Cat unveils intense facial expression for the camera

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Check out the look Pepper gives to the camera during a game of peekaboo. Simply hilarious! Source & embed code: /> For licensing, please email [email protected]

mmm ohhh
You can just tell hes a good kitty
Grape Juice
Such a cute face and eyes!
Rupesh Patel
Reminds me of the boy who does the same thing 😂😂
Diana Dobson
So adorable 😻❤
Lex Beltran
Pepper never blinked, cute kitty.😉😉😉👍👍👍
Mary Nichols
What an adorable little face! So expressive. I was scared that he was going to fall out of the window when he leaned out so far out.
What a cutie patudie.
Funny little face!