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The Price of Honor is an award-winning documentary about the murders of Amina and Sarah Said, teenage sisters from Lewisville, Texas, who were killed in a premeditated “honor killing” in 2008. The film chronicles the lives of the sisters and the path to their eventual murders by their own father, Yaser Said, who fled the crime scene and remains at large. The film reveals new details and uncovers evidence about the case that has never before been made public, including a previous murder committed by Yaser, his abuse of his daughters from a young age, and the ultimate sacrifice of Amina Said, who had a secret plan to protect the love of her life. Her voice, through home video, emails, letters and diary entries, becomes a powerful thread throughout the film depicting the girls’ struggle and makes us reconsider much of what was assumed about this case. Despite the tragedy, viewers learn of an incredible love story that still has life after death. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: /> Follow us on Twitter for more - />Facebook - />Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Espresso Media. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Smart Lips

It’s obvious that the aunt loves the girls more than their own mother
Itza Nails
That poor excuse of a "mother" is a piece of worthless crap. I cant believe she lies and still calls that evil pos a good father
joanna luv4 melanin
The only time this "mother" showed ANY emotion was when she talked about being cheated on
Karla Saucedo
The mother is a lying piece of garbage. She didn't protect her own daughters when she knew what was happening to them. She should get life in jail.
Lidia Hernandez
"He was a good dad" How could she still believe this? good fathers do NOT rape, abuse, and murder their own children...
Mae Foran
Hey if anyone is in the situation of being forced on a plane whether for marriage or anything other. Place a metal spoon or any metal object in your underwear. The TSA will have to bring you into a separate room to search, giving an opportunity away from your abuser where you can safely communicate with officers alone.
Crazy Gemini
I bet the Mom got jealous of her own daughters bc that sick f**k was more sexually attracted to his own children then he was to her. She never should've had children. She doesn't know what a mothers love is. I wanted so bad to jump through my phone and beat the sh** out of her.
mackenzie cathleen
“i wanted her to be my wife, i wanted her to be my queen” i’m sobbing what a gem 😭😭😭
Halfway Horrible
"Yaser was never abusive to his kids. He was only abusive to me. He was a good dad" - HE LITERALLY MURDERED THE KIDS.
The way he was recording the girls in the bed was disturbing, he was definitely doing something to them smh.
Misha Nicholas
She said they were 'daddy girls'? Sick. The mum needs to be investigated .
Edna Adomako
the mom’s face irritates me.
Crazy Gemini
The boyfriends Mom at the end, god💔💔💔💔💔💔She did have a Mothers love. If only she could have experienced it longer. She would've had such a wonderful mother in law and grandma to their babies. Not fair. She had the chance for a good life. Breaks my heart.
Joseph's mom loves amina so much than amina's own mom
Nataša Marhat
a 14 yo married a 28 yo? are we just going to ignore this?
Kim G
Amina and Sarah were so beautiful 😔
Becky G
Every adult in their lives failed them. Every single one!
Luwam Kidane
The way he talk to his daughters on the video makes me really sick 🤕
Christina Rodriguez
Her boyfriend's mother loved her far MORE then her OWN mother; sad story!!
ash mon
The mom is a pig. She even looks like one. She's continues contradicting herself while defending him.
Labek Storm
The wife knows where that killer is.....she is lying, most of what she is saying are all lies. she doesn't look as if she is sad she is lying....she is crazy!
Rachel Pratt
When you think about the age gap between the farther and the mother it was clear he was a pedo from the start
This case needs to resurface and I’m glad it is getting the publicity it deserves. Yaser Said needs to be found!! justice for Amina & Sarah
Lisette V
Umm it's obvious he was zooming in on the girls bums! That mom should be prosecuted!!!
“Honestly I don’t think yaser would abuse his daughters” did u forget that he LITERALLY MURDERED THEM????
There's A Reason Why Sarah Slept With Her Jeans On and In The Same Clip Amina Says "I'm Gonna Erase This After...Then Says This Is Illegal 🤔 She Meant Something By That...And How He Tells the Brother To Take The Blanket Off
Natalia Haider
This still goes on in more often than people think. I'm a Muslim who is married to a Christian, my father is Pakistani but followed the same ideals as Yasser and had actually praised this man for doing what he did to his daughters. My dad used to say to me "if I ever find out you have a boyfriend, the same thing that happened to those girls will happen to you." Luckily I moved out of my father's house unharmed, but my husband and I had to deal with multiple threats from my father's side of the family for over 2 years. I no longer have communication with any of my family, and hope that other women in the same situation gather the strength to get up and leave their abusive homes for the better. Just because they're your parents it doesnt mean that you can always trust them.
