Antis Crowd BLACKPINK’s Jennie In The Airport And Hurt Her Injured Ankle Causing Outrage

Why would you do this? Why?🙄 😠 Read the article and check out the video: /> You can read more kpop and kdrama by visiting my blog: />Lets get connected on social media: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram:

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Why would you do this? Why?🙄 😠 Read the article and check out the video:
You might be excited to see your idol but I'm sure you won't be excited to cause them harm.
Tae Tae
Man, this is sickening. How do people not understand personal space?
BTS vminkook. PARK JIMIN
She look so fragile and innocent ..please protect her.
Soph loves skz
Antis make me sick man like can they please exit because we don't need you
Jonas Flynn.
There clearly needs to be better security. I do understand there was a guard but why were antis allowed to get that close?
BP ZoO - WhErE aLl AnImAlS aRe WeLcOmE!
*Omg! Chaeyoung looks really pissed, which is completely understandable. Shouldn't the bodyguards box them in if they're in public? In my opinion, that's a poor attempt of guarding someone.*
Buddy Noodle
Wtf... fans should be protecting them not trying to touch them and hoard them. This person needs to learn from the purple ribbon army’s.
kasumi 80wman
I know how painful an ankle injury is, mine still hurts even though it's been a year 🙄😂 but wow that was TOTALLY out of place 😭 it's painful to watch really 💔 hope she gets well soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️
scented flower
Poor my kind Jennie 😞 even after what happened she still remained calm and kept smiling 😭
Fans(Of all fandoms) tend to complain that the security aren't doing their job with protecting idols. When they DO do their job, meaning that they will push a fan out of the way for the sake of SAFETY, fans complain that they are too violent like?? I'm not even complaining if the security is violent. They kind of need to be somewhat violent for the sake of damn safety of the idols? Also, this is all my personal opinion but I don't think that it was an anti. By examining the incident, it looks like the fan was too excited and ran up to Jennie, along with hurting her on accident. I don't blame the fan if it was an accident, honestly. I do also think that the fan should have thought about her actions before running up to Jennie but an accident is an accident. If she is an honest fan, she may be guilty and probably very apologetic. _Maybe she should also be taught what personal space is hNnGg but then again, I still think that she didn't hit her intentionally._ I hope our Jennie recovers fast and stays healthy though.💞💞💞
eych eych
Ouch! That was painful, if your ankle was hurt specially if you are still recovering from previous injury, and again it barely hurt again, that was the most painful in the ass. Hopefully jennie speedy recovery.
mercy khangembam
Please save this baby from anti😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
nikki shvec
First EXO now Blackpink, people are so disgusting. Actually they're not people they are monsters, psychopaths. Why would you hurt someone just because you don't like their music.
SONE always SNSD
Antis is like bacteria. Do they needs Dettol by the way? Or hand sanitizers?
Lissia J85
You sure it was an attack? Because that implies intent to harm, from this footage it could also just be an accident.
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To all the haters, Go get yourself a life
Banana Jin
Stop stirring up was clearly an accident and she was just shocked by it like she normally is with loud sounds and other things. It was clearly an *accident* and she is fine. I don't even know why you put footage of her injured leg when that was from her twisting her ankle walking down the performance stairs in Japan.
Wtf is wrong with people.
The Army Lifeu
First BTS and EXO, now BlackPink...What does being a “Fan” really mean nowadays?
Nikkita G
I'm legit curious how you categorize an anti and a fan...particularly in this video? This won't sit well with anyone but it could just been a very anxious fan who wanted to get close and say hi but didn't realize the luggage touched jennie. I mean considering I seen worst vids of SNSD and Bts of their fans trying to be noticed, I think this may have been an accident. Also, if she was truly an anti, something like cutting her hair or pulling it would have been up their lane.
Jessica Manohar
Personally...I don’t think it was an anti fan...she was probably just excited to see them...and accidentally ran her luggage into Jennie...I’m sure many fans would’ve been as excited as she was a simple accident...
Renia Unbothered
It looked like an accident from the video, this happens to me at the grocery store people accidentally hit my ankle with the cart. And was it a fan or an anti? For all Idol groups, there needs to be reasonable space between them and the fans so no one gets hurt, Like idols in the past and present
Jimin has jams but he doesn't have jams
poor Jennie... pls taje care of this precious baby...♥
BTS army 101
Did that person apologise? And she looked so hurt. I hope she’s fine, stay healthy jendeukie 😭💜
Buddy4ever Blink4ever
Tomáš Bouzek
Fortunately nothing happend :-) Jennie was smiling after hitting this whitle luggage slingtly.
