Scary Exorcism and Real Demonic Possession! (Top 5)

A collection of the scariest cases of real life exorcisms and real demon possession ever witnessed! These are the top 5 strangest cases and reports of demonic possesion throughout history. Including the infamous Anneliese Michel real exorcism caught on tape. The Tanacu exorcism In 2005, Maricica Irina Cornici, a 23 year old nun, began regularly giggling during "Mass". It didn't take long before she descended into utter madness and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Doctors say Cornici believed she heard the devil talking to her, telling her she was sinful. After a two-week treatment, they released her into the care of the monastery. But Cornici again started acting strangely. Daniel Petre Corogeanu, the priest of the monastery, believed it was a case of real demonic possession. He and four other nuns decided to try a different method of "care": exorcism. Clara Germana Cele In 1906, Clara Germana Cele, was a sixteen-year-old orphan girl at St. Michael's Mission in Natal, South Africa. The story goes that Clara began exhibiting odd behavior. She spoke and understood languages that were previously unknown to her and she demonstrated clairvoyance by revealing stranger's most intimate secrets. People believed it to be a case of demonic possesion. Allegedly, during a scary exorcism, she levitated 5 feet in the air, tried to strangle one of the priests, and cried out like a savage beast before finally the real demon possession was forced out and the girl was healed. Anna Ecklund /> One of the scariest cases of possession is that of Anna Ecklund. In 1908, Anna Ecklund was only 14 years old when she began showing signs of demonic possession after her caretakers reportedly cursed her by slipping magical herbs into her food. She would speak in tongues and strange guttural voices. She would levitate and cling to the walls of her bedroom in what seemed to witnesses to be a real demon possession. Then in 1912 Anna Ecklund had her first real life exorcisms performed, which brought relief for a short time. But soon, Anna became possessed again, this time by multiple demons. In 1928, three exorcisms were conducted at a convent in Earling, Iowa, and reportedly Anna was finally cured. Arne Cheyenne Johnson In 1981, The Trial of Mr. Arne Cheyenne Johnson, also known as the Devil Made Me Do It Case, became one of the strangest cases in history - the first known court case in the United States in which the defense pleaded "not guilty" by reason of demonic possession. The day after the murder the famous self-described demonologist couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, whom you may know from The Conjuring movies, told police that Johnson was possessed when the crime was committed. You see, Arne Johnson had been present during one of the Warren's scary exorcism rituals when the demon that possessed an 11 year old boy, David Glatzel, fled the child's body to take up residence within Johnson. Arne Johnson's defense lawyer argued in court that he was possessed by a demon at the time of the crime... but the judge ruled that such a defense could never be proven. Anneliese Michel /> The case of Anneliese Michel is one of the scariest cases of exorcism of all time, with a Hollywood movie, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" inspired by her story. Following a deep depression, the young girl was sent to a psychiatric hospital. She proved to be one of their strangest cases. It was during her stay that she started hearing voices. The voices would tell her that she was "damned" and would "rot in hell". She was prescribed anti-convulsion drugs for her continuous seizures and a drug used to treat various psychoses including schizophrenia, disturbed behavior, and delusions. However, her health did not improve and Anneliese began to attribute it to real demonic possession. At twenty years old she complained about seeing "evil faces" and became intolerant of sacred places and objects. Convinced that her problems were not medical, Anneliese left the psychiatric hospital and went to San Damiano, a church near Assisi, Italy, seeking help from the priests over her demonic possesion Convinced she was possessed, her family appealed for an exorcism. Though the appeal was rejected at first, two priests finally got permission from the local bishop in 1975, as it was believed to be one of the scariest cases of real demonic possession . Anneliese went through 67 scary exorcism sessions. One of the priests allowed a few of the real life exorcisms sessions to be recorded. He presented a few recordings of the real exorcism caught on tape.

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If you guys wanna know what she says in the recording, thats what I could understand: Anneliese: And in the church... they will hold anybody... (very hard to understand, she just complains about the church I guess) Priest: Yes? Anneliese: Ahhh YEEES! Priest: Everyone? Anneliese: Ohhh Why why whyyy?! Priest: Yes, why? Annelise: Ahhh Yeah, because *screaming and mumbling*
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Number 1 was definitely mental illness, The poor girl most likely had schizophrenia, ocd, and other mental illness. And she was very beautiful, who knows what happened to her in the mental hospital where they often mistreated people, I wouldn't doubt people raped and utterly abused her there, most likely making her condition even worse.
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It's sad when people with severe mental problems are diagnosed with possession. They never get the help they need. Unfortunately, sometimes they can't be helped and that's when possession comes into play. Superstition takes over and in almost every case, the person ends up dying. People can't seem to accept that there are others with mental problems that just can't be helped. It's sad, but it's certainly not demonic.
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Conversation between Anneliese and the priest: A: In our church.. (not understandable) P: Yes? A: (Growls) Yes P: All? A: (Growls) Why? why? Whhyyy? P: Yes why? A: Because (screaching and growling) P: (not understandable) A: Because (growling)
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For those who care, the translation of the recording as good as I could understand it (very very hard to understand the first part): Anneliese (A): (some swearings) ... and they all will suffer! Priest (P): All? A: Yes all! Ohhh why why why why why! P: Why Anni? (short form for Anneliese) A: (screaming why all over again) So basically nothing you wouldn't expect as you've already seen horror movies I suppose. But still, interesting. To me at least.
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