Steph Curry's Full Highlights From 2017 NBA Finals

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Stephen Curry was electric throughout the entire series, helping to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 4-1 series win with averages of 26.8 points, 8.0 rebounds and 9.4 assists -- including a 34-point, 10-assist night in the clincher. Subscribe to the NBA: /> For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at /> Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

Thanos The Great
Curry is going to have more rings than lebron like if you agree
Best PG in the NBA.
Take A Walk With Me
Almost averaged a triple double even though he isn't big or tall and got doubled team for most of the finals.
The Kid
That revenge play on Kyrie was the icing on the cake
Z Car
if they didn't start double teaming him, he would probably have scored a little more and would be mvp. that's how much respect he gets and how important he is to the offensive system. still managed almost 28pts damn
Yannick Bryant
The dude average 28 pts 8 rbs 9 asst but the media rarely talks about him. Steph is the engine of this team. The greatest shooter of all time that is unselfish and always play in the system. People saying his only a great shooter didn't realize that his handles, dribble penetration and vision will put him in the same level with all the greats that played the game.
Robert Thomas
So no one gonna talk about Curry cooking Uncle Drew? Okay cool
GanG GanG
Stephen Curry is the Best point guard in the league and it's not even close. He's in the discussion with Magic Johnson now.
kodak White
Cavs blew 3-1 comeback
No one else has won unanimous MVP. No one else has made 300 threes in a season. No one else had made 400 threes in a season. No one else has made 13 threes in a game. No one else has changed the was the sport is played the way curry has. Allen Iverson said himself Curry is a better ball handler, and Ray Allen had said he's a better shooter. And now he's a 2 time Champion and MVP and is moving his way up on the list of the all time greats. Already a top 25 player of all time, and is only 29. Easily top 15 of all time by the end of his career. Possibly top 10 and if he has another season like he did in 2016, top 5.
*GSW* team of elite players playing as a team *CLE* team of elite players playing as individuals
Lettuce Jack
Where's the clip where Curry dances with LeBron and gets past him for the layup?
Javale McGod
The last highlight curry got his revenge
Vinicius Gonçalves
Cassius Clay
Best point guard in the league. Westbrick doesn't come close, I'd actually put Kyrie of every other PG except Lillard. Steph Curry will go down as an all time great. Already got 2 MVP's. Already got 2 rings. Scoring champion. Steals leader. In the same year. Almost AVG a triple double in the finals against another all time great in LeBron and IMO Kyrie. Curry shut down all the haters saying he's a choker and can't perform in the finals. Now who's holding the L?
Lionel Allen
Curry won't show up in the finals they said LMAO!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brendan Rickard
Curry is by far the best PG in the league and it isn't close
Tracer Main
Dude shot under 40% from three in the finals. Yet he still was a factor in every win, getting a double-double at least in every win for the warriors in the finals. I thought the only thing he knew how to do was shoot? 🤔🤔
Le Garçon Qui Ment
amazing how he got that last shot off
Fultz embiid Simmons sixers for life Champs in 2020
Kyrie better then me???? Ha what a joke we shouldn't even be debating this shit kyrie thinks he's so cool with his handles when most of the time he tried crossing someone over this year and bounced of his leg and ended as a turnover 😂😂but we champs again #twotimemvp #tripledouble
I wish Curry gets MVP in the finals in his career, and i wish they included the play where Curry out Lebron in a blender
Mario Boyce
right in irvings face 🎇🎇🎇🎇 bang!!!!
Stella was a diver and she was always down
Is Curry a top 5 PG of all time? Serious topic. I feel like he already surpassed a lot of former point guards by winning 2 championships and having 2 MVPs.
LowFye Art
What can I say, the man's got skill.
Definitely a top 10 point guard and a top 5 shooter of all-time.This kid has a chance to get 4 rings and it's good to see. It's not many players of today that deserve respect, but he's definitely one of them.
Luis Oropeza
Michael Jordan: The Flu Game LeBron James: The Fluke game
Swagger Lishes
Curry really showed up this year. Bye-bye "warriors blew a 3-1 lead" meme
L For LeBron
Cleeeeeeeeeveland!!!! Cleeeeeeeeeeveland!!!!!! This is for you!!!!!! This L is for you!!!!!!
Christine Javate
Never understood why so much people hate on him?
24K Photography
Someone should be fired for not including Steph's manhandling of Lebron James in game 2...!
he was the real mvp
What Are Those
At this point cavs bandwagons just use "3-1" joke to make their team sound good when we exposed them this year
How is this video missing Curry's best play of the series where he put Lebron on skates and finished with a layup
How Not to Play
LOL that moment you realize Curry is (29) older than Kevin Durant (28). I legit thought curry was 26 years old.
Lebron ain't winning no mo rings as longs as steph and kd together #DUBNATION
*I still think blazers in 6*
Cameron Gossett
How can you not put Curry cooking Bron in these highlights???
Dylan Anglade
Clearly just needed to be healthy. Hope this puts those outrageous comments about Kyrie being better than him to bed. Plus he gets to operate as a traditional point guard now which I think he enjoys.
Thrilla Cartel
Kevin Durant the golden state warrior’s air bag. Steph curry the wheels Klay the seat belt Draymond the engine Kerr the windshield wipers
27 8 9
The G.O.D Christ #GreekLord
oh my ass off
As a fan of basketball, it wouldve been a lot cooler to see him come back and have this type of performance without KD on the roster. I think we are being robbed of one of the potentially greatest rivalries in NBA history with the addition of KD
Russell Eastbrook #MVP #42 #ClutchAF
Y'all are disrespecting Lebron for being 3-5 in the finals but Y'all respect Jerry West even though he was 1-8
Nick Wayne
They better give him a MAX contract right about now. He's taken a backseat to all his teammates in terms of earnings these past few years for the sake of winning titles and he now deserves to be rewarded. Its been long over due.
