How It's Made - Hot Dogs

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Ewww this is disgusting.. **Eats hotdog*
icha boy
I will eat a hotdog for every 👍
Austin Burnett
there was a lot of wieners in this video, i don't know how it got past youtube security.
Sarah S.
When this came out, everyone in the comments was like "im not eating hotdogs anymore!" And now their like "this changes nothing, I'm still eating it" lmao
FlyGirl V
"Corn syrup adds a bit of sweetness"...."two shots of vodka"..
Zane 1616
0:33 2040 chicken? 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮'𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙤𝙛 𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚!
Kruel Knight
1:57 When you eat too much Taco Bell
** ellery stewart **
“corn syrup adds a bit of sweetness.” -adds 1000gallons of corn syrup-
Imagine the chaos of How It's Made - Factory Machines
Tripsy Ze Masked Doggy
*my digestive system.exe has stopped working*
Army X Blink
2:30 when my snot comes out in public
Lauren Benkin
i'm happy to be a vegetarian
Army X Blink
I never liked hot dogs even before this
Malik Khaleel
This changes nothing for me.
Drew Smith
This changes nothing. But even if it did I already didn’t like hotdogs
Actually this makes hotdogs even more appealing *mmmmmmmmmmmm*
livy_ Chopstix
"corn syrup adda a dash of sweentening" *adds 2 gallons*
i'm so mad at my parents for letting me eat this..
*Goes and microwaves a hot dog*
Rainy Summer
1:01 - 1:02 well that escalated quickly
1:27 Porn Music 😏
Bill Cipher
So they’re technically made by gross bologna? (¯﹃¯)
Besides judging the hot dogs, is anyone super impressed by this machinery? It's awesome how everything is timed perfectly and human hands barely need to touch the hot dogs from beginning to end. I'm always impressed by the technology on this show. Really shows the power of industrialization.
Ellie Williams
1:57 when I have too much McDonalds
me: looks at thumbnail me: im never eating hotdogs ever again
Unofficially Talented
It has been at least 8 years since I have eaten a hot dog. I will come back to this in case I ever get tempted
And that leaves you with a regular, old plumbus.
cristina virlan
"A dash of corn syrup" *pours syrup for 20 minutes*
Ghiaccio is Triggered
7 years later, and i think the factory is abandoned by now
Ugh! Chicken, pork, other meats, All of this random stuff, Ugh... I ALREADY WANT A HOTDOG RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT!
Lukethe bomb
1:45 My friends: I’ll give you five dollars if you jump in that! Me:
Why is 1:59 the most vile and yet most satisfying thing ever
As fascinating as this video is, the machines are far more fascinating. The engineering behind them is amazing.
Olivia Lane
I'm showing this to my friends that ❤️ hotdogs
Abner Heras
who else was eating a hotdog while watching the process 😂😂
Its mee Angela
Me: *watches* -five minutes later- Me *vomits*
Sophie Schliesser
Im actully on my way to get a chilli dog right now😂
"THIS IS DISGUSTING" -Me in a hotdog suit eating a hotdog
Grateful Meme
I stopped eating hotdogs even before I watched this.
Emily Tressler
Everyone but me: *gross* *throwing up* *bleqq** Me: *this is... Satisfying!*
Crottisch N
1:44 a *dash* of sweetness
jeffery smith
Thank you for showing us how they make those nasty dollar tree hotdogs. 😁
paddy shalloe
I did a record when I ate 23 of them that's how much I love them
halim 2005
Omg i dont know i've watch it how many times cause it's so satisfying
Currently eating frankfurters 😀
It'sjustJulie Duh
I'm still eating Hot Dogs! They’re so good!! 😻🤤
Alice Noel
"for a mouthwatering meal" *flashback to **1:57*
The ChampYT
As long as it comes from an animal I'm good with that
Road To 100 Subscriber Challenge With No Videos
Oh god... Theres alot of wieners here
That's a lot of wieners
Killer Sakes
My lifetime question is answered... *I WILL SHARE THE VIDEO*
Regita Yap
is recording even allowed in factories?
Basya Belarmino
I just ate some last 15 mins. Please pray for me
Field trip: Teacher: now students look at that light brown poop! :D 1:56
TechBlitz テック電撃戦
Corn Syrup Adds A Dash Of Sweetness Adds a Gallon Of It
scared for life
I watch this video every Wednesday so I can stay home from school
This seems weird and disgusting.. *takes a huge bite outta hotdog*
Lily Bug
*grabs trash can* *looks at hotdogs* *looks at trash can* Me: ................ *BARF* 🤮🤢
Aeryn Rayne
I doubt any of these workers will ever eat hot dogs again
Paintocrazy - Art Tutorials
If someone fell into that you'd never know.
King Zayden
Wow, this makes them taste even better
Dana Elona
People so quick to defend the meat industry that is killing them slowly 🤨 the irony...
Crazy _Balla
How it feels to use laxative XD 😂 1:58
WP Tiki
So this is what I eat.... ok
Redtailcatboi 930
*Dog sees someone eating a hot dog* Dog: *CANNIBAL!*
Emily Smith
Ooof....The Thumbnail!
The Gamer Jay
My teacher said its made from "worm" but they cleaned.😑
Cerberus The Savage Dog
Never again Hot dog, never again
This is the scariest horror movie I've seen in a long time
Rory Campbell
Fascinatingly amazing
Vedant kale
Thank you discovery for informing me. Now I am going to make sure I would never eat John Morrell's sausages.
I am relieved that they didn't put liver in those suckers
Who's eating a hotdog while watching this.?
Dwayne Kid
0:22 an inside look of an Instagram model's DMs
Harrison Green
this just changed my whole perspective of hotdogs
Madeline Pierre
I like how at the end they try and sell it to you
"meat batter"
Potato 101
“A dash or corn syrup is added” 1 minute later corn syrup is still being added
Chris Kogos
Traditional hotdogs are made from a mixture of hot and dogs
Juliette Weber
I never liked hot dogs anyway *tries hot dog because of this*
Nicholas Francis
Sending this to my vegetarian friend
Cyril The Demon
Trimmings, eh? Care to specifically cite everything that falls into that vague category.
kai watson
1:56 *WhO wEnT tO tAcO bElL wItHoUt My PeRmIsSiOn?* _it was my dad Mrs._ _how dear he take a dump on the school trip!_ *hE wOrKs HeRe He MaKeS tHe HoTdOgS* _im sorry little jimmy,_ * here’s a golden star*
Thin Soul
I can't bare how earliest comms dont have more than 1k likes like in other vids
Bunker Girl
Is it real dog of pieces
Tbh it’s not even that bad
Blake Louthan
New Challenge Eat a raw hot dog while watching this
Team Gitchagoomie
Corn syrup adds a *dash* of sweetness Adds 10393 gallons
Katherine Phelka
1:36 Omg don't say juice
alma Kirkman
Omg it's so WHILE😱😱
nigel mahabir
After watching this I feel sick
chloe bingham
Proud vegan, this is disgusting
dark_dragon 224228
I will never see hotdogs the same way again
*made by a hot dog*
Weenie hut jrs!?
The fart music in the background as they make it just suits the process so well XD
Kitten` Cloudy
*_eats a hot dog_*
Alex Chavez
Traditional hotdogs are made from a mix of "traditional", "hot", and "dogs". Any Dathings1 fans in the audience tonight?