SUICIDE SILENCE - You Only Live Once (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album 'The Black Crown', Century Media Records 2011. (Lyrics below) Get it at iTunes - /> Video by Nathan Cox. "You Only Live Once" Lyrics Push your care, push your burdens aside Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind. You only live once so just go fucking nuts! Go! Live life hard Live life hard You only get one shot So shoot! With every breath you take you’re dying With every step we take we’re falling apart If we only had one chance we'd breathe Let’s take the chance right now and scream You only live one life For a very short time So make every second divine Go! Live life hard Live life hard Are you still breathing? It's your heart that’s beating inside That keeps us alive And for the very first time We’re pushing aside to surrender Everything that I see in my eyes Except for the one thing on my mind That I am alive For the very first time! For the first time Pushing worry aside For the first time Pushing worry aside Erase everything inside Erase everything inside Erase everything inside and leave just one thing You only get one shot! You only live once so just go fucking nuts You only live once so just go fucking nuts You only live once, go fucking nuts You only live once so just go fucking nuts Live life hard Live life hard Live life hard Live life hard

Victor Lovero
I'm an Old School Thrasher, my son got me into this. My son died in 2010, at the age of 19. I always listen to Suicide Silence in his memory. Thank you for showing me this band, son. I miss you so much, R.I.P. 🤘
That Headphone Guy
How it feels to chew 5 gum.
I like listening to relaxing music before I go to bed
Anonymous X
This song make me feel to kill someone
Varg Vikernes
+1 if you like this but you are not an emo Edit: i stopped listening to that gay stuff
Jess Freeman
Roses are red, violets are blue, when i listen to this my neighbors do too
Andy Leroy
Too much non-metalheads in this comment section
Who in november 2018?
Music beats X BeLit
So this is jazz?
Fetih Akkaya
When you fail in exam
Uriah A
Wtf am I doing here
The_true _mayhem
6 years today.Rip mitch❤️😭
What my mom sounds like after she counts to 3
Lua Congelante
Nada melhor do que passar o final de semana ouvindo uma boa musica cristã
Sia /
6 years. RIP Mitch
Mike turner
Metal, guns, blood, violence...What's not to like?! Great song/vid!
Nightstar Marine
My best friend (my sister)'s kitten just died. He fell and broke his neck, leaving his sister, my kitten, Darkening Winter, without a brother. Me and my friends are heart broken. He kept fighting for an hour and we couldn't get him to a vet. I feel like this song is what he would tell his sister. RIP Snowy Water. And RIP Mitch, thanks for this song.
Betrayed by the Game
I literally make it a point to put this song on when I'm at the gym, I swear I lift heavier when it's on
mikel arza
better than despacito
Who is here because of LoveLiveServe
komang Angga
Every problem i have , i always listen this song ,its working to me , make me very exidite!
Den Mar
My throat hurts and I wasn't even singing
Dat kyyddmir
This makes me want to paint my face and join the scary side
vamp sadistic girl
I just love this song to death 💀 ❤️
Greta a.k.a Bianca Vixen Holliway
rest in peace Mitch
Tavian Miller
When a smoker decides to make music... This song is up my alley👌
Anyone still blasting this shit in 2018 (RIP mich we all love u)
I love this song's message, really dope song to blast out fucking loud! RIP Mitch Lucker
kareem shehata
Please translate this song if you can
Jay_ Hawk
Happy birthday Mitch...
Dat kyyddmir
So y'all voice ever crack or strept wtf
Joker 678
d sebas maleman.a
This is one of the most powerfull songs ever made
Heroe XCIV
human anti winner winner winner chicken dinner club 😆😆😆
Wolfie BloodFang
Screaming along: raaaaaaaawr
this song help me sleep
La UuNykoRnio :3
Si ago esa voz no vuelvo a ablar en dos meses xdxdxd
No Life
Hallo? Still listen this?
Gracias ahora podre invocar al diablo facil
Можно так же сделать с русским Рэпом?
