The 100 - A.L.I.E. Destroys the World

In this tense scene from the 100, A.L.I.E. hacks nuclear launch codes from across the world and creates the globe's first nuclear apocalypse - as seen from the Polaris space station.

Imagine the mental strain for being responsible for the end of the world
A Ghost Without a Past
This is why Nuclear Weapons should be required to be activated manually.
Ceresjanin blow
Becca: "What is the root problem, A.L.I.E.?" A.L.I.E.: "Too many people."
Mason Goodwin
Talk about a bad day at the office
James Shelnutt
Siri destroys the world
Lala AnimeVideos
thanos would loved alie
see if that system run on windows, that would not have happened
Ariel Fetters
So ALIE is Skynet?
Alyssia Gibbs
I think this scene was an incredible add to the plot, bc it makes so much sense and it so smoothly merges the different plots and such with the Clans and the Ark and ALIE, all starting with the nuclear ‘fallout’ which for two seasons we were told it was political and then we find out it was the AI we’ve already been introduced to, and the way they do all this is absolutely brilliant, and it’s so powerful this is by far one of my favourite “plot twists”..? I guess you’d call it bc it gives me chills it’s so good
Katrell Freeman
This is the most heart breaking scene I've ever seen in a show well this show
Lemon Fighter
Thats what I love about the 100. You can never predict the storyline
Hans Olo
Commander is the only one with good acting.
jadon bitner
And to think, Becca destroyed the world by creating A.L.I.E.
Darren Bauer
A lie destroys the world...
Past Present future
Perfectly balanced as all things should be.
Arturo Cruz
This is a powerful scene
Jacinthia CW
It took me way too long to realize that the Polaris commander is portrayed by the same actor who portrays Six in Dark Matter.
Eyy eyy
ALIE = wipes out the whole humanity Thanos = wipes out half of the universe
this is one of the nightmare scenarios that I think about with AI, and one of the reasons why AI should be heavily controlled.
the luckless lime
And that's how war. War never changes
Ironically this scenario is less realistic than you can imagine. For example, a large percent of US ICBM sights still operate under 1970s and 1980s technology, most of which are not directly connected to some "Supreme" network that can be remotely hacked/activated, ie these missiles can not be launched by some super hacker, and a lot of the reason they've not been directly integrated into such a network is for that very reason. As it's deemed too dangerous. Most missile sites are still manned by personnel who have to manually launch these weapons.
Lord Telperion
I like how his badge just says "Commander". lol
Ubbe Ragnarsson
Crazy. I have no other way to describe this.
that A.I was not Intelligent
Elisabeth Ochoa
I love how they connected the grounders culture and how it came to be from this
Oh Alie! You silly girl!
Wolf Solo
This is the best scene for people to really be cautious about creating AI.
One of the best scenes. The story of A.L.I.E. is the best part of the series.
when your man don’t treat you right
Its scary how many real robots think the same. They all think there's too many people
King of Kibbeling
2:39 What have I done?
Meir Solomon
I've never seen this show but this clip took my breath away.
Master Of Disguise
2:25 got chills
• iJerro •
Love the new season: season 5!
Prince Numa
who else came back after watching season 6 episode 4
samuel caldwell
What a powerful scene.
Christian Leeperrr
My biggest fear, gives me nightmares.
Joseph Rosario
And this is why you never create Ai, it never works out well
Its not allie... *Its Microsoft XP* *Clippys Revenge*
Skynet strikes again.
Sophia Wilson
So this year 2050AD?
So, Basically the Great War of 2077 from Fallout!
Vergil the legendary dark slayer
They started Judgement Day
Glinkling Smearnops
Risible. Cunts in lab coats pretending scientific research. It always ends badly.
So u that rocket crossed half the earth in 30 seconds
Right now, this couldn't happen. It could've happened in the 70s and 80s. We must never get back into a situation where it could happen again.
The Harbinger
If only Sheriff Carter and Henry were around.
J Thom
I'm still thinkin' that they couldve just unplugged the router and saved all this bother. . .
jhon doe
wow how Erie and beautiful at the same time.....oh i mean Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines that did this exact scene way back in 2003
Carlos Cisneros
On October 23rd, 2077, the bombs fell - oops, - wrong universe. Lol.
Well luckily I live in the Netherlands xD
Louise Prince
Polaris: Nortec Collective / Greatest song on EARTH!
Terence Lee
It was at this time Becca’s kd spread was unmatchable.
Carlos Cisneros
On October 23rd, 2077, the boom fell - oops, - wrong universe. Lol.
Master A Ky
27 ICBM's is a little excessive A.L.I.E.
Vilvl Nyx
Honestly I loved A.L.I.E'S character I wish she stayed longer.. 😓
the guy: wareheads were launched from China, all headed to the US Allie: Open the window.. i may just have killed the entire population but i am not missing that view.
