college week in my life nyc | photoshoots, fashion shows, studying, and bad grades

//College week in my life nyc! In this college week in my life I do a photo shoot, go to a nyc fashion week show, do a lot of studying, talk about some bad grades and classes, and have another productive college week! I love college week in my lifes and showing my life here in nyc while being a college student! I love you guys and hope you enjoy this college week in my life! ------------------------------- Twitter | @michellereedyt />Instagram | @michellereed />Snapchat | @michellereedyt Vlog Channel | @michelleoutofhershell />Business Inquiries | [email protected] ------------------------------- // SUBSCRIBE // Hey! My name's Michelle Reed and I post beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. These range from fashion lookbooks, get ready with me's, morning routines, night routines, day in my life videos, try on hauls, fitness videos, & much more! Subscribe for two videos a week-

actressnut lulu
Can you do some weekend outfits in NYC? Like casual to going out? I also go to school in cold weather too so I need some inspiration!!!
I love how you present yourself, appearance-wise. So beautiful & put together!😍
Kate Russell
I always look forward to these💓
Mafalda Teixeira
I enjoy watching your week in the life videos very much!! 💛💛
Abby Asselin
a great way to start sunday morning, great content as always Michelle!!!
Valeria Claudio
I REALLY enjoy your lifestyle videos and they're literally what I like to watch right now!! It motivates me so so much to have a better/organized week! <3
Pooja Anand
You’re such an inspiration Michelle !!! Absolutely love your content ❤️❤️ please don’t ever stop making YouTube videos
Andre Quintal
I would love to see a video about how to negotiate your first salary. xoxo
Alexis Marshall
i seriously just LOVE, LOVE your videos!! Happy Sunday :)
Pi 210
Whenever I watch your videos, I get super motivated to actually get stuff done myself!
hi! just a quick question! i love these lifestyle videos as i'm also a college student but i'm curious, do you drink coffee every morning/maybe on the afternoon? i've always tried not to because of the addiction thing but i really love my coffee in the morning so! also, i'm trying different snacks for in between classes, i'm not from the us but what do you usually take?
Stephany Suarez
Irene Contreras
Michelle I would love to see more videos of like your profesional outfits like when you go to school! Or more just everyday outfits! It would also be cool to see like things you recommend for the winter like some good coats or shoes since you live in similar climate like me and I’m just always looking for better clothing to wear during the winter months!
Julie Hines
loved this video!! your skin is glowing!! can you do a video on how you make your thumbnails?!
Johanny Garcia
This was so helpful! I’m always looking for healthy quick recipe ideas and love your channel for this! Thanks! :)
Alyssa Weeks
Where in South Carolina are you going?! I live there!!!
I have been watching your videos for so many years and you are one of those few youtubers I ALWAYS enjoy to watch! I hope you have an amazing Sunday Michelle and I just wanted to say thank you for the person you are and the content you are creating!
chethi jay
Can you do a hair care routine please!! <3 <3
Jake & Mandy
*Loved watching this! You are so sweet and so beautiful girl! 💛*
who is is inspired by her?! ps im a youtuber too :)
lil b
I have been watching your videos for such a long time now.. probably over 3 years. Keep going ♥️ They’re awesome
Fitness with Meg
Lavender relaxes me so much too!
I always look forward to these , they really motivate me to be productive !! Thank you!!💛
Renee Koper
love your videos!!!! but i got a question, what camera do you use?? much love!!!
Stephany Suarez
Also you are POPPING in that cherry dress 😍
Your WIML are honestly the best videos and my most fav type of video you make! From meal ideas to fashion inspo and workout motivation this videos are so great
Macy M
Loved the cute little intro/B roll scenes! Also your skin is 👏🏼 glowinggg👏🏼 would love to see some updated skincare soon
Paige Kaiser
THAT INTRO THO!!! you slay more and more each video!!
Bianca Enchanted
I ADORE YOU ! So calming love watching your Nyc adventures! ✨
Jade Favreau
Yay another week in my life 🤗
Neidin Marie
this whole video was so aesthetic and springlike! got me so excited for the new season!
Do you still have a roommate? Love these vlogs Michelle!
Julianna Gallo
I am always so happy when I see that you uploaded a video, and lately I feel like your content keeps getting better and better! Thank you for always being so inspiring! <3
Sheila Palushi
Michelle you are born to do youtube girl! 😍 I love your videos sooo much,you are such an inspiration! Love youu 🥰❤️
Breanna Berkebile
The best week in my life vlogger! ✨
Desaree Jennings
i love your videos so much! they always are a good motivator for me to go and get stuff done!