Scott Gabelman
Curry is the Most valuable spoke in the Golden State wheel.
Cavs would've got swept if it weren't for the refs lol
Blaze Baller
98 dislikes by cavs "fans"
Ariel Star
You can't guard this quick-decisive, fast-paced, insane little beast! Absolute domination!
Donny Lebowski
Dubs swept the postseason and if you wanna talk about game 4 type in "NBA finals refs missed calls"
Forever Alone 2009
Irving is trash. Typical player that in 10 games will win 1 alone, will help the team in another and make the team worst in the other 8. Just remember he took Cleveland nowhere when James was in Miami. And remember that Cleveland lost 7 of the 8 games LeBron did not play. Now you can stop saying Irving is better than Curry just because a single play.
Oskar Rojas c
why it doesn't appear the break anckles against Lebron? ah ok, it's because is against Lebrón, nba always helping the image of Lebrón
LeFraud Has Choked In FIVE Finals
With Curry's amazing performances in the 2017 playoffs, the haters' rants are getting ever more desperate and ridiculous. Only an imbecile could fail to see that Curry is already close to being one of the greatest that's ever played the game.
Umar Farooq
lol @ Kyrie trying to punk Curry at the end there. Got scored on.
Elijah Mendoza
Cavs lost by 9 in Game 5. 9 + 5 = 14 14 backwards is 41. Cavs lost 4-1.
Draymond Green
Finals MVP is me
The Flash 2024
Curry got revenge and splashed a 3 in Kyrie's face
Tyrie Sanders
I wish anybody under the age of 14 had a different section of the internet.
Shehran Kabir
Julian Scott
he make it look so stepheffotless
Gurpinder Singh
curry means ohsome hit like if u like
George Gazis
who said for superteam? we talk about superman!
That last triple is like go home and never come back!
Luca Cappelli
Golden state won (yes)
This was my first time watching an NBA game. And I was on the edge of my couch for most of the game! Think I should start watching NBA now. If I do it would have to be the Bucks cause I live in WI. What's an NFL team comparison to them? How bad are they? lol I'll suffer through the pain if I have to.
_Sparkylikea _
Where all the salty Golden State Haters
Monteon Seagraves
the fact that Irving had curry on locked at d end and curry still hit the 3🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eddvin Hawkins
Curry is the MESSI of basketball
DJ Drew
5:16 Klay: pass me the ball wtf 5:17 Steph: nah 5:20 Klay: whatever
Nature koala
As a cav fan they need to improve in their defence like tbh
I Love Sports!
My parents be like what is my child watching?! Well, u r not interested in sports I see!
Big Sur
5:12 that was such a swag 3
Render Pras
0:45 look at the cavs bench face XD
Mohammed Lahlali
Hank Chinaski
Now, imagine if Curry actually had healthy ankles.
Luca Sanna
I Love Sports!
Less go curry! YASSSSS
NBA2K18 Madden 18
I hate KD The weakest player in the world 🌎 KD
The real MVP of the playoffs is Zaza Pachulia for that very clean amazing sick play on Kawhi
Shut up
Nvm his skills as a player, he has to be the most humble and unselfish player next to kawhi. This is a guy who is a two time MVP and was willing to take a backseat so Klay and KD could still get shots up. On top of that he doesn't seem to care about being the main man as long as the team wins. And also keep in mind how low he gets paid even though he will go down as a HOFamer.
Nathaniel Gartman
5:12 😬😬put kyrie in the blender steph
All those people who hate on Curry cuz he is good at basketball or because he is a lightskin are weird. They just wanna be different, they are the hipsters of basketball. I have no problem if you don't like his play style but you got to respect him. People love to hate on greatness.
Domenico Pagala
Best shooter of all time. MJ is still the best clutch shooter of all time though. Best all around PG still goes out to Magic.
Four Gaming
Steph 🔥
jayjay taffy
cavs are done forever
Roberto Moreno
Who is the best Steph Steph Stephen curry
Sneaker Hoops
Dude nearly averaging triple double in the Finals. How can you hate this guy?
Curry Brazil really admires you
Win Man
The most envied and underrated superstar. Lebron and his boyz are soooo insecure and jealous of this young dude. Nobody wants to give him credit for what he did during the finals..haters only giving props to bunch of whinners, Curry done it again!!!!
Joshua Mañalac
Y'all talking about KD when Steph is averaging almost a Triple Double in the NBA Finals . #MediaSucks #PoorSteph
Don A
Pause at 0:45. That bench is all "Cavs fans".
Matthew Ott
Most warrior fans were not even basketball fans prior to Steph curry
If basketball was jazz music, Steph Curry would be the younger Joshua Redman
Imaelito AC
Yeah Kyrie is better than this guy. FOH..
AlvaMan 30
And the curry dance on lebron in game 2???
Where's the 1V1 play against Lebron?
Rey Orara
they could of won it last year too but the Ref gave away game 5
ashley edwards
Congratulations Golden State Warriors !!
Dark Caesar
Curry is a better player than lebron! Facts 🙏🏾
KD’s New Burner Account
0:45 look at the faces of the cavs bench after that crossover 🤣🤣🤣🤣