Wagner - Der Ring Des Nibelungen: Siegfried [Act I/II; Boulez] - English Subs

Conductor: Pierre Boulez Siegfried: Manfred Jung Mime: Heinz Zednik Brünnhilde: Gwyneth Jones Wanderer (Wotan): Donald McIntyre Alberich: Hermann Becht Fafner: Fritz Hübner Erda: Ortrun Wenkel Waldvogel: Norma Sharp Der Ring des Nibelungen: 2. Tag Festspielhaus Bayreuth Filmed in 1980 Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele

RIP Manfred Jung † 14 April 2017 (He played Siegfried here)
Daniela Bisenius
Best Mime I have ever seen. And I've seen many.
who knew Larry David did opera ? (Mime)
This production isn't what Wagner intended, although it clearly relates to the underlying message, but at least it looks good compared to more recent productions which seem to go out of their way to be ugly.
Fan Tomas
Donald McIntyre is supeer
Anna Costello Wisniewski
I guess steampunk Wagner makes sense...takes a little getting used to...music is glorious
Miranda Healy
Heinz Zednik's Mime is fantastic Such spot-on character acting And that playful vocal from 1:09:25!
Graham Philip
Wotan is listed in the Scandinavian royal genealogies along with Noah, who is the oldest known ancestor of Wotan and Sceaf. He is variously know as Wooten, Woden and Wotan. His line continues down to the Royal families of the Germanic (British , Scandinavian)nations today. Who knows who dreamed up these Ring legends though...?
null 0
Im Sächsischen Bayreuth (Chemnitz) läuft ab Ende September auch Siegfried, falls es jemand interessiert.
Pinkerton kurt
Schöne Inszenierung.
Wanderer, why no hat?
1:54:45 :D
Emperor Caligula
The part with Mime and Wotan has always been my favourite. ^^
Javier Manchon
Me encanta Heinz Zednik como MiMe
George Baily
It's such a weirdly short sword prop
Matthew Stull
"your hardness yields to my hammer"
Allan Godoy
Act II 1:17:00
מוסקט מנדלסון
27:52 sounds a bit like die maistersingers, no?
Luiz H.M.
Genious... but they shoud have hidden the man moving the dragon.
Delta Conway
the horn call is at 1:56:00
Derek Rawlins
Heinz Zednik is fantastic as Mime, but what happened to Helmut Pampuch, who was Mime in Das Rheingold? In Das Rheingold, Zednik was Loge.....   I'm confused.
Ivan Campos Mamede de Carvalho
1:16:07 WTF?
Derek Rawlins
Nice production, with superb conducting by Boulez. The English translation leaves a lot to be desired, however. What is a guerdon? (32:28)
Johann Sebastian Bach
Wonderful work, yet it could have been excellent if the translation did not just convey the general meaning of the passages, but rather translated what is being sung on the spot.
Radio Bayreuth
Jiři Šafařík
The best part is the horn call 1:56:56
Laurent Lapinte Lestang
Mime is too stiff. 28:14 "Now I sit here / nun sitz ich da" (he is not sitting)
Fernando Cullen
Qué ópera!!. De las que hace afición al maestro Wagner y el reparto es extraordinario.
Fernando Cullen
I prefer Zednik as Loge. As Mime is too nice voice for such a nasty character. Anyway he's awesome.
1:54:30 Jazzy Siegfried
Teomondo Scrofalo
Act II 1:17:09
Jamal Morelli
For as hypercritical and acid-tongued as Boulez used to be, I'm surprised he allowed himself to be part of a production that would have a Pyramus-style-sword-under-the-armpit-'die,die,die' bit... "Now, am I dead"
ageless prajna
thank you very much for the upload, particularly enjoying Mime, (Heinz Zednik); excellent singing and character portrayal
Norbert Hofmann
thank you for this upload yuri
did Fafner use the Tarnhelm to turn into the dragon? just to protect the gold or is there another reason-?
john smith
1:17 Act II
Dionysus Fury
" lets make all the characters and setting extremely ugly,lets piss on the composer's work" - pure evil
well siegfried here is played by rene kollo, not manfred jung... apart from that, thanks for the upload :)
reminds me of Die Woodys - Fichtl Lied