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Thanks to an awe-inspiring effort that stopped a nation and shook the world, Joseph Schooling won Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold in Rio. Once outliers, these trailblazing Olympians have broken barriers to forge new realities in their sport: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

"I don't wanna be the richest man on the cemetary" Legendary
JoJo - FNM
You could say phelps got schooled
Akshay Dhargave
"You don't have to be a lawyer, a doctor or a successful businessman; there's success outside of those medium". More parents and people need to realise that.
maria franco
"Not every parent can afford this kind of thing. I sacrificed my business. But that's my choice, It was nobody else's choice. I don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery. We only have one son" That broke me. I lost my dad after he fell ill suddenly, almost 8 years ago, and listening to his dad, seeing him record his son's journey, seeing him wearing the longhorn shirt; man it got to me. The unconditional love and support to its fullest extent from his parents, but specially his dad, reminded me of mine. Schooling, you are set for life with those two by your side with whatever you decide to do next, whether it involves swimming or not. You're one lucky young man. Dad, I miss you dearly every single day and will for the rest of my life.
The part about our national anthem being played at the Olympics for the first time. I got goosebumps watching that live on tv, it felt surreal. It's probably the last thing we'd expect to happen before Joseph made history. Thank you Joe! Good luck for Tokyo 2020!
Carin Chow
Me: I'm gonna win the Olymics one day *eats potatoe chips*
Chloe Whittington
Michael Phelps is such a legend I love him and I love Joseph’s dedication
Critical Thinker
Winning an Olympic gold medal is great. Repeating the same feat again 4 years later will be brilliant. However, the odds are stacked highly against him. To me, it’s not the gold medal that made him truly famous. He will be renowned for the only person who defeated Michael Phelps in his last Olympics
As a Singaporean, I can remember very clearly the morning Joseph Schooling took the podium at the Olympics finals. My whole family was up, all my neighbours were up, and when he came in first, I could hear everyone around me cheering. It was such a surreal moment for the country and I have never felt more proud to be Singaporean than when I heard our national anthem being played for the first time in history. May more children be inspired by Joseph Schooling and may this be the start of something special in this tiny nation!
Meanwhile our government are only interested in investing in those ping pong tiongs.
a proud singaporean here! i still remember that time when literally EVERYONE in the country stopped to watch him on the tv. i was in a competition during that time though, and after that my teammates were all crowding around my teacher and she was showing us that he had won gold. ah the memories! :)
Henry Zhang
I met this man at the airport after the NCAA champs last week. Took a pic with me even though he was with a friend. Truly an inspiration for me. In a few years, CNN and NBC are going to have the picture of us alongside me on the podium. I will not fail you schooling!
High King Mala II
I remember seeing a news notification pre-race from the local news company on my phone, encourage people to support him. Funny enough, 3 minutes later, I saw another notification, stating that he won, totally not expecting that. Maybe it was perhaps he won my home country’s first gold medal, but this moment really helped me escape the depression I was suffering at the time. Even though I am not Singaporean myself and practice a whole different sport, Schooling still is a pretty big inspiration for me and for that moment in the Rio Olympics, I’d just like to say thanks Schooling for being such a inspirational guy, for just one small moment that changed a country! ❤️
i don't know why, but i cried watching this... this is so inspiring
Azeez Olanlokun
What an inspiration!!!
Gohar Hassan Dar
Amazing inspirational story and video put together!
I am a Filipino that's been to this tiny country called Singapore, and as a fellow Southeast Asian, I'm proud of this guy, too..To achieved this kind of athleticism, and beating the greatest swimmer ever (Michael Phelps) is way beyond amazing, it's just unimaginable ! Good luck on your goals in Tokyo 2020, Joe ! Go smoke them all !
I love his parents! they are so cute and love their son so so much. I cried
Louie Salvador
He's gonna beat the World Record in 2020. Mark this comment.
Girish Altekar
We will be Schooling’s fan after watching this.
Kimberly Anne
What great parents who let their son set his own goals. They stood behind him and his dreams happened. They must be beyond proud.
