Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) (medieval cover by Stary Olsa)

iTunes: /> . Stary Olsa performing “Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd for Belarusian TV-show "Legends. Live" on ONT channel. Produced by Mediacube Production. (Minsk, Belarus) /> /> /> /> Subscribe to our channel and watch other covers of legendary songs! ........................................­........................................­...... Стары Ольса исполнили кавер-версию песни “Another Brick in the Wall" для телепередачи "Легенды. Live" на белорусском телеканале ОНТ. Производство Mediacube production (Минск, Беларусь) Подписывайтесь на канал, ставьте лайк, делитесь видео с друзьями! ........................................­........................................­........ "Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave them kids alone All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave us kids alone All in all you're just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Legends Live
Look for great covers in iTunes:
"The peasants are revolting sire! They are singing and it's toxic! Our soldiers are singing along!"
Аранжированная тишина
Я балдею с комментариев. Пара местных и куча иностранных. Только в Беларуси такое бывает - даже будучи показанными по центральному каналу, снискать популярность не у своих, а у иностранцев. От себя могу только в очередной раз выразить восхищение группе Стары Ольса. То, что вы делаете, мало кто делает. А если и делает, то в половину не так хорошо. Спасибо вам за творчество.
such a lost opportunity that they didnt modify the lyrics to medieval times. could go like: "Hey, feudals! Leave my fields alone!"
T. Dolan
From a 58 year old die hard Pink Floyd fan, That was totally awesome. Loved it :)
Maximus Blackmore
You should do Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden
"We don't need no education" thats a double negative, son, and thats a paddlin'
I don't imagine people in medieval times got much of an education anyway...?
Robert Ramos
the singer is the dovahkin?
Dante Silver
"The peasants are revolting, sire!" "They've always been revolting. Now they're angry!"
La Nostromo
Another Brick in the Helms Deep Wall
Paul Sop
This is going to be CRITICAL HIT!
Amazing job.. So very well done!
Сергей Л.
Я думаю, что если бы снимали на фоне замков, то снискали бы большую популярность, в том числе и на Западе.
No gods, no masters!
If they played this song in medieval times, they would most likely end up burning on the stake. ''Blasphemy!! Heretics the lot of them, burn them to the stake! May their corruption be cleansed trough the righteous flames of our lord.''
Now imagine if this fabulous cover was sung in Anglo-Saxon or Middle English
Yulia Fam
Если честно - заслушался... Послушал несколько каверов и заслушался. Обалденно!!! Спасибо за творчество! Круто
Radio "We don't need no education " Moss, " Yes you do. You just used a double negative. " lol Fantastic cover by the way. I love it.
Maximillian Salunek
Is it true they're making an album??
Sweet flute solo breh!
Ab-so-lute-ly BRILLIANT.
As Vol
This is great! I love it!
Сергей Веремеенко
Шыкоўна! Цудоўна!
Litvin Linvinovich
прйшоў час у мінску на супраць раьушы і Езуіцкага (катэдральнага) касцела правесці інквізіцыю у дачыненне да мясцовых ерытыкоў- то жарт поспехаў старыкам з Ольсы чакаем у тур у 1514 року
Keenan Glover
would love to hear them cover some tool or the skyrim soundtrack
Pavel Vorobiov
Сто раз слушал и вот еще раз послушал. Молодцы! Люблю вас.
How could anyone dislike this?!?!
More cowbell!
Virshu Xikuuze
you need to cover rammstein your voice is good for it.
Paul Schultz
Ой, шо творят-то, варнаки! Я думаю, даже сам вредина Роджер Уотерс над 'этим посмеялся бы от души ;-)
Lucas Ferrareze
the sound of silence , pleaseeee!!! you guys are amazing !!!
Alex Feletto
Great, love it.
Just shows you that, if the song is good enough, you can play it in any format. Great stuff!!
Дмитрий Джоголик
Люблю Пинк-Флойд,а теперь люблю еще и Стары Ольса.Спасибо за качественную,и необычную музыку. Вот это живой звук.
Michael Gioan
Brilliant, but not surprising considering Pink Floyd's music is essentially Celtic-style music played with modern instruments, as is rock'n roll music in its generality. Chords and rules of harmony have remained the same for centuries.
nelsival leme do prado
simplesmente fantastico................
whoua ... j'adore !!! yes !!
Artful Ruse Productions
I can't help but imagine the stupor if these guys went back in time and played this for a European crowd.
john kennedy
excellent version, good musicians and singers, if music was that good back in medieval days i wouldn't mind being there....for gigs only tho hahahahahaa
Giuseppe Guida
Complimenti immaginare di suonare i Pink Floyd con strumenti diversi è geniale. Iscrivetevi al mio canale YT e vi troverete nella mia lista:"Musicisti d'ascoltare".
