(Fresh Reaction to) the Sarah jane adventures season 5 episode 2 "the curse of clyde langer" part 1

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i feel so sorry for clyde... link to where i found the episode - /> this is a personal reaction to a great tv show, i credit the original creators of the show. thanks for understanding....;) my friends channels Destini - />Shianne - />Nami - />Kaya - />audry -

Jayden Yugi
Rani flirting and teasing with Clyde in the museum was adorable. ;)
ZD Cosner
Poor Clyde. Having all his friends turn against him and throw him out of their lives is easily the worst nightmare come true. He doesn't deserve it but this episode gives Daniel Anthony the chance to really shine as an actor. Seeing Sarah Jane snap at him is scary and really sad. Elisabeth Sladen plays the vicious part so well. The actress who plays Dr Madigan (Sara Hougton) is the real life daughter of Don Hougton who wrote some stories for Classic Doctor Who so she's very much part of the Doctor Who family. Also when Sarah Jane mentions that it wouldn't be the first time that aliens had masqueraded as gods, this is a reference to her experiences in a Classic Doctor Who story with the Fourth Doctor (The Pyramid of Mars).
ikr? this episode was so emotionless ;-;
Jayden Yugi
This is one hell of an emotional episode! Clyde is a great character. This was actually one of the three episodes that aired two weeks ago on CBBC as they were celebrating 10 years of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I can't believe it's been it's been 10 years since SJA began. What a great show! Still a huge loss.
Liz was so good at playing the bad guys haha
Fangirl Forever
It's my birthday tomorrow not asking for likes or any thing but only one episode to go 😒😞😟😭