Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Final Bulls game ! MJ should have ended his career with this match

Who is the GOAT Like for Jordan Comment for Lebron
A Raichu
Jordan retires after playing against Jazz. Kobe does the same thing. Coincidence?
Shawn Steed
He was 35 years old winning NBA Championships🤔
Green Envy
How can ANYONE watch this and think Lebron is the GOAT?
Eternal Security by Faith in the Gospel
Micheal Jordan greatest player ever Like if you agree
Kelvinator X
12:25 Steve Keer: You're fucking unbelievable.
Robert Rogers
John Stockton and Karl Malone are two stone cold HOFers with ZERO rings between them.  Reason:  Michael Jordan
When jordan retired. I stopped following the NBA. This is how a FINALS should be.
Josh Cook
Even people that didn't watch basketball....watched when MJ was in the playoffs. That's the difference between now and then.
yerboi Viloria
that gum must've tasted like nothing at the 4th quarter.
Kobe my favorite player ever, but nobody is better than this man. There’s no shame in not being better than the best ever 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jawayne 224
The last 3 minutes of that game shows why Jordan is the greatest ever. They needed every point, he got to the line and made all 4 free throws, got the steal off his missed 3 pointer. And to not clear to get the steal from Malone was just having bball iq.I mean damn he played both sides of the court. BBall IQ, defense, offense and that killer instinct. So he had 8 points and 2 steals in 2.5 minutes
James Palma
Longest 3 minutes of my life
LeBron just got swept away 🤣 Had to come watch the real GOAT
The best thing about Jordan is that he NEVER gives up. Most people, there at the end when Malone had the ball would have just ran down the court to get ready to defend. But not Jordan. He is simply on another level, beyond even the best then and now. And on the winning shot, he really didn't push Russell. His hand was on Russell, yes, but when Jordan stopped on a dime to make the shot, Russell got his ankles broken basically, and caused the illusion that he was pushed. I watched it live, and it seems just like yesterday. Since Jordan left, I really haven't watched much basketball, though I did watch Lebron through the playoffs this year. He is very good, in the ball park of Jordan talent-wise, but here's the difference: Lebron makes mistakes that Jordan never did, such as errant passes, passing when he should continue a drive to the hoop, complaining to a ref while the other team is taking the ball back across the court.
After the Warriors swept the Cavs, I had to come back here to see what a real GOAT looks like.
Mamadou Diallo
This is why lebron james will never be like mike
Buss-Down Botiana
Broke the mans ankles at the last second😂😂😂
Luis Enrico Vlogs
There will never be Another G.O.A.T Beside Michael Jordan likw if you agree and Like if you love Jordan
players like jordan just once in a lifetime , Mike was probably the greatest athlete in the history of the sports. NOBODY gonna touch his legacy , and probably we will never see again a human being like him.
d b
Everything demonstrated in this last quarter from Jordan: defence, steals, pressure, mental maturity, offence, team work and leadership mixed with an insatiable will to win, players like this come once in a lifetime, he is the greatest basketball player The world has ever seen because he is the complete player. There was even a computer game released in the 90s where the developer decided not to include Michael Jordan as a player you could access because he’d be too good and it would ruin the game lol.
Gerald Fields
MJ is STILL the best player to have ever graced the court. Lebron James can only WISH he could be like Mike. LJ lacks the heart that MJ had.
E 20
Mj at 34 won 6th nba title , lebron at 34 misses playoffs
Stockton hits a wide open 3. The Utah stadium goes nuts. MJ is not impressed. He then responds in 4 seconds to score under the basket to make it a 1 pt game. Okay lucky perhaps. But wait, MJ then decides to take over the game completely and pick pockets the ball from Malone and then casually walks it up court, knowing he can get a final shot and clearly tells his teammates to isolate. They do. Jordan then does what he seemed to always do, win the game.
Mak Are You Guitar
2 3peats.. it will be hard to top up
Pedro g.
back when basketball was worth watching, Can't stand the sport now.
