Sophie Fatu: Simon Sets Up His Son Eric With YOUNGEST Contestant Ever! | America's Got Talent 2018

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Rosie Red
She is so polite and ADORABLE!!
she didn’t win the show but she won our hearts 💕
“FANK YOU”!!! 🤣😂😂
Franca Francesco Petrarch
Thank God, the kid is not yet corrupt and greedy. "I really do not care about the money, all I want to do is to sing and make everyone happy". which kid or adult says that?
BTS mochi
Sophie didn't go through.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😢😢😢
Omg she so cute.. 😉😉😉😉
Emily Chan
*Simon: Ma son has a crush on you.* *Eric in his mind: Someone please end me.*
Freaky Freak
Simon:my son has a bit crush on you Eric:dad can you just like shut up for one second Simon:i am gonna make her my daughter in law😏 Edit: O maaa gawdddnever got so many likes thank you so much guys!hope ur having a great day! 😊 😘
Lulu W.
my talent at age 5 was eating glue sticks
Judge: “Who taught you how to sing like that?” Sophie: “Uh, Frank Sinatra” 😂😍😂😍😂😍 Absolutely precious!
Gracie Clancy
I almost cried during this she is so adorable and a good singer 😍So cute Edit:I’m gonna like my own comment because no one else will
Abi The potato
Simon:my son Eric has a crush on u Eric:IM GONNA KILL U DAD!
Lyrics 4 u
Alex The Cupcake
*Simon:Your girlfriend’s next you gotta Help me.”* *His son:Oh no!* That was Funny XD
She's a greater singer then everyone that's in the vocalist group in my school. She is just talented
Zara Alvarez
*She’s so cute! She says “Thankyou” like this “Fank Woo! :D”*
Sasha Minimoore
I Wonder how she didn't get the golden buzzer
itz Shenq
She's just a little girl and already has a good voice what if she grew up i think its going to be fantastic😍😍
Candace Garrett
WOW! That 5 year old can sing! She can put many adults to shame with that voice. Impressive and already so incredibly talented. Just makes you want to see what she will be able to do when she gets older. Just Wow!
Rabia Abid
Simon: My son Eric has a crush on u... Eric: no no no 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sherry Scott
She's a doll! Simon told her she was the youngest contestant to ever be on AGT but I remember 4 year old Kaitlyn Maher who was on the show in 2008, Simon must have forgotten about her. lol
popcorn sparkle1
Simon: my son has a crush on u Eric: I MUST LEAVE SOMEONE PLZ LET ME OUT Simon is his mind: she and him will be perfecto Me: YAS
Even if she didn't win the show she won my heart for sure😭😭😭😭
Huma Bhutto
She is the cutest child I have ever seen. 😘❤
savvi delhi
super cute girl n such amazing mature god gifted voice
Jay Rain
Little Sophie resembles Shirley Temple and her spoken words are a lot alike Lucille Ball. This little girl is an old soul. She deserved the GOLDEN BUZZER if not the winner of AGT! Why would it be wrong if one of the judges push the golden button for her awesome performance? They knew she was talented and had that amazing vocal cord, atleast give her that golden buzzer when she cutely mentioned about the golden buzzer and she had good manners which Ive not seen in few adults on that stage. Come on judges, those deserving of the golden buzzer gets it not and those underserving of it, gets it! Well, Youre a STAR, Sophie. Amazing!! You are a cutie!! 😙😙😙 and you will reach great heights! Im your big fan and will support your albums. My GOLDEN WORDS for you "Sophie , someday your name will be in the Hollywood Walk of Fame" Now thats GOLDEN!! With Love , Your fan, Aunt Jay.
aini sayed hassan
I like her such a sweet girl, good manner
sakura haruno
Damn girl.I can't even reach those notes
Slime Master
When she starded to dance i was like OMG 😲 this gonna be so cute and adorable
Ariel Ortiz
She has such a good voice for a 5 year old it’s not just cute it’s really good
Gamer Dani
madhu kapadia
Simon: What would you do with a million dollars Adorable angel: I just wanna sing and make every body happy!
Musisi Terjamah
very beautiful song was sung by a little girl
Tas Kaur
Aww, she's so cute!!!😍
That bum shake at the start was so cute
cupcake Squad gamer
She’s better than the chorus in my school
Erika Mendes
3:18 Simon's Voice!!! :)
Lunar Galaxy_
Hopefully she and Simon's son get together! They'd make the *CUTEST* couple EVER!!😍😍
"Golden voice & heart too..."😍😍😍"
Senge Syndysolidard
So cute, smart, bold, amazing n outstanding
Piseth Vang
I just wanna sing for everyone and make them happy.😍😍😍
amanda nunez
🇵🇷💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love her she’s so beautiful angel God bless her
Spooky Spam
I'm late, but she always reminded me of a modern-day Shirley Temple.
