia Carder
What a hek
Vãn Siouxsie
POKEPOKEMON 9v9r Gisellé
Es difisil para una mujer sostenerse con los brazos así q no es q se caigan x tonta (esepto las q pusieron mal el cañoXD), es muy difícil y hay q tener mucha fuerza. El primer año todas se caen una y otra ves. es asta agarrar la técnica y la fuerza TvTr.
Carlos Janeiro
Jasmine Jr.
The last one had me bugging
all are hilarious and even if they hurt themselves severely theres still plenty of girls
Lord Metaphors
#4 shes dead
Van Gomes
Boa d mais adorei
Lara Soares
on number 2 did any one else think John Cena xD
Cole Sanderson
Part 7 was pretty
John Zaniah
I wanna know the music in #8 please :3
Jayden Strickland
On 6 when she fell the song said boom boom boom
Alixander William
Song at number two not sexy and I know it
Whats the song name on 1:59? Thank you for your answer forwards!
Can anyone tell me the song on #8??
don't need 20 flip'n gawd dam reply to see what happened.. gawd dam..
Kylie Shepherd
Lexi Colpitts-Campbell
Also the teacher for #10 doesn't know how to spot.
The second one is freaking John cDNA smack down XD
True Kenny
Number two was two fat lol
Nickel Mahabeer
are you aware in vid 2 a pillow fell from the ceiling no wonder the pole fell.
I didn't want to laugh but about half way through, I couldn't help myself and laughed all the way to the end.  A person could get seriously hurt in a simply hilarious way -- lol. 
Schechter Arts
It was funny until no. 4...Did she get knocked out? She didn't move after she fell. :(
Elizabeth cornejo
Is number four stillalive
Geert Wilders
number 5 is so funny
Lynna Cassidy
8 was almost cool xD
Σταυρος Ελλας
10 ^_^
Patricia Nunziato
number 9 is from 2012 fails