Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage talk CBS' "Young Sheldon"

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Actor Jim Parsons has brought Sheldon Cooper to life for the past 10 years on "The Big Bang Theory." Now, Parsons is also behind the camera as an executive producer and narrator of a new show called "Young Sheldon," starring Iain Armitage. Parsons and Armitage join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new series. Subscribe to the "CBS This Morning" Channel HERE: />Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: />Watch the latest installment of "Note to Self," only on "CBS This Morning," HERE: />Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: />Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: />Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: />Follow "CBS This Morning" on Google+ HERE: /> Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: /> Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: /> Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! /> --- Delivered by Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.

Lewys Cousins
That smaller kid actually plays an incredible Young Sheldon!! Like seriously he's identical to Jim Parsons lol
He's really articulate for a 10 year old
Haha “I am not that fragile” “I am fragile” But I am not THAT fragile 😂😂
Dank Memez89
Fun fact: the Big Bang theory has been on the air longer than young Sheldon’s actor has been alive
Correcting Jim Parsons on the "Big Sheldon" thing was so Sheldon-ish.
Ava Meyers
Damn the resemblance!
Santiago Mejia
They looks like they are Father and son.
Bella Maschke
I really don't appreciate them constantly cutting Iain off. We teach are kids to be polite and respectful yet adults continue to disrespect kids. That does not teach them. If you want them to act like adults, treat them like one.
Jim Parsons always looks so proud of Ian Armitage. It looks so cute when he smiles at him.
Eli Birch Hardwick
I hate how the interviews keep cutting them off mid sentence I mean I now they are on a schedule and that they have to talk about certain things but it's very annoying. I kinda felt sorry for Ian and Jim
Chloe Foo
"Well my dad is sorta a actor. He was in Hamilton" THIS KID DOESN'T GRASP HOW COOL THAT IS
Gabriel Gonzalez
"I love how you don't refer to yourself as old Sheldon." Sums up this kid's charm in a nutshell.
iain is such a polite child omg
CBA Eduardo
the older sheldon is the best
I want to watch young Raj n Howard or when Raj came to America n met Howard n how they met Leonard n Sheldon.
Christy Christy
I pray Hollywood's pedos don't get their hands on this sweet boy
Morgan Huls
If you cover up Jim's face except his eyebrows and forehead, he kind of looks like Jimmy Fallon.
Dracalia Ray
It's funny how kids try to emulate how the adults around them talk. You can tell that "little Sheldon" is doing this XD. I saw a girl in a toy store once having a very serious dialogue with herself about which toy she should get. The way she was talking was probably similar to how her mom talks to herself about which product she wants to buy.
Mary Tryonis
This little boy fits this part perfectly. He's so cute.
Hector Palacios
I'm not getting what people don't like about this child because I'm not american. But, from my perspective the kid is amazing, talking so openly being 9 years old.
Don't Kill My Vibe
Why call that child if you're going to talk over him and jump to Jim. It's his chance and he is the one acting. Let him get used to interviews since he's gonna be doing that a lot in future. And people calling him annoying should know he is a child, he is young and energetic and really excited. What's wrong with him wanting to talk when it's his show as young Sheldon. I've seen many child actor who are in acting business since such an early age don't tend to have normal lives. Maybe he won't live normal if the show becomes hit and they keep on bringing other seasons. Let him live his life as a child.
Beth Hulme
Seeing sheldons actor not being sheldon is trippy 😂
Emma xoxo
It’s weird to see Jim Parsons acting normal instead of mentally strange........
Bageera Sixtythree
Young Sheldon is a funny show! The talks with Meemaw are priceless!
Frank Janosko
I didn't think I'd like Young Sheldon because Jim Parsons plays that character so well I felt anything less would be a cheap knockoff. However, YS is very well written and cast. Iain is great and the girl who plays his sister is a scream.
The kid nails the character. Good show. I hope they pick it up for a few seasons.
LitStudio Entertainment
*MARK MY WORDS* This kid is gonna be gay
ken cohagen
At first I was uninterested in both shows. To begin with the opening of the Big Bang Theory made me think it was an attempt to make fun of an Autistic person, someone like my son. It turned my stomach. But my best friend assured me it wasn't and even though it's possible that Sheldon might really have a form of autism, the way the show shows how he's grown, from the beginning where he was totally uninterested I. Others to the point where he met Amy, and later Married her, being totally in love and ready to start a real life gave me hope. It gave me hope for my son. Both young Sheldon and Adult Sheldon have had challenges, I see them in my son's life, but in other forms. The common thing is a n encyclopedic knowledge of what they are empassioned with. To see both shows now with that understanding gives me hope for my son's future. Not in the way he will progress, but in the way society will see him. Thank you!
saikrishna atmuri
How are they together? Who invented the time machine
Sofia Pires
People saying the kid is annoying 😒. He's a child. Children get excited easily! And even more in this kind of situations. He's doing an interview with adults. And tbh, if he didn't intervene, he wouldn't talk since the interviewer is mostly focused on Big Sheldon. I get that he's the original Sheldon and he's mature. But if so, they shouldn't have invited the kid. And saying he's annoying.... He's talkative. And that's good. He doesn't have a lot of experience in this, so with the time he'll know how to control himself. But for the time being, let him be.
I love how laurie metcalfe's daughter plays the mum in young sheldon. When I first watched it I was like my god she really looks like the original Mary Cooper. Looking at the cast and who she was I then found out she was her daughter! Great casting!
Johannes Life
Ich mag die Serie ^-^
Parrot027 J
I didn't know that Jim Parsons actually got married, Congratulations!!!
Am I the only seeing Tom Cruise son?
