Apple Music Special Event 2005-The iPod Nano Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever iPod Nano.

Jon Void
back in those days when small was good...
Without Jobs, Apple is not Apple .
Prashant Borkar
Sill a much better presentation than 2018 event
Why am I hyping for something that got released 14 years ago?
Anupom Ghose
There is no iPod or headphone Jack #2019
Back when Apple was innovative
Samuray Tv
I love how he freely adress the other brands and their products. That is the way it supposed to be.
i like how people are not unnecessarily hooting.
Even though this product is so old, I feel like it's new because of how good Jobs is at selling it.
Jo Vlogz
Mandar Mithe
At that time apple meant revolution. We miss you steve jobs
Carlos Ribeiro
Apple 2005 - we have all these cool features . It’s awesome isn’t it ? Apple 2018- just the same of the last year . We just made it bigger. And bloody expensive.
Coffee Cool
i'm still rock'n the ipod classic 6th gen since 2007
Denis Epshteyn
Whos watching this in 2018?
He was a very brilliant man.
Claude The BOOF
For the price of an iPod nano + $50 I could buy a poco f1 in 2019 that are 10 times more powerful, 40 times larger storage, super bright LED screen + infrared unlock + cameras,can do alot more for just the price of an iPod nano but with an extra cost of $50.
Litun Rath
Why is it keep recomending me after 13 years ? anyone watching this in 2019 ?
Guka Nozadze
3:24 Steve's doing quick math :DD
It's 2017 and this speech still makes me want to buy an iPod Nano
Why’s this in my recommendation?TWELVE YEARS THIS WAS POSTED!
Andrew Beard
in 2019, thanks to streaming services, you can have 35 million songs in your pocket
why is it in my recommendations in 2019??
i like how steve jobs would make everybody very exited about he new product!
I remember seeing these at Walmart when I was younger and I always wanted one.
Chris Veloza
Apple is not the same without Steve Jobs.
When it's charging ipod it automatically burn voltage unstable more than two months validity
This is crazy. What a time to be alive
Wait, ipod mini 1000 songs Ipod nano, 1000 songs May 16,2019 Never been an Apple fan or owner.
Brian G
Ironic I use that pocket for my AirPods in 2018
Andrew Nelson
I had a 2gb black iPod nano, my favorite one of all time! I miss the clicky wheel sound!
nikan gahangiri
can anyone imagine paying 199 for 2gbs of memory space in 2019 :))))
Chance Collins
I've never really like Apple products, but damn, Jobs knew how to introduce, and sell a product.
Don't subscribe please
2019 IPod with no headphone Jack
Michael Pzillas
Missing steve a lot.... todays presentations are way to much cringe
Ren MC
Steve: these are amazing, amazing prices Tim: Customers should pay for our innovation...
hello 2019! like if u r watching it in 2019
Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov
Almost 10 years passed, but that Nano still looks amazing
Makhulu Mapogo
I wish this guy was here to see the IPhone X max
Daniel Arcure
Razr + nano = dream team of the 2000’s
I'm a Samsung fan, but Apple was such a great company with Steve, he cares about their products, about his customers and staff, not about money like modern day Apple. R.I.P. Steve Jobs
1,000 songs! WOW Lmao. Technology is hilarious in retrospect.
Daisuke Sakurai
"Today..." is the word that changed Apple to what it is today... Steve makes everything dramatic and important, it's like watching a show. I miss his presentations :(
Christian Castro
Mr jobs I'm stuck in the year 2018 and they're selling iphones over 1500$ calling it revolutionary and they took out the aux too well a while ago, now they're just ripping people off but some people just don't care if they are.
Jack M
"all our competitors have their eyes set on the ipod" Lmao you literally just cherry picked other companies mp3 designs.
Michael Bing
I miss this guy :/ My wallpaper is more exciting that Tim Cook.
I really miss him so much 😭
such an amazing device, even for 2018
Mr Convincing
I wish they still made the nanos with the clip. I had about 4 and they were amazing for the gym.
ShabbaRanks MF
This thing was one of the best things Apple ever released.
This man makes old tech feel like it's revolutionary even by today's standards.
