Getting Felt Up in First Class (Podcast #65) | VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash

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On this week's show... David and Jason talk about OCD, superstitions, and why David can't kill spiders. Also, Jason got felt up in first class, and David is excited that he may be able to travel again, if DACA is restored. Welcome to VIEWS. In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 20-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Thursday!

So basically Jason and lil Kim had a very magical moment, and he is going to leave Trisha for her, then have little mixed black/white and vlogging/rapping babies.
Will Reap
Woww.. I thought I was the only one who did things like the situation with David, and the lake. I thought I was crazy. I wonder what it is that causes that.
Will Reap
I wish they would start recording it, so we could have the visuals.
Of course you don't kill spiders. It's a 50/50 chance that you can turn into Spider-Man if one bites you. Yeah you can also die, but those are odds I'm willing to work with.
By the way, I’M 61 years old and listen to all your podcasts. This one not the best however most of them crack me up. DAVID, I was NOT OK with you destroying Jason’s gift to you. I BET CHA THE PODCAST WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER with the sound effects machine. Just saying!
Rissa Rose
I wish I could just look at spiders and say “hi” and walk away. 😖😖😖
Will Reap
That "Houston Texas baby" line. He misses Liza for sure.
Caitie Wickboldt
Just so everyone knows, although I’ve said it before, this isn’t their channel. Someone else uploads these podcasts onto this channel. It is not the ‘official views podcast channel.’
Farihah khan
I just put this podcast on every time I shower now like it’s become part of my life
Will Reap
I wish David was always this energetic. It felt like the genuine him.
Little Binch
Why does Jason still defend Trisha?
Flo Antonia
Oi I have OCD and had those impulses growing up but it was like "if i don't do this thing i'll die/ my family will die". I'm on meds now tho lmao so we're all good.
al 96
The not killing spiders obviously worked for David. He's rich now.
Bah Si
What David was talking about with the tennis player thing is OCD, an anxiety disorder where you have to do something making it a repetitive behavior which is the compulsion part
I used to do that same OCD thing David was talking about!!! Anyone know what it’s called?
Brandon Ellis
does anyone else notice that David says something a long the lines of "out of a movie" in every podcast? lmao but I enjoyed this weeks podcast even if they didn't
ty dollaz
damn there was a kid in my english class in high school who was a total "other side of the tracks" kinda kid and the one day he was in the back of the class on his phone jacking off in his shorts and all of the sudden he sprayed out onto the floor and smeared it in with his sock. the girl next to him screamed and he got expelled. super weird
LMAO "If I was Spiderman I would tell four of my friends" David that's.... very specific.
Milo z
Honestly I skipped the whole toe nail part in David’s vlog... 🤢
Princess Nugget
Jason did “come into money”... he’s dating Trisha.
Dan Dabrowski
Lol everyone out here thinking they're first
androu bernard
lets ready for trisha outburst
david, please start dating!
Hannah Shenton
holy crap i did that ocd thing he was talking about for like 4 years when i was younger and i didn’t even know it was ocd
Addison Kramlich
Lol what? How did he even recognize Lil Kim?
Josh Zaragoza
I got hard watching this
Bernardita Riffo Olivos
David has mentioned Jason's lack of drying skills like a million times
Lisa Beaumet
I loved this podcast keep telling stories that keeps it interesting and David i hope you dont have a nervous breakdown like a lot of daily vloggers do because of the stress etc. Please start exercising and take care of your mental health. Perhaps yoga? Love you guys and dont assume we are a bunch of kids I am older than Jason!
Julie Heffernan
Jenni Sakakura
OMG DAVID HAD OCD I have OCD I'm so happy that my favorite YouTuber has the same disorder as me!! Woww I feel great right now. I literally have the same issue with that as well. Like if I don't get up now and close my door someone I love could get hurt so like I HAVE to do it. Or if I'm dancing or doing something in dance, if I do a really bad skill, then I have to do it until I'm happy with it or else I'll never ever be able to do it ever again. Or in gymnastics if I fall off the beam or something, same thing. I have to get up even if I hurt myself and do the skill again or else I'll never be able to physically do it ever again. LMAO
Nicole Rogers
I resonate with the ocd thing. I've had something called harm ocd since I was 12, and I also used to get the same thoughts David was talking about like I had to do something or something bad would happen etc.
Anthony Moulton
By watching this I realize I have OCD lol
Kiahna Jara
Dude the osd thing where you tell yourself to do thing that's the same with me I'm glad i know I'm not the only one 😭
Rissa Rose
Worse case scenario you get bit and die!!! Lol let’s be careful David
I normally don't share YouTube videos or podcasts... but this one I definitely shared it...I really liked how u guys did this one.
Bree Aretz
I have been watching the Tesla stock for a while and was wondering about it!
Gabssy Manriquez
I liked it! I’m 31 and i love you guys but I’m not going to a meet and greet is just too much c’man im 31
Shad MadRad
Ugh Jason LIL Kim isn't early 90s...shes more late 90s
Dawn Nyholm
love goulash
I was wondering if he would bring up the tesla stock 😂😂😂
David represents Divorced Dads everywhere. Right down to hanging out with a lot of younger friends because the wife kept the old friends and the whipped husbands are not allowed to hang with single Jason and their wives can’t either cuz they might hit on him. What i wouldn’t give for a babe like Trisha for the trophy wife phase of my life . It would be for me the ultimate F you to the ex. JASON IS LIVIN THE DREAM & he doesn’t even know it.