Sean-Paul F
Difference between Jordan and LeBron. Jordan wanted the ball. Jordan is cold blooded. Played both ends of the court. Jordan seals the championship. That's why he is the GOAT and LeBron just forever chasing. End of debate
35 years old still does ankle breakers Wow
LOL... I still cant believe Lebron compares himself to this God of basketball.
Zimbobway Brown
Jordans Last 3 mins vs Lebron last 3 mins in the Finals. Lebron Sat Down, while Jordan Played His Heart Out!!!!!
the last minute sums up the Greatness of Michael Jordan for me & why I call him the best of all-time. He hit the quick layup, he then gets the most pivotal steal of his career, & hits the shot to go ahead in the NBA championship. It was a perfect ending to a player that captured the heart of the entire world! Man do I Miss him balling!
kalusha kalushh
and ppl dare to compare lebron to MICHAEL JORDAN🤔🤔🤔 come on now!!!
8:50-9:17 - Jordan with 43. Malone is doubled. They swat at him and steal it! Here comes Chicago. 17 seconds. 17 seconds, from Game 7, or from championship #6. Jordan.....OPEN! CHICAGO WITH THE LEAD! And you know what made this championship shot so great? The sound of the "Swish", made it more sweet to put the dagger in player's and fan's hearts.
Emerson Guhiling
The 3pt by stockton to break the tie is like KD's shot in 2017 and 2018 finals. The difference is the Bull's, particularly MJ's, will to win. The difference is the real GOAT mentality.
Ali Saghi
If that's the last image of Michael Jordan, how magnificent is it?
A Google User
Flu game-Mj Achilles game-Kobe Crampgod-Lebron
You would think that the three that Stockton made @42 seconds would be a dagger.....NOPE...not for the GOAT
Bk_kid 19
Steve Kerr looks younger now then In 1998 😂🤦‍♂️
I love how the journalists for the Jazz. Are trying not to be fans. It's simple. Michael Jordan is Basketball. Without MJ...I don't know where the NBA or global basketball would be. The man is so fundamentally sound. So disciplined! Look at his jumper, it is PURE! If you are a true ball player.. You know how much the small details matter. The pivot foot planted. The follow threw.. The X's and O's when he is mid Key and decides to cheat back. I am Sorry. Michael IS and will ALWAYS BE a god given talent..for Basketball.
Kengo 1974
Probably Jordan is the only case in sport where everybody recognize him as the GOAT.
RavensPistonsLions98 Productions
All I heard during this video was baa baa baah 🐐🐐🐐
EasyThere Pilgrim
This is why you have to watch the games to see who's best. The stats say MJ was 4/10 in the 4th quarter. But....he was 8/8 at the line (and not with free-bees, no intentional fouling), and he had the ball EVERY SINGLE TIME down the stretch. MJ single-handedly won 6 straight titles down the stretch. He didn't need to have others bail him out.
J Harris
Michael Jordan ruined so many other NBA careers .... getting a ring with this guy around in his prime was impossible
Cameron Gerdes
Malone be like "damn you michael" lol
RL Driver
The Bulls with their second 3-peat, that my friend is what you call legendary. Michael Jordan is the Greatest Basketball player to ever play the game. 6 championships with the "Same Team" 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
“17 seconds......from game 7......or from championship number 6.......Jordan....open.....CHICAGO WITH THE LEAD!!!!!!”.........CLUTCH...GOAT
Tim Jones
Lebron will NEVER be on Jordan’s level. #TheRealGOAT
The Holy Beast
Jayy Abhdjdjdjd
Lebron is passing in that situation 100% of the time
Si6niney5 god
John Stockton should have never pointed at jordan😂
3-8 in the 4th But 6-0 in the finals 😏
MJ was a defensive minded player so were the Bulls of the 90s
joseph cristal
The last mj shot was the greatest in the history of the NBA. Ever. Hands down. End. Of. Story.
miss the shot and ran back down to play defense?
Somalia Folashade
The man is just magic brings me to tears
8:30 Phil Jackson absolutely called everything that happened in this 36-second sequence in an interview -- he told Mike that he needed to follow-through on his shot, that they needed a quick two, but he knew once Michael scored that on the other side Hornacek was going to set the back screen to get Malone on the block for Stockton to dump it into the post. Michael is gassed but he recognized it, stripped it, and in his shot he followed through. Amazing example of how even the greatest player of all time was coachable all the way to his last meaningful possession.
