Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain (Original)

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Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton "Rain" Edit & Lyrics Armada Music written by Armin van Buuren, Benno de Gooij, Cathy Burton, Adrian Broekhuyse & Raz Nitzan for Playground Prod Vocals by Cathy Burton When shadows turn to rain When hiding is your way Unspoken manners Clips of life Will turn your heart around Rain Rain Rain It's in the rain

Hari Anto
2018, and I'm still listening :)
DarkSession van Art
relistening to this after few years. tears in my eyes just like the first time i heard it! thank you for your existence!
Beamer Benz
Never gets old, absolutely love it!
real trance, real armin
Ph.D Dylan
I play this when it rains.
Shujaat Qamar
This is disgustingly good trance. The epitome of trance. I miss the golden years.
Pati Major
3:33 The Best!
Mr Romeo
Funny how such simple words with those vocals just captures the entire song.
Naeemah M
Zachary Frank
I will listen to daily, until the CA drought is lifted.
see my tears by mgk ;)
Juan Francisco Dominguez Payella
masterpiece :)
"Rain" (feat. Cathy Burton) Rain, in the rain Rain, in the rain Rain, in the rain Rain, rain Rain, in the rain Rain, in the rain Rain, in the rain Rain, in the rain Rain, rain In the rain Rain
jesus Cortez
Trance 👌 ♡
Джавид Балабеков
Armin van Buuren SUPER DJ
Cristian Popescu
As a short summary of this song it emphasizes with quantum distilation theory in advance with the arithmetic definivatory math relationship. Reason why it's so amazing.
Shravanti Rao
Pure Trance 🎵🎵
Анелия Кирякова
I love this song <3 < 3 <3
Ekow Ephraim
Love this track!
МузыкА жизни.!, музыка чувств.!, музыкА любви¡
Robin Yael VEVO
listening to it in 2017 <3
M.Ghaith Alsamman
6 people without taste
wouldn´t be surprised if the piano and one of the bass layers was armin´s work and the rest of the song (the whole song practically) was benno as it has rank 1 written all over it, from the perc to the groove to the rank 1 signature leads.
Marco Sulu
This music is life
elchuy lopez
jeremy hobbs
this is a great song, love cathy burton's vocals, her voice.
This is my favourite version! Original and still the best!
israel lozano salas
amazing y beatiful music bella musica ................... (*.^)
miguel nuñez
andate al ctm totorototo
elchuy lopez
fuaaaaarrkkkk !
Electromagnetic Radiation
why this track doesen,t have video its special
Amazing track armin van buuren is always gonna be the king of trance!
alejandra lopez
Mas lo escuchó +++me gusta !!!
Rony J. Fuentes Huerta
Toprak Altunok
2019 still a listening 😁
Tijuana SIX
that shit at 0:21 made gangnam style i swear lol
This + Sail 
K L A I I R E Xoxo
2017 and still listening and loving it 🎧🎼
Nick Buakaew
I played when I drive at night.
sina m
listening to it in 2016 <3
Sam Mee
The Greatness of Britain, by paul van dyke listen to it in the rain
rogelio reyes
IMAGINE!! this álbum will be my favorite for every my life 💛
Luis Briceño
a classic nice!
killer work lets do this.
Kevin Ruiz
Love this song <3
Eva Cuetos
Rain, Sail, Zocalo, Serenity, Shivers, Communication, Burned with desire, Blue Fear. The best of Armin
Azzurra Lannister
4:00 You're welcome.
Adam Stella
one of my favorite song " Rain" love it
3:48 <33
Electromagnetic Radiation
Armin only :))))
Enceladus Media
Got mad chills from this! :-D
Marco Sulu
dont know how many hours/days ive listen to this. still goosebumps when the atmo deactivetes my mind. and opens it again and shakes it....aaaaawesome hymn.
Emi- X
Armin is the best!!!
Jev P
Patricio Carpio Jiménez
beatitu trak
tornike asatiani
Matej Horvat
I prefer cosmic gate version
Lukiewska Ewelina
Kochaaaam, od lat..... ❤❤❤
Anderson Olliveira
sabe quem é ne mano..... Salve Marombada BR !
Höçíñê Márvêl
my dance part start in 3:18 (what an angel voice you got)
love this song!! beautiful all the way through!!! always get chills every time I hear this song!!
muharrem bayindir
Eva McConville
Absolutely love this tune ☺
José Gzz
I'm Still here
Incredible track...listen to this everyday.....
Still a killa tune in 2017!
i did a music vid for this back in 2011 or something, but never posted, and its gone.
Avinash Thomas
Mohamed Ali
Armin Hadzifejzovic
2017 ^______^
Mathy H
Easily the best song on Imagine.
Eve eS
Oleksandr Lukashchuk
2019 and it's still RAIN ❤
Ehika Usifoh
Great song for an evening Jog/ run...
Youri Klijn
Still love this one so much! Great memories, when the rain start falling down on Tomorrowland Mainstage 2008 or 09 <3
The synth sounds very similar to a synth deadmau5 used
Logan 48
Armin Van Buuren is one of my favorite DJs......this is one of the most awesome songs ever I used to blast it when it came out.......
lewis thorpe
I remember this back in day....what a tune, loved it!
Aleckxiyer Van Der Ster
When shadows gonna rain ......when highly mystery
assia kessai
I feel it rain over my whole body wash all the pain away thank you armin
Felipe coñuecar
No puedo de dejar de escucharla viva armin viva chile
Dancing in the rain ...
Kristy Wilkinson
Love it
Suraksha Bura
2018 sqaud?
Yogini D
This track still reigns supreme. 
Lucian Blaga
Listening in 2018!Love it!
Saleem Rishah
my holy track ever
Jose Eduardo Ortega
Tommy Traina
Jani mosa
Tremendas rolas las de Armin Van Buuren😍
iTrance - Love
4:15 💙💚💛💙💚💛
Jay Khan
Is is rain In the ray she says?
Alessio Bertin
mihai ruse
we have an intruder!!! ..a dumb!!!
Dina Contorno
someone tell me all the other remixes of this song? i went to tiesto in san francisco in 2008 kaleidascope tour and we were given a cd before entering. it had this song and a song with the lyrics "when i think of you" I NEED TO FIND IT PLEASE HELP!
assia kessai
Raaaain in the rain let the rain wach away all the pain this is the main idea about raaain
Nirvana Moronta