All Brokeback Mountain sections from the BAFTAs

This is all the sections of this year's BAFTA Awards that featured Brokeback Mountain cast and crew. Including Kake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, and Ang Lee.

Elizabeth J
This makes me so so so sad. :( RIP Heat Ledger... he was so cute... such a great guy.
Victor Santana
RIP Heath and Philip
blake blah
so cute heath completely forgot he had to accept the award for them. i love how everybody is so serious, and then theres heath, just having fun. 9 yeaars, and i still miss him
Jairo Antonio Mendez
El Guapisimo y ya Fallecido Actor Head Ledger tambien recibio su muy bien Merecido Premio Por esa Extraordinaria Interpretacion de Ennis del Mar. ya este Muy Joven Actor Con Su Muerte Nos Privo de sus Muchisimas y mas Estupendas Interpretaciones.
I LOVE how heath forgets for a little moment that he has the acceptance speech for the screenplay award!
Thank you BBMNut! You are a generous and wonderful person. ^_^
Zay Aw
James *smooch*
Jo Moody
2:46 PETER DINKLAGE!!!! Which movie is that???? * - * is that of the Agent??
Uma menina diferente 90
I love heath ledger
BBM change my image in my head of USA a little bit.
In your description, BBMNut, I think you meant Jake instead of Kake :)
jacqueline rodriguez
James McAvoy doesn't look surprise.
jacqueline rodriguez
@GeekInChina well, you have to think. The short story begins with Ennis and the whole thing shows about Ennis. It never showed about Jack. That is what made him supporting actor.
@potcairconditioning lol x-D That's coz he's so yummy! ;-)
Emily Zhang
Thank you SO much for putting this together, it was exactly what I wanted :)
OMG 17:20 Heath ledger was so cute :')
Thanks for this! ^^ "We're not the gay cowboy movie-- we're the gay shepherd movie." XD Made me laugh my butt off.
Thank you so much for uploading. Great to look back over the years and see Heath Ledger shining :')
God, half an hour... o=
Brilliant! Thanks for this :)
I just saw this movie last night <3 It totally swept this awards show lol good thing, it's the best movie ever
diane brocker
Bette Kate
To: HJSIA: It won Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Supporting Actor. It also should have won Actor for Heath.
diane brocker
So cute how Heath forgets he's supposed to accept the award! Excellent video, thank you.
what awards did BBM received?
HEATH, COME BACK!!!!!!! I MISS YOU, Jake MISSES YOU, WE ALL MISS YOU ur like the best actor besides Jake and urrr soooo smexxxiiii
who was that sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal?
Simone Menier
The chemistry they successfully built up making the film, not to mention the experience of planning and filming those stunning scenes over and over -- it's got to cause a fair amount of bonding and knowledge of each other. I see the same tenderness sometimes between straight men who've been in a band together for 2 or 3 decades. Of course, Jake and Heath are actually pleasing to the eye, so it's quite different to see it in them. ;)
Jon B
I KNOW! I think it's because Jake grew such an attachment to heath, that he thought of heath and michelle as a family. I guess he never really liked anne too much. but she was really good in the movie.
Jemma Gallagher
best film ever
Dee T
WOW. Thank you!
Hala Z
HAHA!..Man Jake was so cute when he got his award!...and poor guy had some serious stage fright...God bless his soul.
I LOVE the expression on Jake's face around 5:04 when Steven talks about the film and Ledger and you can see Jake casting a very quick glance at Heath. It lasts a second but there's so much tenderness and sweetness... I know, they're straight and all, but there's something about these two that just makes you melt and wish they were for real:)Or maybe it's just me
Hala Z
omg I love and miss you Heath!! i love where hes jumping up and down like a little boy with Michelle saying shes the best actress :(
I loved BBM, but I loved Crash as well, so it was a really hard decision.. PS- Why did you cut the clips from the supporting actress category? It was just because Thandie Newton won?
Rebecca T
Oh!! And Heath has a cute little goofy smile watching Jake give his acceptance speech aroung 12:45
Not any more.
wow , Absolute dedication to one of the most Brilliant cinematic works of all time. The BAFTAS got it right whereas the homophobic Academy "Screwed the pooch" How does a film WIN 20 Best picture awards yet LOSE the Oscar ?
Thanks so much for this video. Brokeback Mountain is a winner of all time.
You're welcome, Trevor109. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
olive white
Thanks to the person who posted this video and who gave us the link on IHJ Fabulous
Stephen Fry. He played Oscar Wilde in "Wilde".
thanks for this awesome "best of"!!!
Ester Lo
Thanks for doing and posting this video!
Martin A.
Do you have the full supporting actress speech, wanted to listen to Thandie Newton's speech.
Jairo Antonio Mendez
Hermosisima Ceremonia, Y Muy Bien merecidos Premios Bafta para Jake Gyllenhaal Por su extraordinaria Interpretacion de Jack Twist me Hubiera Gustado saber Por Su Subtitulacion en Idioma Hispano sus Dialogos.Todo su Contenido.
Aung Aung Tun
I love and miss you Heath. RIP Heath
22:52 It's always great to be here!!!??!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Jairo Antonio Mendez
Y Este Magnifico Director Ang Lee Volvio Añicos Desmitificando El Oeste Norteamericano, con esta  Sabia Direccion de una Nueva Forma de Amar.Ya Lo habia Hecho Tambien con ese Maravilloso " Banquete de Bodas"
wewew zsssdsd
0:30 oha çok tatlı
Mia Stardoll
Young Chris Evans I'm crying :'D
What's the song that plays when Imelda Staunton is introduced at 24:53?
Der Phönix
28:06 what did he said? (Sry my english)
Fuad Sharifzade
17:19 lol
Liên Đỗ
Heath ledger 😭
Phresh Likedat
'...I'm pretty sure it's not the food' cracked me up.