Minder: S09E09 Last Orders At The Winchester

Arthur hires incompetent decorator Heart Attack to do up the Winchester for its twenty-fifth birthday but Heart Attack does more damage than good and the club faces closure until expensive repairs are made. To get the cash Ray organizes a charity football match versus the police but just before kick-off Heart Attack turns up with thousands of pounds stolen from oily rival landlord and professional nark Vic. Surrounded by the police Arthur concocts a plan to plough the money into the Winchester charity auction fund without Sregeant Morley cottoning on.

ivor nappinion
ive got 10 sunbed shops in Manchester :}
Dennis Macfadden
Just brilliant stuff
Joshua Lifetree
Arthur Wanker!
Darren Creighton
Eddie Murphy
Not the same without Waterman. Used to Drink in my local..