SUICIDE SILENCE - You Only Live Once (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album 'The Black Crown', Century Media Records 2011. (Lyrics below) Get it at iTunes - /> Video by Nathan Cox. "You Only Live Once" Lyrics Push your care, push your burdens aside Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind. You only live once so just go fucking nuts! Go! Live life hard Live life hard You only get one shot So shoot! With every breath you take you’re dying With every step we take we’re falling apart If we only had one chance we'd breathe Let’s take the chance right now and scream You only live one life For a very short time So make every second divine Go! Live life hard Live life hard Are you still breathing? It's your heart that’s beating inside That keeps us alive And for the very first time We’re pushing aside to surrender Everything that I see in my eyes Except for the one thing on my mind That I am alive For the very first time! For the first time Pushing worry aside For the first time Pushing worry aside Erase everything inside Erase everything inside Erase everything inside and leave just one thing You only get one shot! You only live once so just go fucking nuts You only live once so just go fucking nuts You only live once, go fucking nuts You only live once so just go fucking nuts Live life hard Live life hard Live life hard Live life hard

Hit like if you're listening in 2019
Uncle charlie
This song makes me want to put my waffles in the toaster on setting 7
Halál Istene
*Director* How much blood you want in the video? *Suicide silence* Yes
Caleb Bains
Dude gets shot in the knee and neck and still does a solo ...that's metal af🤘
Weebist K
Girls locker room: Ugh, I hate gym class! Boys locker room:
Sam Sam
This song makes we wanna arrest the police
jesse Martinez
Every time i listen to this song I make sure my neighbors do too😂
Carlos Reynaldo Hidalgo Rodriguez
1:51 tun tun tururun tun tururun tun lml....
gangsta Loc
R.I.P Mitch 🤘🏻⚡🔥😭😭
This is what it would sound like if call of duty zombies made music
Nischal Chhetri
Huge respect for suicide silence and especially Mitch Lee Luker.This is the band that took over a long part of my life..After the death of Mitch Suicide silence was never the same.we miss you mitch and your screams RIP 1Like=1Rip
Himanshu Sundli
They have more blood in their bodies than anime characters.
Despise Shadow
If you're new, the singer (Mitch) was actually very kind. I know he looks very rude and mean. But trust me he's kind.(watch his interview).Rip mitch :(
This makes me want to hear confessions from priests
Everytime i listen to heavy metal, i shake my head slowly, people think i'm listening music to relax, when they ask me to listen, they can listen the beautiful metal scream ;=;
Владислав Кудрявцев
Just imagine, how much songs and albums like this would be created. How much live performances would they make, if Mitch just had call a taxi instead of driving drunk. Guys, dont ever drive drunk. 2019 In Metal We Trust
Depression and suicidal thoughts CURED!!!!
Justin Estabrook
In class and frantically typed in scream metal cause people were doing baby shark, so thanks for the save😂
2019 aqui... vim pelo grupo do watszap
Asian Arian
This is the go to song for me and my friends teenage emo phase
Shdjdjs Skdj
Showed this to my fish... He’s a sea lion now
Race Champion 29 Harrison Chandler
I showed this to my friend. He's now on death row.
Mathilda Sancan
No se ingles pero me encanto 💚👌xd :v
Gacha Toasty
When your teacher gives you a math test
raven doi kaine
My whole neighborhood looks at me weird bc i played this lound asf
Catherine Nguyen
This song makes me want to pull the door when it says push
Nobody can scream like Mitch Luker RIP my dude.
little.miss. dumb.ass.
Holy mother of Lucifer I love this band 😩😍😍😍😍
Matthew Ramroop
Guys... I typed in screamo and this is the first thing that came up
Jesse Clevinger
I’m gonna play this at my funeral ⚰️
Jungkook Jeon
Girl: pssh yolo Me:
Coca Cola
When you love Pop and R and B Musics and you suddenly listen to heavy metal. Im scared😂😂
Comediology كوميديولوجي
Played this at my daughters baby shower
Send this to the euro song festival. You will have my vote
dzul ilmi ashlah
2018 still listening this song?
ayush atey
When u come out from examination hall after giving the exam!!!😂😂
Ethan Garcia
I didn't know Roman Reigns played the drums
These people who's doing shooting range must be HipHop Ghettos instead!!! It means Metal doesn't die motherf*ckers💦😝🤘
Where are you,lyrics writing mothafuccas
Exeqted Gaming
If only Mitch lived twice.