Daksh Singhal
I was a lot into swimming as a kid but as an Indian we know sports, except cricket has no future.. My parents were very supportive at all times and never forced me to take any decision.. some of the things Schooling's parents said to him my dad has said to me. Being just a tad bit younger than him, I guess it's your choices, your determination and your hard work that gets you places. Now I will be a doctor in another year, so not bad.. To be someone people look up to, give inspiration to the next generation, you gotta strive for excellence.. People don't give swimming it's due credit idk why maybe it's not endorsed by big brands or it's not covered throughout the year.. but any one who knows about competitive swimming knows the amount of dedication it requires, and I'm not saying this just like that.. I know what hard work means.. I took a career in medicine so you can count on it lol.. When I first saw this race it gave me goosebumps and the way he celebrated was awesome.. I googled about him and this video made me write some things about myself too.. but it's all about him! U know, you can never enjoy the destination if u haven't been through the process.. it takes time but eventually u'll get there! Just, DON'T GIVE UP! All the best to everyone in their lives! God bless Singapore :D
Athena adamidis
it's sounds pretty good but i like Michael's personality legend ✊
Mary Antonio
wow, what a way to win gold. Not only the first of the nation, but he did it by beating the most successful Olympian of all time.
Brandon Vasser
What a legend, and he has really great parents.
as a Singaporean, I feel so incredibly proud
It’s too bad that he flopped at 2018 NCAAs.
Cherry lily_11
As a Singaporean I’m so proud of Joseph schooling’s gold win, but honestly after the Olympics he became so much more arrogant. Well considering how much media coverage he has been given, it’s not surprising how cocky he became.
Ishaan Lalvani
And then theres Dressel
G Force
The whole Singapore are proud to have you. Thanks for your dedicated performance and effort!!! make history agan in the 2020 olympics!!!
Srivatsan Jumbunathan
Proud to be a Singaporean!
Nil Dave
It was Phelps mistake that was Joseph's advantage. Anyway, Joseph deserves the medal.
Hesther Ong
all the goosebumps felt when the national anthem was played for the first time...couldn't control it. it's when your heart is so full of pride for Schooling, for his achievements, his dedication, for this tiny island nation, where finally, finally, changes are made to the sporting scene, it feels like my heart would burst. what a time to be alive.
Sarah Veronese
im looking forward to 2020 olympics now!!!
Richardson Sorokhaibam
Truly inspiring & amazing !!
Owen Luo
10:06. Look in the stands.
Shandy Leng
The whole country was so SHOOKETH I got chills when the National anthem played
Handsome Thura
To god be the glory, the best is yet to be, ACS!
Dodi Tm :X
_Красавчик, вообще просто класс!!!_ *Молодцом Скулинг!*
khoo chee peng
Pradana Maghribi
The real "never stop until your idol become your rival"
I’m happy for JOSEPH but I’m so happy that South Africa came 2nd because I’m from South Africa 🇿🇦
Connor Little
“He’s nowhere near as fast as he can go” *OH OK*
A Guy Named Josh
Man, Joseph schooling has to be one of the legends of singapore, i am proud of my nation
liza wilder
What an amazing race! Schooling with gold and Phelps, le clos, AND cseh with silver? Legends!!
Sid Hart
I am and Indian.But still,am proud to hear that an Asian had beaten the greatest swimmer of all time(Phelps). P.S.I know that he had won it two years ago and I'm late to have known that.
Izza Diamond
I got so mad when I didn’t beat any of my pbs in the biggest event at state, I got 3 second over my pb.. I felt like I gave up and I wasn’t trying in training until I watched this and I started push and engrourage my self to be better and I did in a race night I got 4 seconds better than my old pb which was 32
Gavin Spenks
Oh I remember this race because of the three way tie for silver.
All respect to Schooling for beating that field so soundly, but Phelps, Cseh and Le Clos all TYING still strikes me as the single most unlikely coincidence I've ever seen at the Olympics.
Kevin leed
I love his dad
Kelvin Fong
I cried when they played the Singapore national anthem on the day he won the gold medal in Rio.
diego paul
It's incredible how new Olympic Champion swimmers were inspired from others olympíc champions in the past
I'm not crying, you are!