Fairy Godmother Fairy Godmother
This podcast was hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Moberly
They should video this
Lauren Walker
i loved this tbh super chill super funny
Pj Mcgovern
i am a 60 yr old you tuber and I love your pod cast, come see me i would flip
Vivek Singh
It was a good podcast but I loved the podcast with Davis sex story and the one with the 5 adv 🤣 that was dope. And I am 30 yrs old and I love all of vlog squad ✌🏻My name is Jeff
0riginal H
Brenda Thayer
In reference to your audience age, I’ll be 47 next month, i’m a Christian and LOVE your podcasts and vlogs. 😂
Josh Ainsley!
Yes number uno
Bella Estrella***17
I ♥️Goober Peanut Butter & Jelly too ! 😃🥜🍇🍞😂
M Spears
21:31 Sorry, I couldn’t help but time stamp this random moment... 😹
Aiya Zaya
I have this weird thing where if I wanna make a decision based on yes or no, i would look for a word ( streets names or whatever I see) and count every letter and then based on that make my decision. For example: Target ( T- yes, A-no, R- yes, G-no, E-yes, T- no), so the decision would be No, based on the last count. I know, I am crazy.
It was good David! I’m with Jason, it’s interesting your have that jelly
Cody Leber
dude davids pledge of allegiance
Samantha Ander
I’m not joking I literally have the ocd thing David has not to that big of an extent but like earlier today we went to a shoe store and I put a pair shoes back but like I put the shoes back sloppy and in my head I couldn’t stop thinking that if I don’t fix the shoes I’ll go to hell when I die so I went back to those shoes and put them upright like the way I found them.
Joe Arreola
I’m 31 and you guys are great. It’s extremely entertaining to me. My type of sense of humor. Keep doing a great job. ✌🏻
Addison Kramlich
0:20 David: I'm *_coo_* 😬😬😬 Jesus lol my back almost snapped like a twig from cringing so hard😂
Sherry B
I'm 52 and I listen to your podcasts and I love them! Js
Suede N Gina
Guys this is my favorite pod cast😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Curse Hype
Imagine being on David Dobrik podcast 😂
David with all his “anxiety talk” reminds me of the character Ed Norton in the movie Primal Fear and Richard Gere played the lawyer representing him.
Alexandra Kountz
I have that ocd thing too! I thought I was the only person ever to have my brain tell me I better do something or else.
Shad MadRad
She is very very short she's like 4'10
Daniela DeJesus
I think you have OCD.
Will S
Lmao David did not get the two wild and crazy guys reference at all
Josh Hynes
These need to be longer like an hour or two with video
detrell smith
i dont read enough stuff about jasons improv game
Emily E
Oh my gosh I did the same thing about telling yourself to do something or else such and such would happen. Sometimes I still do it and I’m 23 😂 that’s crazy
Holy crap I had that same kind of weird off thing
Louri Gorman
I'm 45 and listen to all your podcast and i love the vlog squad videos. Just saying bc u we wondering about the age group thang.
junkmoon 》
David tryna say the pledge of allegiance.... LMAOOOOO
Renee Peralta
I'm gonna be 42 and I love all ur videos!!!
Michelle Lee
Better podcast, I liked it, very funny 👍
Laken Jackson
love the realness....i get anxiety attacked guys good :pp
Laken Jackson
i could tell anxiety attack cause i get em...loved it even more. i know when it was done u guys were like phewwwww. dont have to act phony anymore...not in a mean way. im 25 and been drinking...only why im writing right guys good:p insta @mslakenxx love ya both
Cayla Lynett.¿
when david talked about not sharpening a pencil and not doing it he woulden't be a a tennis player, i do those things some times likf i don't do ten jumping jacks i'll be fat in the future.
Name Surname
Loved this lmaoo
Renee Rosiles
Better near the end
Grace Fresco
That ocd thing David talked about freaks me out because I thought I was the only one who did that. And I definitely don’t have ocd so what does that mean?
lion heart
Omg I thought I was the only one with this OCD thing. It’s been controlling my life...
Angel Jara
You take your computer with you while u fly to turn back time lmao 😂 then that way it keeps your edit at the same place without losing it
Jason stop saying tchekoslovakoa, am from africa and i know that it's two different countries tchèque and Slovakia.
lily Sullivan
Wtf I did this too
ty dollaz
was david having a panic attack?
Life Like Marly
Yo come to Canada
Cristina's Endeavors
I literally have that same thing in my head too , I thought it was some kind of ocd . I did the weirdest things like say things or do things . Holy shit ! Lmao
Did he just say that goulash is soup? What
Josh Adams
Ava Scott
sum dragon38
Sana Bulatova
For some reason I enjoy the podcasts less and less... and can't figure out why
Jj Coronet
When i lived in Africa i got disentary , i puked up 16 times in one hour and had really bad diarrhoea, eventually the only thing that comes out is your stomach lining which is fluorescent orange which is so cool
Martha McCarthy
Omg I did that when I was a kid too! “If you don’t take a drink of water right now you’re not going to...” etc
You have a spider problem... I have a cockroach problem. Every time I enter the bathroom I see baby cockroaches, and sometime extremely big ones crawling around my bathtub...
Darci Sebesta
Leading back to the superstitions, black cats/kittens at shelters will not get adopted because people think their bad luck.