The Camera (short film / original score)

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In an abandoned beach house, a solitary girl finds a mysterious camera that reveals something unexpected. ------------------------ "Perfect in its simplicity, beautiful and haunting in its visuals, The Camera is a reminder that a great film is in everyone's grasp, as long as he/she has the creative capacity and appropriate willpower to drop pretension, and quite simply, make something." —Short of the Week "From its delicate shot composition to an emotionally stirring score, Peter Lewis's The Camera is a crash course in great filmmaking." —Film School Rejects Short Film of the Day "A compelling example of what's possible when perseverance and resourcefulness meet." — "Awesome ... 'The Camera' proves that beautiful movies can be made simply and makes you want to get out and make your own!" —Mitch Aunger, planet5D "Haunting" — ------------------------ Facebook Page (in progress): Follow me on twitter: @thispeterlewis Aside from a few running-around-in-the-woods-with-guns-when-I-was-fourteen unfinished short films, this is my first film. I made it because I love all the different aspects of filmmaking, because I was tired of my fear of failure, and because I wanted to see what would happen if I just finished one. Maybe this will lead to bigger and better films; maybe not. Either way I learned something. The story was largely born from its constraints. It had to be doable in my free time, and I had to be able to shoot it during my vacation in Nags Head, NC—with a budget of only $50, to cover the props (I'd previously owned the Canon T2i, lenses, and Logic Pro, and used the free 30-day trial of FCPX). I wanted it to be a simple story with a mysterious twist or two. I got lots of advice from fellow filmmakers—Andrew, Mitchell, Kyle, Brian, Shepherd, Drew, David, and others. If you like the film, thank you Andrew, Mitchell, Kyle, Brian, Shepherd, Drew, and David. If you thought it was rubbish, they only tried to make it better than it was. And thanks again to Abbie and Gabe, without whose talents I couldn't have made it. Some have asked about Emily; the film wasn't written about her (she passed away while it was in post-production), but she was a dear friend of my family and many others, and it was an honor to dedicate it to her memory. Many of you know far more about filmmaking than I do, so please feel free to offer any critique. The Lights Film School blog interviewed me about the making of the film and overcoming fear of failure: FILM FESTIVALS - DC Shorts Film Festival - Surrey International Film Festival - Winner, Fandana Film Festival "Best of Fest" - Festival du Film de Vacances - Low Country Indie Shorts - Choice Cuts (London) - Write.Shoot.Cut FEATURED - Short of the Week - planet5D blog - Digital Convergence podcast ( - PetaPixel blog - Impossible Project blog - FSTOPPERS blog - Film School Rejects Short Film of the Day - Directors Notes blog - Making the Movie blog - Charlotte Viewpoint front page - The Veda House blog - Movie Playoffs Favorite Shorts - New American Storytellers Screening Room - WriteShootCut blog - Independent Filmmakers Channel - 01SHORTFILM Channel - 200+ additional blogs ------------------------ Director / DP / Editor / Composer / Colorist / Sound Designer / Foley: Peter Lewis Girl: Abbie Lewis Boy: Gabe Lewis ------------------------ Camera: Canon Rebel EOS 550D T2i Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.4, Tamron 28-200mm Editing / Color Grading: Final Cut Pro X Sound Design / Foley / Original Score: Logic Pro 9 Polaroid film: The Impossible Project ------------------------ Copyright © 2011 Peter Lewis. All rights reserved.

Nonhlanhla M
Wow, it was a bit scary at first (wasn't expecting the first photo) but well done!!! Loved it! :D you good!
Such a beautiful storyline.Just Wonderful.
Francesco Errichiello
very good short. I like how simple ideas become so big after a good work on it! thank you
Umapathi Kethavath
I've heard about this movie in a FM channel in Qatar. Wonderful movie Mr. Lewis! Good luck!!
Peter, I have been in love with this film ever since first seeing it about a year ago. When will we see more films from you? This film is an inspiration to everyone who watches it. It is a fine piece of film making indeed. Thank You
Wow, your first film?! Who would've thought. So beautiful, and I like the mysterious elements. If this is your movie debut, you are heading for great things for sure, all the best!
Grace Felicity
This is really beautiful, it's such a simple idea and yet you made it so unique. This is exactly the type of content I wish to create. I'm subscribing to you Peter Lewis, I hope you'll post more short films. :)
J sin
Fantastic job!
Сергей Почевалов
Здорово блин! Тока вот начало слишком не от сюда!!!
This is my favorite short of all time. I first saw it in a cinema a year ago and it has inspired me so much, thank you.
Bomb Diggity
Love it! Awesome channel! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.
Jonathan Zapata
Wow. This is amazing! Love everything about it!
Rafael Procopio
Wow! What a great short movie! Loved the cinematography!
Laine Bates
There was no talking in it! It stinks!
Pastor Zetty
powerful story and scoring was amazing!
Francesco Martinuzzi
I had to watch this twice because it is just so beautiful...
Rupesh choudhary
peter lewise sir i don't understand this story plz explain it in short... i am waiting ur explaination....
Sugar Cookie
it's nice.. I can't believe this....... it's so nice more than English movies
JC Ayala
Man just Perfect!
Claudia Ambruosi
"If you later to see me, you insist. If there are nowhere, try another, because I'm sitting somewhere waiting for you. And if you do not find me more, deep in your eyes, then it means I'm inside you."
Steven Tietgen
Beautifully shot...can't wait to watch this again and again.
