Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani talk world cup 2014 Funny Moments.

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Fábio Pendão
I speak Portuguese and the subtitles are all wrong
ya aa
ahahha wtf the subttles are all manipulated... nani and cristiano just talk shiit and chilling
Jesus Christ Our saviour
Subtitles all wrong, nani and Ronaldo are talking about who's the best player at ping pong and it seems that nani is the man to beat at ping ping in the Portuguese team (:
Im portuguese from portugal and subtitles are all wrong.
Subtitles are wrong 😂😂 i speak portuguese
The subtitles are completely random. lol
Sunny Gurung
nani & c ronaldo. Tough players👏👏👏
Galang Aditya
Prabowo menang !!!
Gonçalo Bota
He who made the subtitles has never listened to one portuguese word in his life
Pascal Venus
Xana bb
Dalton Sawyer
That was a year ago
Hayden Dias
poor zaltan
Oskar Daman
Nani the somalian is a bad influence on ronaldo.