Bernhard Waldbrunner
On that day, all those MP3 player manufacturers must've started drinking. LOL
Diamond G
Why am I know seeing this on my feed. 12 years later 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jordi van Selm
This video was uploaded on February the 14th 2006. Almost 1 year (minus 1 day) after the launch of YouTube. Imagine people watching this in 2006 with the metallic grey video player..
Anucha Raksathan
iam from 2019
Matthew Blevins
1:50 That intro was soooo smooth lol
Ciro Santilli
1:45 Ever wondered what this pocket is for?
2:38 "It is one of the most amazing products Apple has ever, ever created." So true!! Still got mine around (btw still works if charged) and it still looks modern and beautiful. Honestly this thing is still a good music player today...
Sean Breslin
Jobs died from pc and so will mac. Kek
Anubhab Saha
This guy has such amazing presentation skills
People of ZEN watching this back in the day must've had a bad day.
Great addition to the family. However, my Ipod classic gen 5.5... is where it's at. With the flash memory mod, and upgraded to 1 TB of space. Make me appreciate my ipod even more.
EpicMeme Productions
Some of the best time for technology I still have my original Ipod touch 8GB and it still turns on! I also remember that I have the Moto Razer phone lol
Harsh John
If this person would have been alive. I can imagine the innovations.
Kyu Ho Lee
His speaking skills are really damn good. Also, Steve sounded as if he was showing off his cool product rather than selling/ informing about it. He had pride in the products he was presenting and really knew how to portray it with emotion.
Jonathan Hernandez
My iPhone X holds more than that 😊🤙🏼
JooJoo Flop
Legendary delivery. I hate all things apple. But when Steve Jobs was around could never say apple was not innovative! Miss you Steve wish you was still here to push the boundaries
Apple was so exciting in 2000-2010. How Steve Jobs managed to turn around apple is nothing short of remarkable. I remember there always being such huge excitement, and being amazed the first time I saw things like the ipod, the ipod nano, the macbook air, the iphone, the new gen imacs etc. They were all just such huge improvements from their predecessors... i wish apple was still like this
"coolest phone in the market" - Motorola Razr
Junaid Shaa
Well U obviously haven't been to 2019
Devin Hull
I loved my mini. I remember my friend getting a Nano and me being blown away at how tiny it was. I was using my 160gb classic up until a year ago and now I’m typing this on a 256gb iPhone X. I wish there was still a need for iPods.
Back when apple had universal adaptors.
$199 LMAO ....and this sounds like a Ginzu Knife Commercial hahaha
Sanjith Hegde
i like when youtube recommends me 2006 content.
Francisco Galvan
Those prices with the storage configurations almost make the iPhone X worth it lol I know I know ....this was years ago
Love it. how all the idiots bought this overpriced MP3 player back in the day.
Matteo C
4GB aint enough enough
Че пацаны,2018?Стив навсегда в наших сердцах.
dlroW reverse
Back when apple was really innovative.....sigh
After 13years recommended
*suspense building as Steve Jobs continues his demonstration* "And.. it's so small... it will fit right up your ass" *CROWD CHEERING*
sup betch
Now I look that ipod mini as my AC controller in 2018
to me, the ipod classic is the best player ever.
Haha wow they make it sound soooo extra
jason dads
14 hour battery, not many things can claim that these days
Mack Martin
did you hear about the constipated mathematician? He worked it out with his number 2 pencil
Diganta Barman
when apple used to invent
Abhinav Verma
This is Jennifer Aniston of gadgets. Doesn't age. Still looks incredible!
Hououin Kyouma
Does this come with a headphone jack?
Sam Haugen
Truly a remarkable reveal. I remember saying "wow" out loud when I saw it.
*Shows Jobs iPhone 8Plus* "800% larger, more than 7x the size"
Josh Shuman
What a genius. Steve was the master of the art of surprise. Obviously, the products had to be well-designed, but Steve could have sold me on a lump of coal!
Damn.... That was one hell of a presentation! x3
Mystery J
$249 for that seems so ridiculous now haha
Enrique Lopez
Back in those days when you knew that your battery lasted a long time
Hamza Malik
If the Razr wasn't folded...
Chris Aronson
I miss the age of the mp3 players :(
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Man I remember the days people had to use mp3 players.
Aiman Faiz
He's good but that price like always
Psycho Grey
Casually destroying Zen