Tiësto - Adagio For Strings

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Maheer Ahmed
No idiots with phone camera's.
Gaston Berben
Please tiesto , come back to trance !
amcia_ 1801
Omg 2019 any one? 😋😎
Stanislav Vanev
That's when people enjoyed music...Do you see someone with a phone ...RECORDING?
Annie Fim
I got married with this song <3
Ayaz ii
those days were the real ones.. not these days. everybody was there in order to enjoy. not to fuck or to post on facebook etc..
Max payne
June 2007, Ibiza Spain, was when I first heard this song in Pacha night club Rest was History
Gi o
Come back again Tiesto!!
Daniel Loza
anyone else miss the good old trance days??
Medo Brundo
Aliens,Illuminati... whoever give us back our Tiesto
Terrell Jones
The year is 2036: I’m riding my Tron bike blasting this on mars, smoking some dank ass space weed we found in Area 51 when we raided it back in 2019
Diego X
This seems like a concert you will remember your entire life. EPIC
Anton Kryuchkov
Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta, David Vendetta... they have forgotten how to write awesome tracks nowadays?
"-If you ever had a chance to go back in time, where would you go?" Me:
Sharon Mortimer
Who's here 2019?
IamIbtihaaj J
fede Strangio
Leonardo Rivera
for me this if it was true DJ Tiesto
Andrea Martínez Hamilton
Por la música electrónica de tiesto fue qué me volví fan de ése género no hay género qué exprece tanto con sonidos es algo qué no sé dice pero se siente.
ed romand
best time ever 90's boy for ever .. awesome time we all believed. .
Henrique Varino da Silva
This music and this videoclip are the resume of trance for me. No other DJ will can be something like this again! :'(
Zakariae Oulkadi
Dios han pasado casi 13 años dsd que salio esto y bueno sigue poniendome la piel de gallina P.D:Los que han indicado que nos le gusta iros por ahil
3P Company - Skuteczne Zarabianie Online!
2015, a ja wracam do takich klasyków :)
No Need
To all the new fuckbook generation kids, this is what music and dance party is all about!. I can tell you that Tiesto was GOD in his era in Sydney Australia!
Mikail Kutlu
Still in 2019 <3
Artem Pcheliakov
8 лет прошло, а удовольствие как от самого первого прослушивания.
Luca Mino
Forever, the one & only master and king of trance TIESTO
Yathin Panday
This is the best trance track ever made! The End!
Forou 9999
When Instagram didn't exist
alison king
Oh god so love this track, everytime I hear it I get goosebumps and think of my happy place. Woohoo roll another fat one
Ian O Callaghan
never gets old
This is better than some of the others adagio' remixes there are out there.
Tyler Ace
Timeless and superior
It's nice to see a live show without the entire crowd's smart phone screens out. 
Twój stary 04
POLAND LOVE THIS SONG beautiful!!♥♥♥
Quien lo ve en 2018?
slifer 9990
1:30 is the most complex shit i ever heard, just can't wrap my head around it. Love it
Music Lover
Julie Guiliano
I'm cold.... or is it the chills?!
Golden Times ♥
Daniel Torres
Adagio For The Soul! Thank you Tiësto for the awesome music!
Joncleber Sodré
Esse som marcou minha vida. Hoje eu sou livre. Obrigado Tiesto ❤️
Khalid Ibrahim
Tiesto is legends so perfect!!
Nicky Zappone
The Athens Olympics. The Parade of the Athletes. Early 2000's. The full length versions of Adagio. Traffic. Flight 643. All Epic.
Gary Fletcher
49 but still love it! The good time's never change
František Černý
2016 and i still love this <3
Who's listening in March,2016
My team Sunderland has started playing this pre-match this season
Anzony Reyes
2019 🔥
Mati mm
wspomnienia wracają,najwyższe loty!
Petr Korelus
back when tiesto was a god
Angel Eduardo
Best trance ever, tnks tiesto
jr 2607
Not 1 camera phone everyone just making memories of a lifetime I miss those days
This... This is what Tiesto should bring back to the music world. It would be fantastic to see new producers making music like that. Still remember those days. That was what made so many people follow the electronic music until this days.
la mejor cancion de todas de Tiësto :)
I’m 48 years old....I’m fuken loving this 👍
juan david Duarte
Damian Sitkiewicz
Who Listen this in 2017? I f*cking Love this!
sergi 91ing
Tiesto de hacer espectáculos así, terminar haciendo eletro-house qué damier es esa?
Maher Bouidani
Bless Holland or Netherlands or Nederlands that gave birth of someone like you dude, Tiesto :P
Soon: ID - Adagio For Strings 2016 D'X F#@K THE WORLD
Sfixio Italiano
Samuel is Beautiful Classic, and this is strong Energy version....
ערוץ הגיימינג הקדוש נודלס
No longer will you ever like DJ Tiësto legendary
The real Tiësto...
David atkinson
Amazing...Tiesto !!
Fernando Nickel
this is real music, the original trance, man.... the 1990-2008 best trance
Rafa Olmedo Ortiz
l like if quires that pot back to the old school :,)
MatiX Vid
Please old Tiesto come back!!! :(
Med Jerada
hicham loumami لطالما بحث عن هذه الموسيقي
FaZe Lightning 11234
Common Astronaut
Miguel Angel
El mejor de todos los tiempos. TIESTO!
Se me puso la piel de gallina cuando toco este tema en la ultra de bs as... es un himno de la electronica del dios del trance
O Allah create a Light in my Heart
Ones ranking of Trances may change according to their mood but this one i can declare as the best trance or Song with Communication (part 3) at 2nd of Armin V.B. [8:09] 😃
Back when music was great :) Reminds me of Marco V - GODD
Cynthia Denniston
OMG! Love this when I was 18 in a nightclub and then in Kevin and perry 😀😀😀👏👏👏👏👏👏
gemma-louise ridge
Magik music wish it still existed this was Tiësto at his best 🤗❤️❤️❤️
Alejandro Sisco
Listen right now on my kitchen on 2019! Good memories!!
Julia Julka
wracam do tego! pierwszy raz słuchałam tego w wieku 8lat teraz mam 16 i z chęcią słucham tego ✌👌
Bahat Taskiran
Bu videoyu izleyip ağlıyorum.
Jamie Morgan
This probably my favourite tune off all time
Julian john
He is the King of DJ's in my eyes 
This and the pirates of the Caribbean theme song are the perfect examples of classical music mixes that will take you faar beyond your mortal existence.
Felipe Lara
I miss u Tiësto 😭
One word for this song AWESOME
stivi 90
"Tiesto Adagio For Strings blasterjax remix" is pretty better
Rob Raider
Great tune.. Timeless classic.. Still hear it played today in UK..
Daryl O'Connor
My Favourite Dj He Class Brillant Love To Be There in That Place
Naveed Ahmad
Still listening in 2019, love from Mirpur
Rodowity Warszawiak
Legia Warszawa King Europ ☺
Wonder how many died from taking ecstasy that night?
Garett Jensen
1:12 mark...nothing else needs to be said. It never gets old!
João Azinhais
This is a Classic made into another "Classic"!
Sam W
2019 and this is still in my frequent song list
Chip Potatoe
Lmao these people r prob married with kids now. The real dance scene. Sigh.
Lili Petrova
Сега(2019) дори не си правя труда, да видя кво пуска. Къде отиде, кво направи??? Що и ти комерсилка стана?
Was washing the dishes while listening to this... Now the dishes are washing themselves
Edson Flores
After 11 years and I'm still listening to this track, thank Tiesto <3 2018 #br