Flowers for Algernon Trailer

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Calvary Christian Academy presents Flowers for Algernon November 7 @ 7:30pm November 8 @ 1:30pm & 8:00pm For more details and tickets visit

I have no clue where this theater even is, but this trailer made me totally wish I could've seen the production! I've never seen a preview for a play before. So cool!
I finished reading this book and it made me cry, I was searching for the movie and I came across this video I thought it was a preview to an actual movie. Awesome job on this!
Funny Hamster af
This shows the progression through Charlie’s operashun
Kizz Kizzy
What a powerful trailer.
Rusty Baylor
It's hands down in my top 5 favorite books. It's a great story.
DJ Riley
What a unique idea for a trailer! I'd love to have seen this production. This story has been adapted to stage and screen so many times. (I'm currently watching the 2015 Japanese TV drama.) It's a wonderful story that so much food for thought and so poignant that just thinking about it can bring one to tears. Thanks for sharing this trailer.
Connor Sent by Cyberlife
Wow This is Phenomenal. I started reading this with my language arts teacher and this Truly is amazing
green tea
What year?
Influenced IDEA
this book is amazing beyond a niddke school read
Madiii Bug
This is awesome!!!
Very interesting roman