I cry while seeing her really how can a person be that much jealous.. Poor Jennie, my love for you💜
Zarrie kittens
Someone had the full video and the lady said sum after the luggage hit Jennie I think she said ( sorry ) idk Korean but all I know is I hope Jennie is okay and I hope no one tried to harm her Badly but about this girl that got shot in American needs more prayers and stuff I hope that girl Rest In Peace I mean her death is more important then a ankle but I hope she rest well in heaven 🙏🙏🙏
Fabulous Anabelle
Antis need to get a stop hurting other idols! How do they sleep at night knowing they have done something bad to someone?!
Kim Yunsii
Some people need to learn that if you don't like a certain person or a group of people, you don't have to HURT them. This is outraging. Hope you feel better Jennie. :)
Blinkue Army
Uhm, sorry but this is a wrong information. A yg girl staff did it but it was unintentional. And, if you want proof, you can see all the blink accounts on instagram. P. S.: No hate, sorry for the bad English.
rosie luv
Looks like there are 75 people who doesnt care about Jennie :(
AlterEgo Art
Lordy, fricken "fans" so insane these days
jennie's legs
1.Okay so maybe the person who did it did it on accident 2. Or it was an anti fan who doesn't like Jennie
K-POP Trash bag
I think “RUDE” BLINKS should calm down when seeing BP!!!
Double J, Double Slay
1:50 I have noticed that whenever Jennie is sad she immediately looks for Jisoo like when she cried after they had their first win. Cute asf.
Jennie 😢😢😢 hope she is fine ❤
Life of an idol; Relax. If anything, those so-called body guards need to be on their jobs.
Avie’s Covers
Look at her protective gfs. Stay safe Jennie 💕💕
i cant see her being attacked here...its just a luggage accidentally hitting her already injured ankle
Chipmunk Chaeyoung
Chaeyoung was like who the hell did that I'm gonna kill somebody today Jk this is just a joke I really hope Jennie is feeling better
Full Of Shit
This is one reason why I'm starting to hate blinks But know matter what I still love blackpink ❤
I support BTS and BLACKPINK Forever
Please protect her from harm no matter what My poor Jennie😢 I hope she is okay now
Priya Minj
that ankle pic was way before this when she tripped during the concert and honestly the luggage didn't even look like it hurt I think she was just shocked something was touching her.
BTS and BLACKPINK fans!!!
Ha!I though it's there staff😱😱😱how could she do that😠I wish die soon wtf😡🔪🔫jennie do not do any to her then she approach to jennie to hurt her ankle if I do that to there idol what can they feel ha!😠I wish all antis will die soon so that our idol will not hurt anymore or just arrested them too😠I can't controlled my anger to antis😬
Sumeja Haliti
I feel so sorry for Jennie !
*I know exactly where I want that luggage to go right up into*
cassey laureighn pascua Pascua
I am very sad of that I love you jennie and God bless you
Annie Aly
Hold my wig, I'm about to hunt them anti's down
I don’t care Englishkwa
Why- I know you love you idols, I sure do, I love Blackpink, but if you love them you have to give them respect and space, I’m sure they would love to meet their fans, but they need time on their own too
The Queen Natalie
Amanda Angel
If you were a blink you should support her and not hate her, even if it was a mistake. And mind your own business about Blackpink
lee chaeyeon
This has nothing to do with the video, and you may think that I'm rude for not talking about Jennie but... ROSE LOOKS AMAZING!! A QUEEN!👑 im sorry, i just had to say it. luv you nini... i hope you get better.❤❤❤
eueu kim
My jennie 💔😭 it's okay to hate jennie what's not okay is to hurt her physically and mostly emotionally 😣😭
ynnah batario
This really broke my heart even the International BLINKS are worried about that...💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Does he even know the meaning of personal space😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 JENNIE unnie hope you get well soon❣💘
stream BOYWITHLUV with love
Privacy pls P R I V A C Y Like wtf
Christian Chimmi
This is happening with each and every idols fans should become mature now this is limit.