Jummo Angu
I really miss u Mitch...💖😭
I used to worship them when i was a teenager. Im 27 now and im just finding out he died.. RIP man. Thanks for comforting me in my darkest days
Renato Silva
Mitch and his brutal vocal Owwww guy you were insane
Autumn Blair
This is the song I play on Saturday mornings to get the family up. They really love their mom!!!!lol
Skull Face
When your mom bring back food but nothing to drink. 0:56
Jes Wil
I'm glad I found this band. But why am I just now finding them?!
the palpable leprosy of pollution
3:13 to be continued
BoomBapKillaz ༄
Did Shaggy like metal?
Davis Villanueva
Is that idubbz with the shotgun?
So far listen to the song almost everyday in math 😂
Omq_Jxde _
He sounds like a demon screaming after they been taken over by God
Hola K ase
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Only one
andyson bogansack
2018 and still missing Mitch 🖤
Off xbeats
Mitch > other guy. Rip legend✊🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻
Goth Babe
Hell yeah 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
carloscraft_ YT
Alv como grita ese bato wey xd
Johnny Vincent
Dear god, give us Mitch Lucker and we will give you as much pop singer as you want.
I believe an engineer placed all of those drum kicks onto a grid.
Songbird Games
I remember why i stopped listening to metal so much, this shit makes me wanna break everything in my house
I am the father
Old ss hit harder than my step dad
Now this is some quality ASMR
He gonna need a cough drop after that.. RICOLLLAAAAAAA
Piercetherocket XD
What if there was an acoustic version of this?
This song still goes hard and im in 2019 who else ?🤘🤘🤘🤘
William Irwin
Rip Earsbuds - 2019
Chasity SeeWalker
Rip. Mitch lucker💚
TheGameDimension YT
Teacher: Why are you behaving like this? Me: 0:00
Mahfud hariadi
I like this music, because can make me enjoying when I confused in my life...
Janice Mendez
I didn’t ever get into this sort of music. But,this is a good emotional outlet.
I like listening to relaxing music before I go to bed. Edit: I’d never imagine I’d get this many likes, Thanks 🤘🏻
Richard Rodriguez
2019 and still here watching Mitch getting shot to pieces 🤘🏻
This is the zombie screams in Bo2
Shannon Rodier
RIP man we miss you
Anthony king
I well always live my life hard thank you mitch for everything
Mau ησғεαя Official
If this had captions for deaf people: [ Intense screaming ]
Philip Slayton
YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT!!!! not me.. I have a mini gun!
Trinity Limelight
My cat enters my room and hears it..... HE'S A LION NOW
Ark Studios
*no captions are available for this video*
Connor Elliott
Justin Berber be like "i cant perform today, I have a cold and I don't want to hurt myself" SUICIDE SILENCE "that's cute kid"
If only the it wasn't the same for Mitch:(
kara Gozlum
Turk varsa + leyin azcik dalga gecelim 😂😂😂🇹🇷
Heathen Wolf
you only live once.... ....til you Drink drive, crash your motorcycle and turn your face and organs into Pate.
Schrader Bräu
Billie Joe Armstrong @ 2:50?
killin J
R.I.P Mitch Luker we miss you and love you❤️
Théo Santos
Melhor música pra despertador 💓
Itsck Krby
When your teacher gives you a 3 hour quiz and you have to wait four other to be done with the essay
Mark Sid
When I hear this I want to turn it on a speaker and put the volume to maximum so everyone can hear it. 🤘🤘
The_realzombie 234
I can't even here what he's saying it sounds like if he's saying AHHHHH AHHH BAAAAA RA RA RAAAAAAAA BAAAA AHHHH!!!
Ashley Rayne
i didn’t know i needed this in my life until now
Рустам Аксяитов
это очень куто заборестая музыка в таком стиле и продалжайте ......
*Wears headphone* What nice peace .
Nguyen Tien Dat
The best album 🤘
Juan Camilo Domingo Lunes
RIP bro... :c
SeAnna Sycopath
I come back to this song every once in a while and it still breaks my heart knowing that Mitch is gone. R.I.P Mitch ❤
.75x speed. It's like my pre-workout is kicking in but was laced with lean.
Joker Ceza
2019 listening 1 name +1×
Essence Weeb Kitty.x3
They sound like zombies from Black ops 2... 😂😂😂🤣🤣👏