Malieah Habisch
love the real people vibes in this video , often youtubers are portrayed as being perfect , but thank you for showing us the reality
I absolutely love your college week in the life videos, you inspire me so much!! +I love your persontality, thank you for being real <3
Rachael Schick
Can you do a healthy food video? I have been trying to eat more veggies, but wanted some recipes :)
Kristina Markovic
Loved especially this college week in my life! I noticed kinda different style of editing in it, keep this going :)
See Elle Vlogs
Aw, you look really good in the jumpsuit though! <3
Ashley Robinson
I hope you continue to post videos for a long time. I always enjoy watching your videos Michelle!
UrieKul S
i’m loving your college week in the life videos ❤️💕😍
I've been watching your videos ever since 2012 I never stopped! I love you and your videos<33 You actually remind me so much of myself I hope someday I see you in person!
Hibah Memon
i cannot express how much i love michelle's week in my life videos lol
Your Week in my Life videos just keep getting better and better <3 <3
Molly Kate
I love how you did your eyeliner! Can you do an updated makeup tutorial?
alyssa claire.
you're honestly like WAY too pretty lol
Jackie Mishanie
I don't have Instagram for ur giveaway I'm a single mom of 2 kids and can't work BC of my depression and anxiety
Christina Sofie
I absolutely adore your coat! Where is it from? xx
Study With Additti
loved that intro!
Loved how the jumpsuit looked on you. You looked so elegant.
Brooke Morey
Your skin is looking so good!! What’s your secret 😍❤️
emerson grace
will you ever upload on michelleoutofhershell again? I love your vlog channel. 😊
Nicola B
Can you please link the jumpsuit?
I love starting my Sunday mornings watching your college week in my life videos, one of best parts of my Sunday mornings! I always look forward to them every Sunday!
you are glowing girl!!!
The intro is so cute!
Brooke Pinta
Omg could you do a quick tutorial on the bun you wore after you curled your hair?? Maybe even incorporated into one of your week in my life’s? It is SO CUTE!💗
Love that swimsuit and the dress you bought!
Jenna Fawcett
It’s cool that you are in a negotiation class that you find so helpful! I’m currently in a mediation class that has helped me a lot in advocating for myself.
Loren Jerae
I love how you are very open and honest with your subscribers. You show the good and bad of your life and not just all the good parts
Amélie Boucher
I love the way you edit these vlogs!
Maddy S
that swimsuit is SO YOU!!😍
Megan Emerick
i seriously just ordered a Billie razor yesterday!! im so excited for it to come!
Alyson Johnson
i completely agree about the lavender essential oil thing! i’ve noticed that i’m able to fall asleep a lot quicker when i use my diffuser and i also get better sleep as well
84. my life dang
U are so pretty love u
emerson grace
where are you going in south carolina?
Elizabeth Talledo
i cant wait to live in nyc 😩
Emily Carver
what’re you majoring in at tkc? i’ve been thinking about going there and majoring in PPE!
Sally Traxler
Fav type of vids
Alexandra Zoe
That jumpsuit looked so cute on you!! Very *high fashion* and chic❤️ Can you please do an everyday GRWM vid where you tell us the makeup products you’ve been using?
i love when you show your food! its always so creative
Vivien Cao
favourite youtuber!
Caroline Courtney
Are you going to Charleston? I'm from there!
Ally Locks
Just some constructive criticism I feel like you have been doing way too many week in life videos that I almost know what to expect lol would love something different like a cook with with, quick breakfast for when your are in a rush. or your favorite New York places to go to etc ☺️
where in Florida are you going!!!!!!
Yun Chen
Really love this vlog!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Adi Amiel
I just moved to nyc and will be happy to meet sometimes :)
Ellie C
it’d be fun to see a video for your outfits of the week!! since your school dress code is also good for work
Michelle!! Please do a $10 for one day as a college student in New York! It would be a really interesting video!!
Rose Kromschroeder
That young life mug>
Anuksha Denny
I love your week in a life videos!
Maddy S
could you do another video focused on your meals and a like what I eat in a day?
Sarah Lucas
Your hair looks bomb. Especially loved your outfits in this one -- but you're always stylish. Could never get tired of these vids!
Alie Renee
Love watching these videos Michelle 🧡
Samantha Bissell
Sherri hill has gorgeous formal wear as one of my friends Amanda Moreno either wore a Sherri hill dress in a pageant or mentions it as she’s a pageant coordinator or mentor nice hairstyle and outfit
Isabel C
Where is that brown coat from? Soooo cute.
Hannah R
Really love your college week videos!
Maria Denisa Bran
Kayla Merwin
Does anyone have the link to the long skirt she wore with the shear tights and black top?
I love roasting veggies too! My favorites are sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower! I’ll put garlic powder, salt and pepper, and maybe some paprika and chili flakes. I can literally eat a whole pan 😂. Also if you want another alternative I find putting curry powder on cauliflower is DELISH! I just thought I’d share because I do the same thing :)
Madison Ward
What’s your posh mark??
Cara Roux
Do a period vid please❤❤❤❤