*I already killed the anti’s family. You dont have to worry now , jennie.*
Lini Cookies
im angry at that incident but at the fact that even though she is hurt the people are there shove their stupid cameras in BLACKPINKS face .....THERE humans to god damn it get them so space if you didnt crowd in on her that guard didnt have to try and protect her and let the luggage slip ......RESPECT THEM PLEASE
lol serves her right for not apologizing to that old man who was harassed by her manager
Kyurie Chan
Hope that person goes to hell (๑¯ω¯๑) Where the other antis are
Blackupinku YG
I didnt see anyone xD
I know Karatae
Jennie is so strong! You didn't even see her cry did you? BTW I wanna fight someone now
Manusha Golaram
Why do you have to hurt her Take care and rest unnie Don't pressure yourself
Reyna Munoz
Where's Lisa? I haven't been keeping up lately
Jisoo can't stop worrying about Jennie. Please protect the girls
Sofia Alodrog
Nini Dont Cry :( I Hope You Are Ok.
Rice Cake child
It’s the blonks >:T just sTAY AWAY OK
ava gang
Jennie look sick is she ok 😯 Pls stay healthy Jennie❤
Reg Kray
Blinks,, SEARCH AND DESTROY!!!! 😬😠😤
JisoosJams Nayeon
protect the anti I love her
Blink Once ReVeluv
I'm ready to throw hands!!!!!
Blackpink, 2ne1 and bts Forever
Um. OUCH?!?! Damn people are crazy. You love someone so you hurt them?! What kinda logic is that?? 🙄😡🤦‍♀️😓😂
Ella Ye
Release the picture of the person who did it. I will find them and skin them alive piece by piece.
Lisa was not around? Where she? 🤔
Mia Rai
jennie unnie be well soon dont keep ur fan worry😊
ixdenisxi __
When you said Rosé was mad i immediatly thought of her turning super sayain 😂😂 Sorry 4 laughing
Not My Problem
some people say protect her/them and yet people call managers rude when they sometimes use force. it is also fake fans and antis that has brought these to us. when managers protect our idols, we call them rude. but think about it. if they wait for people like these before protecting them, managers are not doing their jobs. let's be more understanding about how managers do their job.
Kim Leang
Better soon Jennie ahhhh please protect her ❤️❤️❤️
Cherlyn. 97_
Antis need a live men causing harm to the idols 😤
Jun louie Anoos
Poor queen Jennie 😥👑
N.Insyirah Azmi
rude 😡 that person didnt even apologize , she just keep on going 😑🤬
Sara 15
Is she still going to be able to dance I hope she will be okay and be able to recover soon. Much love jennie❤❤❤
Mie Misaki
Meanwhile in Kbuzz comment section there were a lot of insensitive people who keeps on saying "drammatic" , "fake", "it's JUST an accident", "it's JUST a luggage". Oh I just can't stand those SOME fandoms there. Wonder they called WORST FANDOM
namjoon is a whole cutie
what a “fan” they are whoever that is, shouldn’t be doing things like that to an idol, not even anyone! also, i couldn’t see lisa in the videos.. where is she?
Anti-fans should be separated from the society
- nix-
KFans are getting Wilder these past days...
Hyakkimaru can step on me
I'm shook. She still can smile..:') If that girl is an anti I WANT TO KILL HER but if she is not then it's okay, maybe it was an accident :)
liguai chittaphon
Rosé looks pissed as hell in which I would be too if someone did that to a person I cared about.
Darling In The Franxx
I feel sad for Jennie.. after the injury she got way back in japan.. now this.. its insane to think that you/they will risk hitting your idol just to get attention.. #BeWellJennie
I don't know if it was on purpose or something, but I am mad as hell. Some 'fans' should really be more careful and respect the idols. Better not call yourself a fan if you would do such thing. I'm a Blink but I'm telling this not just for BLACKPINK's sake, but for other idols also. RESPECT is important. Let's not do such things just to get some attention or what. Accident or not, be more careful. Hays. Get well soon, NiNi. We love you. ❤️❤️❤️😔 Rosé's face is just appropriate for such actions. We're upset too. 😔
Melanie 1816
May heavens BLAST that hater [i think]
Ethereal girl
My poor Jennie, I hope she's okay now :(
Wedding Peach
They need more security 😑 Poor jennie😢
Nikoletta Loizou
OMG jennie
So, it was saesangs, not antis? Very different things, fix your damn headline Jazmine!
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Damn, it is painful to watch 😢😢