Sandro .J
Soviets would had done that
Angel of Sarcasm
Someone didn't watch Terminator.
Bhuvanesh s.k
My favourite series.... The 100 absolutely love it
Hannah Doll
And to think that was the first apocalypse
Tom Jerry
AI's would be the LAST entity that would want a nuclear apocalypse...... nukes release extremely powerful EMP's which might as well be like radiation for AI's except can reach into bunkers and have 10 times the range ......and emp protections are not good enough to stop nuke-level least not on the hardware capable of operating anything at all. so if nuke apoc happened the AI's would die first.....
This will happen. Smartest idiots will create and release AI
Luís Dias
Season 3 and 5 are so confusing...
The Lone Wanderer
1:39 Those missiles did not come from China. The trajectories would be different. These missiles would've been launched by Russia.
Ace Tycho
Jo! The Sheriff and you weren't teamed up to save the situation. The Sheriff needed her and she needed him they were the best team. :-)
Bob Thenob
so the earth is destroyed by a computer/program and then re-colonised by the survivors? bit of a piss poor computer/program will there be an update?
Saturday Night Rain
This is why we should drop ai all together
Aaron O'Sullivan
as far as i knew nuclear weapons have to be manually launched by designated soldiers in their individual silos?
Hanz Fenzel
footage from stellaris observation post over an atomic age world. better to invade their planet before they create a tomb world
and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Fallout started lol
Eric Krauter
Erica Cerra needs to do a lot more stuff. She's beautiful and talented. I even ignore the fact she's Canadian.
World Peace
And that is why you don’t want to connect an icbm military station to the World Wide Web .....
Clement Payet
Skynet et Alie sont frère et sœur 😊.
Kevin Morris
Started out great smoking 🔥 cast then they systematically ripped off everything from the Walking Dead to Mad Max to Braveheart to Nazi experiments began with a bang ended with an elevator fart embarrassing.
Michael Lee
I am saddened now. I'm am going to have to go look at pictures of cute bunnies...
Alie is one pretty A.I
Sasha Wright
I'll be smoking weed, drinking beer and getting a blow job while watching the fire works
fun facts.....Skynet is a family of military communications satellites, now operated by Astrium Services on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, which provide strategic communication services to the three branches of the British Armed Forces and to NATO forces engaged on coalition tasks. Also, Cyberdyne is a Japanese robotics and technology company most noted for the marketing and distribution of the HAL 5 robotic exoskeleton suit.
Can't say I disagree with Alie about overpopulation. Ngl an apocalypse might actually keep the earth alive for a the next millennia. We are at a tipping point now. Climate change, overpopulation etc... We don't have the resources required to keep 10 billion people sustained for an extended period of time. We're gonna bleed the earth dry. Anything like a zombie apocalypse where radiation doesn't become an issue. (one very similar to the walking dead apocalypse because at least humans could actually survive but it would still reduce population and stop us burning an extreme amount of fossil fuels. A 28 days later style apocalypse on the other hand. Humanity would be fucked in that case. Also, no nuclear style apocalypse as seen in the 100 because frankly though I love the show, the whole premise is bullshit. Humans physically wouldn't survive that many nukes hitting the planet at once. And they definitely would be radiation resistant.) I'm also gonna be honest when I say this. I couldn't give two shits if I died in an apocalypse because at the end of the day the earth is more important than me.
Not a lot of things bring me to tears but that man getting cut off from his daughter right before she dies along with everyone else is heartbreaking
Jacky Ha
More Jo Lupo, yes please
X Wicked
Eat that flat earthers, the Earth is round
Mike S
Like every other show like this the scientists are the ones to blame, they make technology without the thought of its implications
3331CUR4ntSaturnVI E. Javier
"Now the time has come.."
This video call all the country do not make nuclear
Pedro Brambila
So when's the next season coming
Ceresjanin blow
ALIE is Skynet wife
secret de femme
When one person is responsible of the death of 7 billion people
goddamn skynet strike again
Aratekh cryptek gardien des tombe
that how skynet have take the world in terminator
solid snake
Incoming skynet comments
Carlo Villa
if you were toronto manz, you would think this was funny
Ralejones rojon
This scene made me cry because it was so heartbreaking and just so many innocent lives wiped out and just the Guy telling his daughter that he’ll teach her how to ride her bike and then , loses connection meaning, they were killed Depressing
What épisode is this
Ace Tycho
Wow! What a moment!
Maeve Groom
does anyone know what the song in the end is?
Sean Wilson
Wonder if this be our end of the world
what is song pls tell me ?