MAN CITY 3-2 QPR | HD Extended Highlights | 93:20 Rewind

Extended highlights and all of the goals in HD from Man City 3-2 QPR in May 2012 as Aguero scores in injury time to win the Premier League for City! Subscribe for FREE and never miss another Man City video. /> /> /> />

Werry Roger
2012 - Aguero 2019 - Kompany <3
Vamos Orlando
Who's here after Vincent Kompany scored a rocket that may have given City the title? Edit: This is the most likes I've ever had on a comment, thanks guys. Edit: It did give City the title.
je diantoro
2019 who watch again ?
Sid Sir
13:34 when i tell my friends " there's a hot girl there, don't all look at once"
Joe Seaver
"Ahuero" 😂😂😂
7 years ago. I was only 13. Barely knew football. Screaming in tears, watching this moment. Dad's a United fan, looked devastated. The day my blood turned blue. Until the day I die.
Greg Nicho
the hero of this all is Balotelli...he never gets credit not just for the assist,,but the decision making while sitting on the ground...had he done anything else this would not have been possible!
Eric Walker
Great, excellent, wonderfull. I wish I had a time machine to watch this moment.
Dzeko the unsung hero
Martin Martin
Man City 1:0 Leicester, 2019 Man City winner EPL 2018-2019
hanh tran thi
Who's there when Manchester City won EPL 2019
James scales
I might not be a Man City fan but that game was unbelievable well done Man City
Alejandro Perez
Shouldve put the Martin Tyler version... Anyone else?
Jason PD
who's still watching this after yesterday man city premier league title
Danu Prayogo
who's watching this in September 2018?? i'm roma fans. but i was happy too. feel that glory 22:22 djibril cisse..... Lol
09:06 Have you ever seen anything more Balotelli? He has time to exchange at best, 1 word to Barton, and instantly he's pissed Barton off to the point where he's going for him. I love him but Mario's crazy haha
Abukar Hussein
Man City will be champions 2019
Owen Godfrey
Still gives me goosebumps to this day
Tom Devaney
The day where I thought all was lost with 5 minutes left..... I've never expressed so many emotions in my life as I did that day
Isaac Ricalde
"It's a hero". Aguante Argentina. 💪💪
Taufiq Rahman
better if there's a match time in this vid
cm punk
There was a time when we had Agüero, Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli
Parsa J
It happened on my birthday as I was blowing my candles
ahmed al sammarraie
Whos here after city won the 2018/19s title?
The QPR players were even celebrating with the Man city players and fans it was that good
Abraham Aby
Always get goosebumps while watching Though I have watched it over 100 times
Muhammad Luqman
Who came here after city beat united 2-0?
Shoo Lään
2018/19 winners!! Cmon citeeeehh
Diganta Barman
Imagine being a man city loyal and waiting 44 years for a title.. Overwhelming. I remember that 75 year old guy.
im a barca fan, but this is probably the best moment in modern football i have ever seen. AGUEROOOOOOOO
I'm not a city fan but I remember watching the coverage over on sky sports news(The one day my sky sports decides to stop working)I wanted city to win cause I really disliked Man U.When they said there was 5 mins left and I saw that city were losing I was like "Damn,City are shit".I mean,they struggled to beat a TEN MAN QPR,a team battling against RELEGATION, at HOME.But then Dzeko scored I was like to that commentator guy "Calm down it's not like they're gonna win."Then 2 mins later I heard the same guy screaming and I was like "No motherfucking way"And I seen that Aguero had somehow scored and I went mental. Sorry for the essay,I was just really happy that City won cause I really hate United.I just want to congratulate the city fans.
farhaan osman
Man city best team in the last 10 years primer league
David Taylor
Manchester City fans supporting Manchester United since 1992. To say they hate us they inspire to be us. And before anyone starts with the insults it's just a friendly bit of banter. Been a United fan season ticket holder for 15 years. Married to a die hard blue for 10. This day was the happiest day of my life as even though you guys DESERVED TO BE WINNERS my wife asked me to marry her. So football can bring happiness in more ways than one. O and congratulations to MCFC winners 2017-18.
Kelechi Onunka
Not even a City fan (chelsea fan), but the goosebumps this gives me after every watch is crazy.
Reza Dwi
Best day in my life 💙💙
tarak rahman
What a day for city fans 2019 i m still watch this love from Bangladesh ♥
Fransiskus Sihaloho
Happy May 13th, 93:20! Still hearing..: AGUEROOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Dio Akbar
Irama Cendrawasih
the best football game ever.... and Manchester City winning the EPL again this year
Elvin Vincent
Even the Barca 6-5 win over PSG can't top this off. Pure Football. Always makes me cry, even though I'm not from England. XD
Ranveer Verma
Being a city fan, I could say that I still have these goosebumps aftr watching this video for the umteenth time! Next year is ours Cheers!!
Nicky Haugh
This is by far the best Man City game to date - besides their 6 - 1 victory at Man Utd!!!