RpdrDrugAddict Oh honey
*couple years later* Eric and Sophie are happily married with two kids and Sophie is a world wide superstar!
Couch Potato
Dang! She doesn't even need a microphone!
Suzy Ghanem
Can she get any cuter ? 😍😘
Adahlia Andrews
They (meaning Sophie and Eric )are so cute
Coolcat sabby
Simon seriously wants to make her his daughter-in-law😂
Enya B.
3:18min Hahah when his voice cracks up😂
Golemthicket head
She melts my heart ♥️
Samson S
What a nice performance Sophie😘😅😇😻👶👸👸👯💑💏🙌🙌🙌💓💜👗👗👑👑👑👑
kpop demon girl
She is so cute girl like bts
Meg Kinchin
She’s so adorable 😍
Mia Kelly
sophie is adorable because she has pipes in her... she sings so deeply and she is just gives me truly nicely and gives me advice because she is talented and sings super awesome she is and she comes to americas got talent she blows the judges minds she is just 5 years old and she blows my mind she is gratin a nice way she is so cute sings and she loves frank sinatra he teaches her how to sing well it is just easy for her to make it and she thanks every single judge at the judges table. and she blows peoples minds they can't stand she has many talents
In. Da. Box. Aka. Clyde The Cat
Eric is wearing a Rolling Stones shirt XD
Nela Soakai
Xwolves Games
Me: crying Sofia: singing Me: falls off bed Me: AWWWW SO CUTE!!
Aww she so cute! I have to admit she is cuter than me
Shruti Ghosh
2:58 OMG Shin Lim!!! <3 Really??? Omg!
May Flower
Simon needs to stop doing that to his son he is 4 he is not ready to date yet 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
zama and za segal
She won my heart ❤️ she is so adorable , sweet and respectful
Thomas Shillito
It was lol time when Eric buzzed the howie's buzzer
Leeann Chua
She's adorable! And son sweet! And with an amazing voice for the youngest contestant!😘
Maru Quimoyog
She is a good [email protected]
himani gautam
That melodious thankewwww 😘😘😘😘😍🤘
velboy pulido
OMGGGGG she's soooooooo cuttttttteeeeeeee!
heyam m
Children don’t care about money they have pure hearts ♥️ god bless her too cute and talented
Sianipar Channel
"I dont care about money, i just want to sing and make you happy". I suerr i cry 😥😅 She have a good heart
Chronically Cassidy
She is meant to be on broadway
Rithy Rufus
Awww she's so sweet😍😍
Sahib Sidhu
Wow 😳 I can't even sing da good...beautiful voice like you ya...You will be a true singer when you grow up
Ittin Mae
Sophie is so amazing and talented
ElecktronickDog Awesome
Sophie looked exactly like me when I was 5, wearing pink dresses and very curly shoulder height hair 😂
Somya Khan
Omg she is so cute i never have seen a small kid singer
Aku Cinta
Smart... Cute... ♡♡♡♡♡
xXRebeccaii Playz
Me: *cant even talk* Me: *its so amazing*
Sinfonia de salud y belleza
She finish the song same like the statua of Liberty.
kenna berends
It’s amazing how she has vibratto at her age, it’s difficult for even adults to do!
violet magoshe
Ooh!Soo cute she sings better than most adults
Khloe Brookland
Deborah Luvanda
""Crazy cute ""
exo jjang
She just a gorgeous little girl with a beautiful heart ❤️
I need Friends:l
She should Get the golden buzzer!❤️
Sofia Russo
She is actually better then me at signing and how old is she......... like wow she is good
shariful jewel
God bless you dear
Clodagh Cousins
This is just adorable
Annie Nguyen
I can see it happening already. Simon is gonna be like one of those moms that tries to set their kid up with their friend's kid...
indah prasetyowati
Did she made it? Where the next video? She's soooooooooo superrr cuteeeee i want to squeeze her...
Garbear Vlogs
Why didn’t she make it to the finals
lina Zf
Simon looking old to hv a son at that age. He more to his grandson
Arvind Nat
How beautiful this kid s heart!!!!
Scarlett Diamondhope
She is going to be a big star when she grows up Edit: Thx!..FOR 400 LIKES!!!!
Sama MSP
She has a better voice then me...
Lorie Mae Silabay
eric's future girlfreind
U're never gonna know my name
So adorable and brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ana Rueda Lastra
Eric like... NOPEEEEEEEE
Tokyo City
I can't decide if Simon's son or Sophie is cuter
Johanna Constance
this child has a beautiful voice OMG
Honest Fellow
OMG wow she's 5 holy s___
Ali Roberts
She has improved so much since the first audition! Go Sophie!