Joe Bonamassa - Miss you, Hate you - Tour de Force Live in London 2013

Joe Bonamassa performs "Miss you, Hate you" live at the Borderline in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force The Borderline DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

Alpheus Pope
Awesome song! Well written, excellently performed.
Jack D. Ripper
He gets more out of a power trio than Clapton! And I'm a Clapton fan! JB is a talent which only happens once. Celestial.
Really don't get why people hate Joe Bonamassa,I think they are just really jealous of his success and how he beat the industry. He is a phenomenal guitar player. 
Trace Williams
yah joe Bonamassa is the best blues guy ever now
One of my fav bluessongs. There are many that touch my heart but this one comes so close to home it can bring me to tears every now and than........
Lloyd Stowe
Joe B. is one of the Best Guitar players in  The World.. Great to see this..Thank You. Lloyd Stowe - Hemet CA.
reo l
Are there any aliens on Earth? I think I know one. Crawled with his guitar into my heart.
Daryl Cozzens
Joe getting emotional and kicking ass at the same time with nice old LP. So sweet....
the legendary anton fig on drums!
Waldemar Brąkowski
Roy Ebert
It was tremendous just to be there.
I listened to the original and this version is a lot better. Joe has come a long way.
Chuck Voellinger
Rockin' the "wrong" Les Paul! 
Led Lemos
I really love this song!
Eli Nachtigall
💜💯💜💯💜I love this song "Miss you hate you" so much about everything. Joe your voice is just unique and beautiful ... I love this offbeat I love you and your crew with all my heart💜💯💜💯💜
It was very beautiful ... Bravo, Joe!
Daniel Thurston
Got tickets in May as well, with passes to the pre-show meet and greet.....
Marlon Jutila
good joe!beatufull!!!
Carolyn Williams
Beautiful voice....
Tina M. Marrone
I feel this/get it/ makes me tear up...<3
the day he retire would be the day he take off his glasses lol 
Joe Bonamassa is the Best!
Thanks for the upload..Aloha
Marilee Denr
Thank you Joe for all the beautiful music. Shared worldwide lol Marilee
elena skrypnikova
So emotional , passionfull playng with angels voice singing. Ah , love it all
Bruce Blake
man i like this.........small venue, great shit joe.
Lyne Dion
LuV it !!!!
Das Omega Projekt
Have to wait till Feb. 2014 but looking forward to it.
Leo Caldwell
thx for sharing
Matt Seymour
Good song, very melodic and great feeling.
Alex Achterberg
wielkie dzięki
Fred Stuckmann
Bravo Joe!!
Keibee Votran
JB forever
Susana claudia Alaguibe
good!! Joe Bonamassa!!
Austria, austria
greg laduca
pride of western N.York
Axel N ross
yeah .i like
Thessa Stutz
just this i feel it now ! thank you for sharing with us !
danielle anderson
Beautiful !! xo
Michał Cieślak
this is just great
Alison Sumner
To miss is to find....
True Mojo
gian paolo Puglisi
Thanks a kot !
michael koller
what a gift to the real music art.
Patricia Yelton
Is it just me or does Joe not just KICK ASS, getting his name tattoed on my arm, it's how i feel when i haven't been to a concert in a week LOL so happy to have seen him live live live this [email protected] @SHORELINE thank you Joe
Alison Sumner
Feel you..  Says so much.
Bruno Silva
guitarra esta desafinada, nem consegui ver o video inteiro
Joe Bonamassa is simply awesome and I really love him but...someone could tell me why he (?) decided to play (almost) all the songs of this tour so slow (I'm talking about bpm...)?
Matthew Grabowski
Good shit right there.
Mariella GALATI
Un Artista a tutto tondo, Joe, grande musicista!! La sua chitarra regala emozioni, le sue mani magiche, Bonamassa The Best!
ye old \Les Paul looks good, good sound! Mw
Marilee Denr
Love it.
A heady mix of Clapton, Stevie ray and Jeff beck. Err, ok maybe not lol. A solid but pedestrian player, but he's filling a niche. This guy is a gr8 example of consistency and persistence. If you stick at something and apply some obsession, you can find your audience without being remarkable. If you combine such persistence and obsession with some natural talent, well then, that's when magic happens.
The Cranked Amps
terrible song.
Bailey's Garage
I hope hes not using auto tune?...
antonia martinez rubio
Joe Bonamassa & Joe Satriani ??? That would be awesome...