Hobbyking Turnigy TrackStar 5.5T SCT In Depth Look

An in depth look and disassembly of the HobbyKing Turnigy TrackStar 5.5T SCT (3750kv) Sensored 550 sized brushless motor.

No, unfortunately. I hope to get more RC work done soon, but things have been a bit hectic in my personal life as of late!
Mitchell Cates
very helpful, have you ran it yet?
Cmon run this thingg
Not yet! I'm still building the 2WD LCG Slash that this will go into.
Dave Ridge
have you ran this???
Dave Ridge
Nice video Thanks
FYI: its not a good idea to use the rotor magnet as a tool to pick up heavy metal bits. You could crack the magnet doing that.
Dont really like that the Trackstar 550 comes with a vented motor can and endbells, I had the 550 trinity D3 motor and I hated the lil rocks getting in scoring the rotor. It was always a pain to clean after every race.
Greg Ashcraft
i hope you have better luck with the trackstar motors than i have my 13.5 smoked on the second pack running 2s
Chad Sageser
Great Video! Cheers