Joe Bonamassa - "I Know Where I Belong" - from Tour De Force: Live in London - The Borderline

Joe Bonamassa performs "I Know Where I Belong" live at The Borderline in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's The Borderline DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

Greg Diffenthal
The rhythm section is spectacular. Anton Fig is the man.
Cj Mayor
why would anyone dislike this video? this is badass!!!
As fresh today as it was that night. Absolutely killer musicians at the top of their game in a very rare trio performance by Joe and his pals I'm the gent shooting vid in the foreground. The entire show from that vantage point in Joe's face is on my channel and a whole lot more.
this bass player might be the coolest man to ever walk the earth
Lloyd Stowe
THank you Joe Bonamassa for your Hard work and Dedication to bringing us the finest music of all time.. I am amazed at your humble ways and your band is unreal. the keyboard guy is awesome - you entire band is one of the best of ALL time !!!
BASS PLAYER IS Michael Rhodes!
Rhino Adams
4:17 he turned into randy rhoads/ van halen for a second the way he ran those penatonics hella fast
Emanuele Pecchioli
Wow, can't stop listening to this amazing performance: great song, great solo, great musicians!
Pierre Garnier
2:30 i love his drum fill !
Nikki Casavan
"I Know Where I Belong" Oh my baby, It's been a long time comin' yeah yeah, I'm on my back home to you. Oh, This time I stepped up to plate yeah, I didn't mean to do you no harm baby. Situations change yeah yeah, I make amends because I'm strong. All my friend have helped me, I know where I belong. I declare, I've been alone without you too long. If I call will you be there? Oh next time I'll make no mistakes yeah, I won't leave you like I did before baby. Situations change yeah yeah, I make amends because I'm strong. All my friend have helped me, I know where I belong. [Lead Break] Oh baby you, You knew I was long gone, But did you ever once shed a tear? Oh your life is like a prison baby yeah yeah, I never meant to waste your precious time. Situations change yeah yeah, I make amends because I'm strong. All my friend have helped me, I know where I belong.
Just when you thought you heard his best...that song is smokin' Joe!
Where I belong has a Bridge of Sighs vibe Then a Jimi-esque lead. great sound thank you jebus!
Smokin' middle pickup action. Don't hear that everyday!
Alison Sumner
Soo needed my daily fix of Joe.
Who is the drummer…. The guy is killin it!
Thanks for the Bday present, Joe! Downloaded it today, but it was published just two days after my Bday. Awesome! 9/11/69
Love Joe B!!!!!! One of my favorite artists for sure!
Pierre Mercier
8 DEAF people !!!!!!!! Anton is awesome, this trio is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!
NICE to see Joe rockin' a Strat again!
Jimi Hendrix
61 ` Strat and some Marshall Silver Jubilees ...PERFECT Combination !
Alison Sumner
Love this...
Fantastic song "I Know Where I Belong" By Joe Bonamassa JPblues
Martin Howarth
One of the best performances by a trio ever, real music at it's best!!!
Terry Blake
Wow!I found the song"Dust bowl" because I'm cleaning my very dusty home,then I kept listenin to more,and haven't been able to stop.Where the heck have I been??I didn't realize how awesome this guy is!!Big TY for sharing!
Sumkindamon ZVA
from which album?
I get humble again!
Jimmy Landa
Heard he's going back to strats. Naiseeeee.....
daaaaaaaaaaaamn!!  smokin!!
Jürgen Mazerl
Amazing The 4. dimension in music hehehehe He is a great player! Under the Top Ten of the best!
Randall Landfair
====----}I know were I belong Rock On!!!!!!!
I Know Where I Belong!! ☺️
The Lanky Jake
These guys are way too tight...
Keibee Votran
smokyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jam
Should of got Eric back for the borderline gig
Is that the new Fender Super Bassman or 100 T amps and cabinet that the bass player is using in this video? The sound is awesome!
Definitely grooving rhythm section! The recorded sound is also excellent!
Max Cattani
Doug Eason
LOL nah that's not Clint Eastwood... saw someone refer to him as Valdemort too lol ... pretty creepy lookin old guy but he can jam... Joseph you are awesome, just keep whipping this stuff on us like hot sugar.
No 'riggin way was that really the Clint? I almost can't believe it...legend +++, and he grooved pretty hard too....someone please confirm or deny!
Lonny Brooks
Google it the website is live now
Lonny Brooks
Craig Collins Vibrance Guitars he's based in Illinois now and will have a website soon-If you go to Joe's FB Fan page you can see photo's of some of them
Lonny Brooks
The strat has a smaller rounder fretboard radius than les paul style guitars-Most of his guitars these days are custom hand built strat style by a guy from his hometown of Utica NY-His dad also runs a guitar store there-Joe was one of my customers when I worked for Guitar Center
Jenna Rose
More like Satriani
Jim Grant
The greatest blues guitarist in the world after Clapton. You have to remember that Joe is decades younger and that B.B.King and Clapton both describe Joe as the greatest living guitarist.
brandon whitley
this is good, but i just feel like its missing something. if you watch the rockpalast show, the sound is just much more full. much more energy. this seems slightly empty.
Michael Rhodes lays down an awesome bass line on this song!
Laura’s Game Lab
Is it only me who thinks Joe is better on Strat than on Les Paul? He seems more creative and solos are better when he plays on Strat. More dynamic and a bit raw if you know what I mean. In any case - great performance from Joe.