This is my favourite video of all time right now!
Ang Guat Juan
'dont like to lose '- that is what a kiasu Singaporean would say , love from Malaysia
Looking forward to seeing you getting many more medals in the 2020 Olympics, Schooling!
Somehow this makes me feel even more sad for Lee Chong Wei and Malaysia's absence of a Gold...
cheer edwy
Truly inspiring in such a young age😍😍👁️
He is obviously a dedicated and devoted athlete but this was not Phelps best race and theres the clear age difference. I am glad he can enjoy this fame and inspire a nation, BUT its probably short lived because Dressel's era has begun
Brittney Ratcliffe
I remember seeing him in the newspaper back in Singapore years ago, that day I hope he would do something amazing for Singapore. Even though I only lived there for 12 years I will still support any of my fellow Singaporeans. Good luck for 2020!!!
Pritish Nandi
Felt like m watching a Movie..Such Powerfull words...Surely it ll work like a motivational Boost.. Truly inspiring.
That One Toucan
Fix that rowing technique for the love of God, made me cringe so hard each time
iz zy
*He's a legend*
PomsKy Bubbly
Alexander Claes
Wildlife call convert possible nothing comparison spring case
Joseph is amazing. He is my Idol now. How can he have that determination at the age of 13. My godness.
Wingki Cheng
such an inspirational story. so good to see how much support he got from his country and from the Singaporean government
Chrissy Margo
Beautiful video. What a champ 🏊🏼‍♂️
Mohamed Al-Fadil Bin Mohamed Fuad
I'm a simple guy. I see Singapore, I click like.
ashley lim
I met his parents once in the lift
Oh man, I remember watching this live. A triple silver metal and an amazing gold medal. Got shocked when I watched Joseph but so excited for him afterwards. He has a great future ahead, I hope he competes in Tokyo 2020.
Jowel Marquez
Wow! That was inspiring!!!
Allan Ren
did he just jump in the pool with no cap and goggles?
Grey Wind
9:31 three silvers?? Wow
Michelle Tana
17 yr old on his own podium who won Gold, then there's the other Guys nxt to him 😀
andrew oh
Joseph it is super good that u won an Olympic gold medal but watch out for Caleb Dressel
Nxvc zyrn
admire you so much J.Schooling..
Stephanie Y.
Just saying. If he just went as fast as the silver medalists, there would have been 4 gold medals!! I wonder if they would playing everyones anthem at the same time or they would take turns
Susan Chen
He's so talented, and gosh how can you beat that smile.
gymnatics angels 2
OMG 5:35 where all my fatergos at??
Adinda Holip
I'm literally crying when all supporters screamed because he won the olympic. Wow i love that reaction
How come nobody told him earlier that his goggles and cap didn’t meet regulations?
lord voldemort
His story is so inspirational, it takes a lot to not give up. Legends.
정신력이 강한 선수.
Ahem Caeleb Dressel
Joseph is very, very lucky the Olympics were not one year later.
The Emerald Minecart
Do you know the car park in the video... it is close o my home
Almost God
My respects ... Love from India
Shita Phoenix
As a Thai, You inspire me a lot. Keep doing and get gold medals at Tokyo 2020.
Stormly Man
i gonna take this medal in 2024 you all will see this First man from Kyrgyzstan take this medal
"I don't wanna be the richest man in the cemetery". That's a good quote.
Agbonoga Johnson
I love swimming at first, I got exploited and merchandized for others people interest i had to suspend swimming for studies though age passed by am now back helping younger ones by also training them to be better swimmers
Patricia Batubara
So joseph schooling is basically rin matsuoka..?
dionisius djody
Can’t wait to see Joseph and Dressel at Tokyo 2020
from young country and such small country. it's superb how he won gold medal.
37 Bill
I do believe what Mel Stewart said that he was overtrained at NCAA for now.We’ll see the answer at Asian games
Buckfutter _12
This guy is really gonna dominate in the 100m butterfly.