Pallabi Basu
it's amazing!! Lightened up a really gloomy day. Thanks for making this simple, beautiful and intriguing short film. :)
Ben Maxton
Firstly, loved it! I'm so mad at myself for not seeing it until now. Secondly, I'd like to know how you got the music for it. It sounds really good and works perfectly with the style of the film and also is nicely synced with the editing. I really enjoy the feeling I get from watching the film and the music is a big part of that. I think I'd like to use something similar for a project of my own and I would love to know how you got your hands on it.
Ahmad Ali
A beautiful film that definitely deserves more views!
this is beautiful I hope one day I'll be able to make something like this
Ruby Sumner
This is my fav short film ever I've watched it so many times
Imran Malik
Nicely done. Best of luck for the future.
Ylai Jah
as soon as I saw the first frame and heard the score I liked the video and subscribed, damn.
Albert Leday
Awesome Job. #Subcribed
Nicole Maccagnan
One of the best short film that I ever seen! Great job.
Sophia Lenore
Awesome – we like it ☺
Diptanu Chaudhuri
excellent content, and well produced
Prince V Thomas
Amazing work.. Haunting music!
That's definitely one of the good ones!
A gorgeous film...
Hasan raza
idealogee is amazing
Sha Arcia
I love the Idea!!! Beautiful movie! ;)
This is hands down one of the raddest short films I've seen in a while! I really dig the score, and how it plays into the story. 
The One and Only
Brilliant. Have you done any other films with dialogue?
Tabitha Reddekop
Wonderful! i feel inspired to get over my own fear of failure and try and make the short film i have been dreaming of making! I was wondering what stabilizer you used? 
Jacob Restituto
Hi Peter! Great Video, I was wondering if I could use the video as a template and write some music over it! Just as a practice for me, not looking to make any money lol. I will be sure to give you credit for the video! Just wanted to see if you would mind?
Paul Strople
If I could give you 10 thumbs up, I would!!!! Great Job. Keep uploading your work, like your style.
Brandon Smith
This is such a creative idea Peter, the first picture scared me untill I realised the whole reason behind it. Amazing Stuff, make some more without a doubt.
Wow... So powerful. Thank you for your time.
Antony Raju
Hi Peter Lewis...It was a wonderful work...Inspired from your short film, I made a Indian version of the same which portray a lost love ... It was my first endeavor. As we don't know anything about film making it take around 6 months for us to complete the same. Please see the youtube link jWcqHlCBQXY and share your critics about the film. Also we don't know how to showcase our short film in various festivals and website. Please guide us....Thanks a lot Peter
Ataudes Parlantes
I love it!! Greetings from Spain!
Peter Lewis
Good to hear it inspired you! What school did you see it at?
Vittorio Morelli
Wonderful!!! extremely poetic. You made me feel something extraordinary ... thank you!
Peter Lewis
Yep, it was shot on a Canon T2i, and edited with Final Cut Pro X. No sound equipment (all sound added in post).
Peter Lewis
Yep, it was shot on a Canon T2i, and edited with Final Cut Pro X. Glad you enjoyed it!
Peter Lewis
Thanks Haniel! It was a Canon T2i (with 50mm 1.4 and Tamron 28-200mm lenses).
Haniel Glow
Very good creative work, Peter. Keep it up. Which camera did you use?
Would you mind telling me what camera this was filmed with? & What editing software you use? I'm 16 and an aspiring film maker. I love making videos and this is simply beautiful. Great work.
Ryan Mukai
after watching multiple short films on youtube, yours is one of few that I sat all the way through. much applause.
absolutely brilliant...
Billy James
Peter Lewis
Just go make something—you'll learn from it no matter how it turns out. :-) Thanks for the kind words!
Very nice film! The cinematic feel is really present as I watch the video. I think I saw a video with a similar story but This film is better than what I saw. I got inspired after I saw this video. I hope I could also work out the ideas that I have listed. I have uploaded my first ever video, which is not a film yet, it's just a test, but It's not as good as this. I hope I could also do something like this in the future. God bless!
Ömer Faruk YAVUZ
Wow! Absolutely perfect.
Filip Řezníček
That's amazing, I fell in love with it...the music, cinematography, storyline...It's a masterpiece :)
why did i feel like crying after seeing this..i think it has to do with the score and the ending and the dedication at the end, your film is very well done :)
香蕉瘋人院 Banana Asylum
Bravo !
Peter Lewis
Thanks! Good luck on your film—I'd love to see it when it's done.
Audy Erel
What a perfect ending.. Bravo!! You inspires me a lot, because I have the same equipments as you do. I will try to develop my skills in storytelling and finds those beauty of creative and out of the box/philosophical yet simple ideas, whilst sharpening my vision to see the world in a new way via the lenses' perspective.
Ananda Tirtha Swami
Excellent camera work and cinematography. Love the story line as well.
Peter Lewis
Thanks for the kind words everyone!
Anthony White
That seriously is one of the best pieces of film I have ever seen.... Inspiring.
Really, really good video. i enjoyed every second :D
so beautiful and touching story ! thank you Peter
it is so much better in the every detail
Jyun-Hao Huang
Very nice! Great work! Love it!
Jeebo Jams
Beautiful work, Peter! The music is perfect. I especially liked the camera angles, pans and zooms... And the dedication is touching, beyond description.
Morrisman Smith
Love the storyline very heartfelt great performance
Phillip Wachter
A beautiful film.
Matchew blablabla
very inspiring piece of work, :) I wish you a great career to come!