It would be sweet if they could add this to the new Elders Scroll game when it gets made. Bethesda needs to hire this band to create some original music for the game. And they need to include some of their covers if possible.
Michael Baier
jessica bell
Very very nice!!!!!! I want the Armor and the dress
Wolfram 74
Вах. Круто. Мне понравилось. А всю The Wall целиком, интересно, могли бы осилить так? Я бы заслужал.
Как же это нереально круто! Спасибо вам ребята!
Юрка Дранік
Цудоўна як заўсёды!
Marin Neshev
I bet you cannot cover Jethro Tull ... wait ...
Nathaly Seelie
Que buen cover jodeeeeerrr!!!!! Osea que igual hubiera sido de la puta madre un Pink Floyd Medieval! 💪😍
Anglo Saxon
Alejandro Lopez
I gladly would buy their album. Congratulations, guys!
Raymond Edge
Simply amazing.
Aline Espindola Loch
wonderful the sound of you! awesome <3
sabey hliwi
Good Job
Ömer Atasoy
Esteban Solis
Amazing! saludos desde chile
what are those instruments!!!???!!!
Валерий Зайцев
Велизарнае Дзякуй!
Ilicilho Netto
Burning Circle
андрей хмарик
Анатолий Егоров
Только в Белоруссии осталось ... руссия!!!
Nikolay Bugatti
We don't need no execution
Teseu e os Brasileiros
Where's my sword???To the Kingdom!!!!
and thats why are you still a peasant , my son
i dont really like " pink floyd" but this version give a diferent " taste" to the song, to be honest the way it's a pink floyd cover is the only part i don't really like but the "new form" is fun maybe it will be even more fun for me if it was done with a little lesser " bass" type voice.... i think it feel a little too much of a "cover" but it need too feel a little much " a medieval version song", maybe the singer try to make it too much " a tribute" and not less " a stary olsa song"! Understand that it's absolutely not said in an agressive way juste " the way i feel it as a musician ( and a singer even if i'm in a totoly diferent type of music as a singer) so dont take it the wrong way it's only a " feeling" will hopping it can be usefull for the band itself ( because on the homepage they was asking what peoples thing of it even if the song was posted 2 years ago ( and don't think i have anything that i don"t like in " bass type voice" i myself sing as tom waits and joe cocker ( same type of voice)))!
Joe mama
Damn man another great one. Faved
валера циркунов
слушал бы и слушал! БЛАГОДАРСТВУЮ - это обалденно
Wow first time ever heard a trumpet marina sound good.
Andrey Tikhomirov
На выходных вживую слушал ребят. Было круто. Спасибо большое
this sounds more then an army song before war totally different like the pink version hmmm do i like it ??? no idea m8 I like how the instruments vibrating but that ss style singing I don't know homie try the german language that will be awesome hahaha ore send the squire to collect the witcher's favourite mushrooms and make a tee before the show :DDD seriously I don't like the singing homie
Chad Daniel
This is the whitest thing I've ever seen
Marcelo Sebastiao
Muito bom, adorei o solo na flauta.
Hamid Kanan
where i can find the albums, spotify doesn't help
Andy I Kasia Pawelek
to smutne że musicie to grać aby przetrwać,uwielbiam Pink Floyd i Roger Waters,ale wszystko ma swoje miejsce
Aki Aoryuu
Sung by medieval peasants, this song is kind of ironic.
Evergreen Best Music
Very interesting and unusually version. Great !
stonecutter 357
thank you !
Alex Martinoff
Былинно. Самое необычное кавер-исполнение, что я видел.
Nathaniel Nachtigall
Sounds like something Hussites would have sung marching to a battle!
stonecutter 357
Do you even flute solo bro?
If anyone's ever seen Better Off Dead, the dude singing sounds like the guy who commentated the drag races.
awesome! and stunning flute solo!
A Russian soldier Invading Ukraine
Normans leave those brits alone
Ребята Красавы
Saint JP
If music was like this in the 12th-13th century...I definitely would have been a bard.
Nikolas Spark
Litvin annealed!!!
Алексей Александрович
what's the name of that strange flute with a ball in the middle? I've seen it in hystory books!
so much better than Korn's cover of the song.
astounding! and I am most certainly astounded!
I want them to be my schoolteachers in 1300. Bet i would make a good Bard ^^
Don Beto
saludos desde mexico city
Amazing! I like it better than the original, and I like the original a lot!
Blander Alexander Is having a stroke
He sounds like the most manly super hero ever telling the teachers to stop giving children assignments to brought home and finished
malcolm scally
should be a Skyrim mod :)
Renewable Oilcan Rim
recorder chick > david gilmour Sorry, Dave, you're not that good.
Rahul Dhepe
That flute solo.
Well well well...thanks youtube. I tried to look for black metal version of that song but this is way better :)