Russian Cup 2018 - Bikini fitness Overall

Russian Cup 2018 - Bikini fitness Overall. The best bikini Overall competition in the world

Nishkar Thulsie
All of them look beautiful. With love from Russia 👌. Greetings from South Africa
MrSimon Coward
Keyon Patterson
Trump would lose his mind. Lol!. Beautiful 😍
Giannis Tsoukatos
The tallest one is close to perfection in my eyes!
all are absolutely stunning.....
Warmonger HM
Да ладно как их вообще можно сравнивать. Все красивые.
Татьяна К
Какие красивые фигурки. Точеные. Это же не бодибилдеры, чтобы их мужиками называть. Плохие комментарии от зависти что ли?
Ian Harding
At only 5.6 I just love tall women. They are all stunning
but the beautiful one is the short with the Red Swimsuit.
DJ Ned Roy
not 1 is natral lol
Maggie Lopes
They put a lot of dedication on fitness contrast to all they are beautiful !
Joe Garcia
Yaahaa😃😃😃 ,these babes have just cured me of E D 😃😃😃
pierre mollans
C'est décidé, je pars vivre en Russie..trop bonnes les filles !
Kenneth Davis
These women are absolutely gorgeous!
Angus Timmons
91 she is tiny and gorgeous !Small is more sexy.
Helge Ruffmann
Nice Video, great camera angels. All Bikini Competitors in best shape. My personal favorite is No. 627 hands down for her.
good guy
I was waiting for them to go into a full lock step.
Fred Hopkins
Damn look at then arch their back damn make an old man go blind
Blair Stan Sinclair
every one of them is gorgeous]
Mark LeBlanc
I have to admit... In my mind, I have colluded with these Russians and would obstruct any change to that agenda.
apparently when you bodybuild , you lose control of your right arm .... it just flails around loosely
Driving Guy Idaho
The judges probably have to stay seated.
Santana Gaming Cinema
Damn I gotta get me one of these.
They're pretty but they dont do it for me. Especially that hand movement when they pose turns me off.
phill jameson
Blue on the right gets my vote
Benni KDK _
brazil wellnes class.............that is on point.
Thomas Quick
They are all fine as hell
Philip Maclaren Jr.
Damn. I want the big blue one
不知道毛子为什么喜欢这个? 好像在为俄罗斯妓女制造品牌效应!
Pau lo
Does anyone know the name of the winner?
Commander Watchman
Anyone seen Ivan or Nikita?
aartur760 aartur760
Бля,какой ужас. Мир перевернулся,мужики становатся бабами а женщини становатся мужиками.
Артем Дудин
Женоподобные мужики, мужеподобные девки. Что то пошло не так.
Brent Arnold
lol was this contest on a budget?
Women are so perfect. WOW!
Emanuela Ndedela
My God What's that !??
winner´s name?
Zobseph dimartino
Dès beautés ces femmes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Now I love white russian...
John Thom
Neither beautiful or sexy.
chris miller
9:13 MOMMY
No matter what country they are in , it's the same girls
James Ralph
Oh ya...
Warmonger HM
Ed Belle
I'd like to have some Russian collusion with these hot babes
Зарина Садуакасова
Бляя то ли баба то ли транс😨😨😨😨😨😨пздц это разве женщины?Страшные ужассс!!!!!
Фирюза Ильясова
Жопа не пойму у них не круглая а квадратная что ли
Final 4
All them dark women! lol
Rochendrawati .rochendra wati
Masya Allah , kasihan wanita wanita ini,kirain bukan orang, beruntung kita sebagai umat muslim , wanita dijunjung tinggi derajatnya.
coco lili
أين أنتم يا عرب
נטליה גוליווטה
Они не только бикини показывают а ещё и мышцы А почему они такие загарелые
Analyn Bonita
Scary girls.
رقيه رقيه
الحمدالله. على. نعمت. المسلمين. اوالمسلمات
Ryan Wallace
I dont have enough money for one of those..... Sad 😔......
Кора Куз
olga *
от натуральной красоты ничего не осталось) когда едишь во Францию наслаждение смотреть на женщин))
Rihad Ehmedov
Bu nedr geyim tapmadiniz
Anyone know if there is a Muslim equivalent for these shows ?
uzbek kiliplar olami
3 Shukra
Really I want to marry sexy Russian girls
RPG 808
These Russian women make the American women look like dogs..and I am from the U.S. Awesome physiques, symmetry, discipline and posing. #779 in the royal blue is killer hot! NO TATS that make women look like tramps.
Verónica Alfonso Escobar
Cuarto d hombre
بنت البصره
استغفر الله واتوب اليه من هذه
Bright Wilson
too ugly to appear in public
jorge leopoldo monserrat
La rubia alta esta preciosa
Ricardo Torres
Parece un remate de ganado que rusos uecos
Ian Anthony
What's with all the vana white hand movement
The Baddest
What is it you find attractive as I think they are all very ugly lol
Sean Tran
696 👍🏼
Monise Saintilnord
Waw comment les femmes peuvent avoir des grosses muscles je ne crois pas
Verónica Alfonso Escobar
Cuerpo d hombre
Verónica Alfonso Escobar
Nada femenina parecen trasvesti
Fatos 92
Evelin Shapiama tuytuy
Nose cm llegue aca.
Laura Nigrone
Ayan Farhan
What is deies
max Zago
Dio porco
Timi Kärkkäinen
Need to test them in bed first before final decision
American Patriot
Need more close ups! Dang it! 🤪
Khadija Khadija
Mona Romy
Doomsday Survivalist
That's the one I picked!! So TALL!
Robert Thompson
I can't take these contests seriously. More like a stripper contest than a a form of ' bodybuilding '....
Саид Ходжиев
После выставки в Госдуму посасать у депутатов
Brent Arnold
627 and 633 !
Vaio San
What is this? they paint them brown?
Clay Viarnes Punsi
birei dann
Oh perfect body
burymedeep 2093
I want Russian collusion!
Александр Александр
...Страшно,аж жуть!))
Алексей Якушин
Куры ваши дохлые! Накормите их,а то смотреть больно!
Silvia Aromando
Diosa!!! 👏👏
Veerabrammam Chari
Ад пустым не останется 👎
Trump and his golden shower fantasy....
Aiko Adbi
Сергей Попов
Не за что взгляду зацепиться,трансы какие-то
wade bordelon