Thomas O'shaughnessy
I guess the strokes changed their sound
My emo screamo for the day
Razor Radke
today is 6 years of your departure: c without a doubt the best vocalist of all time <3 R.I.P
Braizin 420
Almost 2019 and im still here!
But what kind of "The Strokes" are these???
I can see why LLS didnt put this in the video
Saya orang indonesia. Tapi saya suka music ini...NICEE💖💖👍👍
Radical Taco launcher
I wish mitch did Dante’s ost :(
defaulty boi
If you listen to the beginning he sounds like a damn bo2 zombie 💀
Johnny Vincent
Dear god, give us Mitch Lucker and we will give you as much pop singer as you want.
slamjam metalrasta
The singer of lamb of god brings me here
Romanian thrasher
You it s a good music video if it ends with a priest using a rocket launcher.
Joud Almlki
Rook on
landon Campbell
Loveliveserve anyone??!!
I don't understand why some people here still bashing Mitch. He was a damn awesome dude he just made music because this is what he loved. You hate him because he drove drunk? No offense, a lot of people does that but you people hate only on Mitch. It was stupid to do that but he done what he did because he couldn't really control himself. What if it was your favorite musician? Would you dare to mock his death? Any name calling/criticism on Mitch is really unnecessary. If you are looking for a fight at least go fight someone in person not behind a computer. Because behind a computer you can be tough and all because of anonymity but in person you would literally piss yourself. Really, get the fuck out with your negativity. Have some respect for him, it doesn't matter if he died from driving drunk or anything else, it matters that he gone way very soon.
Josean Thompson
Who came her from lovelisserve.
Simran Jha
2:27 That's me listening to this.
sana g
Lol i put this on so my mom and dad can wake up
Kevin González
Hes die and why?
Final Buster
Me when I’m constipated...
2018. RIP Mitch 😔😔😔
cringe waffle bubbles
Someone peed on the floor ._.
Mau ησғεαя Official
If this had captions for deaf people: [ Intense screaming ]
Archer Kumi
Can we get LYRICS 👍
Football Galaxy
This song helps me to sleep well.Every night... . . . . . . . . kiddin😂
this is amazing!
Katty DnB
2018 and still miss you :/ I think of you every year on your B-day and Halloween :( R.I.P Legend
This song makes me want to take a poop and make my legs fall asleep then tickle my legs
bird hd Mapper
*better than teehee*
Stressed Homie Shiba
Who else got this from live love serve
Jan Rosenthal
had to come back after listening to "subhuman" for dmc v, I miss Mitch...
Şilan Foreign
Pop listeners can't stop metal . Please understand this.
y0u. gAmIng
LGARS 1941
Diego Maza
Puta madre , es igual que escuchar una licuadora :v
Zombies and metal
Azu Sykes Lucker
6 years
Tristan Marx
Is it weird that this song makes me happy?
Twenty øne Piløts
I prefer ukulele screamo
30 K dislikes??? wtf robots
HoldeN Oneal
I’m herring this in a Applebee’s
i really like that song
Free Rap Beats
Top Og
The most relaxing song ever
Exeqted Gaming
If only Mitch lived twice.
Mundo dos Jogos
Br ?
Si Ayam
Clem Sunder
Descansa en paz Mitchel ❤
Shirley Mathies
tf is this
dzul ilmi ashlah
2018 still listening this song?
Rayan Hariri
Happy birthday dear Mitchell... You're missed young man ❤️❤️
kill me kylie
flashbacks to black ops 2 zombies
F.W. Dayday
That little kid was blowing a ak47 😂
killin J
R.I.P Mitch Luker we miss you and love you❤️
Sleepy Pisces
The only time I will ever find the word YOLO acceptable
T3cl4dinh0 N00b
Mitch forever ;(
Rico Hansen
Why does he sound like the bo2 zombies
Dan Angotti
Loveliveserve anyone ???