Dylan Farrell
Is that Michael Rhodes on bass?
Johnny Buginface Russell
I'm bias..... I just love this! I don't care what anyone thinks, he rocks!
Laurence Henderson
Pretty sure he WAS talking about the tone? Everyone's going to sound a little like their influences, Joe's said he loves Eric and SRV's of course he's gonna sound a bit like them, but he's definitely got his own style.
yea univibe type of effect
MagieBlues MagieBel
Ray Timms
I guess no likes to see the pedestal we put our idols on rocked by new talent, but music is nothing if not progressive and Joe B, as a talent, with his ever improving band of minstrels is exciting for being that. And I am a drummer! There isn't a year goes by when he doesn't grab my attention.
please make cds of this concerts... please Joe :D
Rikard Øien
This shit gets old. If you think this sounds like SRV you haven't heard much of him The only thing similar to SRV is the guitar tone. Because it is a classic strat tone. The licks and phrasing are FAR from anything Stevie has ever done.
Dat Strat!
Eddie Lovchld
I will definitely be purchasing these without hesitation. I have a Bona-addiction.
Eddie Lovchld
Yeah I know. My comment was not intended to be so negative. I've watched this clip a number of times now to try figure out what I find a bit flat. I think it's the lighting and camera work. (again... comparing to New Day... and Rockpalast DVD's)
Darren Claxton
What a rhythm section!!!!
Hahahahaha!! Awesome!! It's uncanny!
Love the aggressive sound he gets outta that Strat.' Awesome...
John Carder
The one constant with Joe is change. Whatever he is doing in two years will not be what he is doing now. I love when he plays the Gigliotti, and used to play the LectraSlide, but I've realized that he will pick the tool that gives him the sound that he want that night, and you have got to trust his judgement.
John Carder
Where did Carmine Rojas go?
Brett Mullins
Anyone know what size frets Joe uses on his guitars?
Great song Joe ********* it sounds nice ;)) lot of greetings from Universesurfer1 LOVE PEACE & LIGHT to you with many greetings from Germany ॐ NAMASTE
Jesse Millar
You must be joking, look at how much Anton is rocking out! He's having a blast, and Mike is being a groovy cucumber in the corner - looks like their having a blast.
Eddie Lovchld
Love everything Joe puts his hands to but this. ?... Not about the music. No. More about the lighting or the atmosphere or the seeming lack of enthusiasm from the boys... Maybe because I was watching rockpalast just before this. ... But this starts and kinda underwhelming. .. pfffff. Played well, great to listen to, but to watch?
Dragan Jovanovic
with Clint Eastwood on bass guitar :)
sounded like SRV too, but hey man nothing wrong in having influences from awsome musicians
Joe is awsome but that bass player can fucking play!!
He's so grown up seriously top notch, singing is perfect, the cake is right and the icing makes it all 5 star.....What am I talking about :P I always say, don't make the cake pretty till you make the cake taste good.....Joe, get as shwaggy as you like, the playing and art is good.
Peter Bengtsson
Two weeks left, then he will play in Copenhagen!! :-)
marta regina andrade da rosa
The Cantrell Project
Can Eric Johnson have his tone back Joe? lol
Peter Neilson
Nice to see a Strat back in the mix!
Definitely is. A Korg G4, to be precise.
Max Cichon
When are you going to get your narrow ass back to Columbus, GA?
Dynamite, Joe!!! Keep it comin'! g
Outstanding show, Joe. Wish I could have been at all four (but I'm glad I made it to RAH!). Can't wait for the BluRays...
Joe plays with a different attitude on a Strat. Sounds better and plays with more feel.
Id say lesie simulation maybe?
Sounds like a tremolo with a little chorus and overdrive.
Rick Hagedorn
Joe is the man. Clapton used to be the state of the art in blues/rock but Joe overwhelms him with his breathtaking dexterity and raw speed. There's no one on the planet any better. His show "Joe Bonamassa Live at Rockpalast" here on Youtube is unbelievable.
I have been wanting to see a new video of Joe playing a Stratocaster again, but now that I've seen it I want to see him with his Les Pauls. He just doesn't sound right on a Stratocaster.
Bobby Hurst
The man can play anything with strings!
Amazing trio
Jeff Livingston
Nothin' against Tal, but I really dig Joe & Anton together. Nice job by these three cats. Still a great tune.
I can definitely hear some SRV influence....fucking amazing!!!
jason richards
Joe the man
WOW Joe this is bloody BRILLIANT ! YOU'RE JUST GETTING BETTER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait till you visit AUSTRALIA again :)
daniel houde
this man and the band groove ! oh yeah !
Matt Seymour
Great song! Good as usual! Keep rocking Joe!
How cool is that! But Joe and the skull is there .... bizarre.
Indeed it is :)
Deep Zepp
True. And that's a great strat lead sound
Wow, big help, thanks a lot!!! It's just chorus? (I was going to try some rotary simulator thingy or such)
Yes Standard Tuning In Bminor.......Bar top 4 strings at 7th fret hammer 3rd string 9th fret strum and release and hammer 4th string 9th fret and hit top 4 strings 7th fret repeat and add top 2 strings 7th ,9th,7th,8th,7th........with attitude and plenty of chorus !!!!!!
I tried to figure out that main riff but I'm not anywhere close, could somebody please tell me if it's not a standard tuning he's using here?