Daniel Chan
Missed those physical games. Now it's all about bunch of skinny players and 3s.
Francisco Sanchez
Greatest NBA player to ever touch the floor... Amazing Steal Amazing Shot!
Harun Luqana Mande
The moment that solidified MJ as the GOAT! 💯
Jehan Martinez
I remember watching this on the television. I was 8 years old. Man, I'll never forget those last 3 minutes.
Pro Player
2018 ANYONE?.......
Nerd Guy77
MJ is the real G.O.A.T
Areek Garbuja VEVO
2019 anyone?
Odran Harley Esteban
Hit thumbs up for 2019 The great Bulls 6th Championship!
Lee Williams III
Never got to see MJ play in his Prime. Or any of the GREATEST before me. I was born in 1998. But this man MJ was in a classroom of his own in the 90's. What a Great Player
oni_ sandwich
*The last 3 minutes of Michael Jordan's career* *Somehow turns into a 13 minute video *
Guillermo Martinez
Damn I'm still remember this game. 😎🎬📽🎞🍿
rap e reggae
How could Jordan don’t want this to be his last shot 😓
Geo Abraham
Maaaan, the size of those hands did you see how he intercepted that pass? Wow.
Frederick Brain
Hue Hollins Hates The Bulls. The offensive foul on Rodman was as bad as Scottie Pippen "foul" on Hubert Davis in '94 after the shot which was allowed in 90's.
Grey Gousse
what a legendary ankle breaker
Basketball Bros 101
You heard Steve Kerr go “this is so f**king unbelievable”
Larry Bennett
Isiah was so biased in Jordan commentary. You could tell he hated him.
Ethan Weeter
MJ could go 0-32 and probably hit the last shot to win the game.
Pedro Martinez
The defense in this game was pretty good. Both teams still had 80 points in the final minutes of the 4th quarter
Super GM
Many have tried, many have failed
Ethan Weeter
Jerry Sloan one of the best coaches ever, but got beat by best player of all time.
Donnell Adams
45 points when your team needs you
In 2019. Jordan´s King.
And thats why... he will always be the greatest!
Chino Bambino
this isint 13:45 minutes of basketball.. this is truly magic on a basketball court with 9 props
Chino Bambino
can u imagine how salty and dry jordans piece of gum is lmfao
John Nike
Edgar Escobar
Lebron is my favorite player But this man . Holy shit . G.O.A.T
kevin blanch
Jon L
Watching all these highlights it really insulting for lebron to proclaim himself the goat. But then again I wouldn’t even put lebron in the discussion of candidates.
Skyies to Sunset Rise
John stocking almost changed history with that last 3 he shot
Lion King
The real and only hero who has dominated NBA for my time...still cannot help watch his last game...
Jade Johns
Beans Iban
legend has it that, he is still munching on that gum until now
raps maradona
Almost 30 sec to go, 3 points back, pressure level 1000000. some people go down but some people ( legends ) just get more power in this situation. They need this pressure. It’s their oxygen. BTW NO ONE ever threw it like MJ23 !!!
These were the best times of my life. This dude sheesh .. I can’t even watch the bulls play now because I was maxed out by MJ.. imagine reaching the max?? To the point where nothing can top your excitement.. fkd up man lol
Kevin Contreras
LeBron would sit out the finals if he had a flu. #Facts
Melissa Hollingsworth
I remember this like it was yesterday! All hail the GOAT Michael Jordan 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Phil Rockwell
Yo I just noticed how Pippen was trying to tell the refs Jazz were playing a illegal defense camping the lane @ 9:06 just in case Jordan drove. Good Sh!t Scottie even though Jordan had it covered. 😎
Javian Johnson
Blessed that I got to see Michael play and end his career. Beautiful!!!
Title: final 3 mins of jordans career Video: 13mins
Blade's Arcade
MJ literately got the ball every single time to lead them to victory. awesome
Ethan Weeter
MJ most clutch player ever. Even more than Kobe.