Krampus - Rebirth

Band: Krampus Song: Rebirth Album: Survival Of The Fittest Genre: Modern Melodic Folk Metal Country: Italy Year: 2012 Website: />Facebook: /> Album review in Hungarian and English: /> Lyrics: Uncertain sparklings the circle of life In blood , from pain, to light striving to born the time of a breath , the fighting restart to stand for the first time Illusions to be protected From now on your own Survive. To kill or be killed in the name of nothing No reasons just istinct itself Earning every instant you achieve This Death has no one to blame No place left beside the first Struggling to survive Merciless game bonded on its rules It's a challenge without winners it's just death and rebirth No wrongs no envy Nor good nor evil belongs to this world balanced in the justice of the weak against the strong Kneel at the majesty of earth terrifying sublime accept your triviality You're just a part not the core... If you like it, support the band! This is for promotional purposes only. DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their rightful owners. The credit is theirs alone. I do not own any of the music. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended!

Très sympathique en effet ! Grazie ragazzi !
Zanna Infested
good good, it's like fucking with all that other bands create in like over 20 years of folk metal, good bitchie deathcore voices
Nikki Tsingeli
great work guys,keep it up!
Estelle Coibion
You can't compare Eluveitie to this, it's a real good group but nothing compare to Eluveitie !
Lux Bellator
Absolutely incredible band! \m/
It's like Eluveitie + Horned Almighty's vocalist...
epic song *.*
Björn Wellnitz
Youre the new Eluveitie!
Marco Scaringella
il mio ritornello dei Krampus preferito ^^
Tamas Egyed
TheThinkingAtheist christmas podcast brought me here!