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ForSaleByOwnerAdvocate.com™ Muscle Cars For Sale 1966 Chevelle SS 396 / 375 HP, 4 Speed M21, VIN #138 Real Car. For Sale By Owner RARE 1966.... "QUALITY" Chevrolet Chevelle SUPERSPORT For Sale By Owner Call Dennis 954-755-2444 MenOnTheJob.com The Secrets Of Networking For Introvert Entrepreneurs -- All Invitations to Connect Welcome! Maroon Exterior Paint, with Red Interior in top quality condition and may be original. This car was in storage for the past 10 Years in temperature controlled environment WOW, talk about a rare car. Check out the straight body, floor pan, frame, and trunk. All chrome and trim in great condition. Please feel free to call me anytime 7 days! FOR SALE BY OWNER ADVOCATE™ Dennis Founder GLOBAL DIGITAL & SOCAIL MEDIA CROSS MARKETING Automotive Direct Marketing Expert Established 1984 - See some of My Sold Inventory 954-755-2444 ASK ME HOW I CAN GET YOURS SOLD -- 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE />Men On The Job WomenOnTheJob.com The Photo Gallery of 167 Crystal Clear Pictures are for those who Seek Extreme Detailed pictures for potential purchase and investment. They will tell the whole story!

diane camarata
This was my first car at 19 years old. Lucky for me I was great looking, smart, and (having been a tomboy), learned a ton  of stuff from my motor head brother. I grew up in Baltimore, cruising The Hot Shop, Ameche's drive in. I always loved when the boys would taunt me, "Hey beautiful, got your boyfriends car tonight? I would cruise around 3 or 4 times and then pick my victim from the loudest mouth, with the (he thought so) car. I'd invite him to give it a try, They were just in the process of building the beltway and there was a great, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 miles done that made a perfect drag strip.I would act all shy and not sure of what I was doing. I would take them all on, giving each and every one a real good spanking. They soon learned not to taunt me and started showing some respect for motor head girl.
Lucky Duck
My personal all time favorite muscle car 1966-67 Chevelle .......
Deda Happel
actually the chevelle color was called aztec bronze by gm
Ed Cain
Gorgeous Madeira Maroon CHEVELLE SS HOT ROD.
Buddy Lowe
Is that a t-handle on a Hurst stick? Get you a stock lever with a white knob, please.
PS..... Has anyone else ever noticed that they all smell the same in the interior? Which means that I could pass the blindfold test with this model! LOL!
Edmund Turner
Me also my first car 19 got a bonus from the Army and got my 66
When I was in high school, I would have given everything that I had for one of these, and next to my 1970 W-30, this is my favorite 60's- 70's muscle car! Thanks for the nice video, and bringing back the memories!Charlie
Thomas Collier
I love this car.
Julian Jones
What memories I had of my '66 Chevelle SS396. Mine was Roman Red inside and out and was the fastest car in Omaha, NE back in the day ('68). Mine got stolen twice and the second time we never found it. It would be such a kick to have one again.
Kevin Habener
'66 Chevelle SS 396, my own personal General Lee.