Mc Raffle 21
Manchester City are the best team in the world
Sungkar Cityzens
Who watch this after City got treble winners ???
surav mondal
Aguero,Tevez,Dzeko,Balotelli,Silva,Nasri,Toure,Kompany,Milner,Hart. This team defeated Bayern Munich 2 times if I m not wrong.
Gilang Mahkota Fuady
I watched this when I was 18.. I have been a city fan before, but I cannot believe city won the title 💙
Who else was watching it live? 👏⚽️🏛⚽️👏
Connor sanchez
i still remember waking up my whole family from celebrating at 5:30 in the morning. what a moment. pure joy
asad Gondal
the luckies r those,who watched this match live..having tears for M.C after watching video in 2019.
tyu ghost280
Balloteli pass Aguero goal City 2012 Champions
Abhishek Yadav
First step towards building a amazing legacy of cityzens... Agueroooooooooo!!!!
Vaibhav Singh
Balatoli what a assist what a goal by aguero and dzeko
Curtis Rupp
Finally got my man city fan scarf I've been a fan since 2004 but really never started avidly watching until 2012 I can't believe the miracle season love city 4ever
fredrick oduor
What an unforgettable day filled with despair, hope and extreme joy for us City fans. Viva Aguero and team.
Daniella Gallagher
I remember this day, I was just a little 12 years old girl, I can't believe It's been five years already. That was the first time I cried over football and It was fantastic. This game literally changed my life.
I remember this match I was 14 year in ma home town in Hargeisa East Africa watching in small place Best day ever. Football lovers
Harry Clarke
Nothing will ever beat this in football!! MCFC💙⚽️😁
it should have been Martin tyler
17:57 Why QPR kicked the ball to City's area?
Dobbie Agustino Madut
It is the only match in my life that if I watch it I will cry
Jebo vas Aguero da nije bilo Dzeke kurac bi osvojili.
Sifen Getinet
And that is the story of Kun Aguero
This is, undeniably, the greatest moment in football history.
Sufc Davie
It doesn’t matter what team you support, this video will give you goosebumps (Unless you’re a Man U fan of course 😂)
Kennedy BarcaCity
Every time i watch this match is like i dont know how its going to end
Man city fan channel
19:20 if your looking for the moment 😉
Nassrul Hakeem
Today Premier League is ours again Manchester is blue💙😎💪
Mael Bestel
When we had Micah, Zabaleta, Lescott and DZEKOO. I'm little nostalgic... Thanks Mancini, thanks Dzeko, thanks Aguero. THANKS MAN CITY
Atis Ti Do
That was the best game ever I watched in my life, 2019 still on my mind 😍who still watching this highlight game ?
hamza nasser
Watching this after we win our 2019 league title... Oh how things have changed since we used to play Stockport county
Cheshire Homebrew
Worst and best day of my life all rolled into one.!!!
DaviD SilvA
I LOVE MY CITY 💙 back2back
Caz Weston
I've never cried so much during and after a football match as I did that day. Best day ever. Love this club and adore Aguero!
Ani Maryani
Ray Fernando
The way cisse congratulated nasri 😂😂
Preventh Selvadurai
most memorable match of Man City's history
I can't forget this match forever. What a wonderful game!!!!! Thank you for Man City. I'm a supporter of Man City. I was so happy at that moment.
Ibrahim Bashir
Henry Gledhill
Im not a city fan but this moment is insane and any football fan can respect it.
I will never ever forget this moment, still gives me goosebumps to this day
It Would Been Even Better With Martin Tyler...Aguerooooooooo.........One Of The Best Moment In Football History
19:19 RIP Headphone users
Ruben Martinez
If ever Man City fan including me a time Machine I go back to this day so I see history made
Master Chefer
how they not having the sky sports AGURRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO!
Ben Roxy
This gives me goosebumps and I'm a liverpool fan
Cavalera kosongtujuh
city fans 18:50 (cry,sad & angry) - city fans 20:41 ( happy ) FANTASTIC FROM AGUERO
Bee Keong Tan
i have lost count how many times i watched aguero's winning goal.
Shawon Hasnat
Aguaro is all time king of city,,,, i love u man city
Billy O'Brien
QPR fan and so glad to be a part of easily the best moment in Premier League History 👌🏼, love watching QPR celebrate along with you lot at the end too 😂.
Bright Akli
So no one saw Djibril Cisse's celebration with Nasri?... That's gold to me😁👌 #2019
Michael Heinlein
And Vincent had hair!
Afsara Mimi
Aguero the One man wins the million hearts. Aguero the one man makes the history for mancity. What a comeback in the history of football.
valentin beltramo
Agüero is the real hero, the Manchester city fans don't say this because he is from argentina
FierceDeityWarrior 92
I bet people who disliked this video are Man United fans
Tanja Skoko
18/19 kompany's banger comes in city wins title again😍
Makes me laugh seeing Ballotelli trying to get involved in the Barton incident
9:50 **Aguero shoot** Aguero was like: GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!!! (raising his hands up and run) **aguero looks back** Aguero was like: *I JUST WANT TO CHECK MY HAIR, HEHE*
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1 team fighting for the title the other is trying not to relegated.