Darth Noòx
Never get rid of a bow tie, bow ties are cool
Jimmy Wood
The rude interviewer who you think is a lady is actually a lizzard. She wants to eat the young boy if only she had a opportunity. Theres underground layers under the CBS studios where these reptiles actually conduct there savage rituals.
Watched all 13 episodes and i want more of Young Sheldon.
Young Reap
Smart kid. Great speaker. I hope he keeps his light. Kinda cringy tho.. Lady in the rude was rude to the lil kid and took shots at him and talked over everyone
What an intelligent kid! And he's completely sweet and precious :) I want to pinch his cheeks :D
Danilo Barreto
Bendito ingles le quitas la diversión a lo que me gusta, incluyendo mis juegos favoritos :(
rajat maheshwari
look how smartly the reporter stopped iain at 4:51
Patricia Bounty
What does he say at 7:42?
Kanika Garal
This is too adorable. Cant handle
Armindo Stinson
Young Sheldon is one of the best comedy serie that I already saw.! The characters are amazing.!
Keep Dancing
Ian armitage: I actually have four Jim parsons: My goodness
clara Z
5:38 love that smile
Booo Ya
But the real question is how are they in the same room? Did Sheldon invent time travel?
Ghaleb Dweikat
big bang theory is older than young sheldon
I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3
Wow, the kid talks like a pro!!!
"He acted in Hamilton" ......... HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!! JUST YOU WAAAAIIIIIITTTTTTT
Chris Arthur
I keep thinking Jim Parsons is Jimmy Fallon.
Devika Raju
Love both the actors. They're both perfect for their roles and Young Sheldon's script is really good!
Armindo Stinson
Wau my Gosh I love this serie the characters are amazing the storyline is amazing a complete masterpiece.!
Roky Fort
''Hey mum that girls pregnant!''
Jake Mendoza
I really like this kid.. i watched every episode of young sheldon..
taran singh
As a Big Bang Theory fan I also want to see Young Penny in Nebraska
Daniel Cargar Mahyar R9B Rolloskolen
Wait, is Jim gay? I’m genuinely curious. As she talked about his proposal, him and another man showed up? What did I miss?
He’s SO ADORABLE I love Sheldons
Ceder Consje
Since the show i haven't missed a single episode. I loveeeeeeee jim and young sheldon... I just loveeeeeeee them
Jim Parson looks so different from regular sheldon
Mallery Williams
Lol, this kid tends to digress like rose nylund on an episode of The Golden Girls... All I can hear is Dorothy zbornak saying, come on Rose, bring it in for a landing! Haha, thus all the adults at the table trying their best to move him along to keep the pace. 😂
Siddiqa Ahmad
"It's a warm summer evening in Greece "😂
Ginger Ninja
i somehow think he is a gene manipulated experiment, so they increased his IQ.. i'm pretty sure those things arent a impossible thing anymore..
Ethan Prescott
Only thing is we never see his sister or brother in Big Bang
Agnimitra Roy
The host in red dress is rude...constantly interrupting the kid.
Lemon Lew
Sonic Generations
Parrot027 J
I adore Iain Armitage's portarayal of young Sheldon, he did a really good job there!
Kayla Mekai
His dad is in Hamilton!
Jen Talks Forever
This kid is amazing!!! I freaking love him.
Spy cam I am watching you
Even in the show they try to shut him up
Dxdelion The Unicorn
Iain is so adult like yet so baby like. HE'S SO CUTE OH MY LIFEEE
There should be a young Amy Like if you agree! 😂❤️
mia mackenzie
Rosemary Williams
lol that kids adorable...hope he's not distroyed by the fame.
Lo Lores
1989 I Was Born. The Show Is A PG Version Of My Life. Thank You Sir Jim Parsons. Greatly Appreciated.
Elena Rubio Diez
I can't take this guy seriously 😂
young leonard would be great idea
Theodore Tekkers
Just watched the first episode. Can't wait for episode 2 lol.
Thank you, Jim and Chuck and all the others, for this surprisingly decent spin-off!!
Sonic Generations
Belin Romero
I love little Shelton the best thing ever
CBA Eduardo
sorry is big sheldon
"Mr. Jim" how sweet <3
Lucas Carvalho
Tomek von Böck
This little Sheldon makes me feel like a little kid. I just a bit younger than him.
Harvey Specter
So annoying hearing him speak 😬
omg, i cant listen to that kid, i hate him
Crypto Pitt Bull
I love this kid! He is going to have a long career! He's not shy, he's so intelligent, he definitely has what it takes to be a great actor! I love watching him. Great show, great idea, I'm definitely a fan! Jim Parson's is wonderful!
Cristy Feral cat Lover!
This cast is horrible!!! Memaw is NOTHING like how she is in her old age. Nor is Sheldons sister. I think its awful!!! Id rather see a young Leonard with his mother growing up!!!
Danielle and Mia Vlogs
kid's already cussin...
GSL Nikerio
He’s also a faget
malika Degaldoruwa
Who else hate Sheldon 😑
The Almighty K
when will they make young Howard. 😂😂
Donatus Orth
Es gibt Ähnlichkeiten zur Kommunikation zwischen Julius Weckauf und Hape Kerkeling
I just saw the pilot and now this.... how did his teeth just go poof straight? :S Pleaaaaseee dont tell me they are putting fake teeth on kids, because they have to be plastic and Hollywood perfect too. -_-
André Henrique de Araújo
Eu só queria uma legenda em português;-;
Albert Li
I can’t believe this kid is only 10 years old. He is like born to be in front of the camera. So articulate and calm and even humorous!
Naomi Anbar
I have one question: Are we going to hear Soft Kitty in Young Sheldon
Vishwas Verma
Is he sipping coffee?? That young man