Rebecca Carrier
Patricia should be tried as an accessory to double murder. She is just as liable as Yasser. She lied so many times during this. Its just disgusting. To know all of the things that had happened to her daughters and disregard all of it. She should have left him as soon as the sexual abuse was found out. Someone should have taken custody of them after their own mother made them take back the report. She didn't deserve those girls.
Lily Smalls
Patricia is no mother. Not only did she allow the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of her daughter's continue in plain sight but she actually brought them back to that monster. She's sicker than Yasser. She's guiltier than Yasser.
It's been 11 years since these angels were gone.😔💖
Joseph's smile when he talks about when he first met her breaks my heart :(
عَقبيهُ ١٥٢
I am an Egyptian Muslim Arab and proud and Yasser does not represent me 😠💔
Daiana Hernandez
The mother is lying and she was in on it 100%
Donna Danielsen
i felt really uncomfortable when the dad was filming his daughters legs and saying ''very nice'' that was really disturbing
When you see the cemetery that woman had her babies buried in, you see how much she envied and hated them. Sick sick sick woman! They are at peace and were loved by others, though not the ones that brought them into this world.
Itsanniee 78
The mother literally said “honestly I don’t think yasser would abuse his daughters” wtf what a dumb messed up woman
So the dad could marry out side the race but they couldn’t and wow
The High Priestess - Connecting the realms
That mother Patricia is a compulsive liar, she was not under the influence of Said during her interviews and had every opportunity to seek protection if that were the case. She has no emotions whatsoever when speaking of her daughters only of herself. I wouldn't surprise me if she has a touch of Munchausen Syndrome.
Jennifer Moran
And why didn’t the mother go to jail? At least for neglect! ZERO SYMPATHY for that PIG of a woman
Anitha J
They don’t even have bedsheets! This entire case is appalling, I hope Amina and Sarah Rest In Peace finally, beautiful souls lost too soon 😢
Naika Rodjina Mathurin
I am so heartbroken for those kids
Ms.Dimples Aka: Chloe Makinwa
The mother has no real remorse for the two daughters. She was very dumb and is definitely apart of the killing
Anastasia Wilson
The mom should be in jail.
Selena Rodriguez
How tf did the FBI not find this monster????
Eileen Doerson
God bless Joe and his mom that's a real mom @xo
How can two absolute monsters make two beautiful girls?!
my life as logan
Your kids before your man always. This is tragic. Jojo face bless him and his mum. They are broken.
If Yassir hated everything America, why even come then?
the mom knows where he is. abuser's are never ok with losing control and I doubt he's given up on controlling the mom
Shannon Dickens
I have watched this documentary like 5 times and it never gets easier. It is soul crushing. This story has affected me more than any other. The entire said family needs to be held accountable, especially since there is proof most of them has had contact with yaser after the murders. Why tf has he not been caught yet? Patricia needs to be investigated as well. Its so obvious she was involved. Look at all the lies she has told. She contradicts herself in every interview and her stories change every single time. She knew what she was doing by taking the girls back she told her sister they would be killed if they went back and she went ahead and did it. There is proof she had contact with yaser the ENTIRE time her and the girls had "run away". As for the brother his butt needs to stay in Egypt. To condone "honor killings" is sick. Almost as sick as committing the crime. I am so so sorry Amina and Sarah had to go through this and what hapened to them is absolutely heart breaking.
That so- called son/brother was probably having sexual contact with his sisters also. The mom should have been arrested too. She probably was jealous of her own daughters! This was one basket case of a family.
I feel like his plan the whole time was to sell them off to the men back in Egypt. Basically raising them like cattle to be wives. That probably explains why he kept taking videos of them to show them off as “products” to his friends. And him sexually abusing them (which was tragic of course) could’ve been a way of testing them out so the “bitters” could know how functioning they were in that way. I also believed he never took them seriously because he never even took the mom seriously and just saw her as a dumb American, and he just had kids with her so the kids would half white and also potentially be “worth more”. So once they attempted to have their own lives it ruined his whole plan and he had no use for them anymore, and also proof he never valued them as people and just as products, therefore he was cold blooded from the start and had no genuine love for them. Which is why it was probably so easy for him to just kill them. That’s my theory
Kierra E.
the mom deserves to rot in jail just as much as that man. you let this happen right in front of you and then brought them back to that demon.
Kayleigh Smith
Patricia is a compulsive liar! She set those girls up! She handed them to Yaser on a platter! She should be in jail!
Kainat Urooj
The mother of a boy is better than her own mom .
Kym Hughes
The videos the father took are terrifying.
Every adult failed these girls! Nobody did anything. And as for their mother I literally have no words, she needs to be on prison! Bout she’s living life and clearly eating well! She shouldn’t see the light of day, awful awful woman
Crazy mom Happy mom
The mother’s STUPIDITY killed the girls.. she should be incarcerated too
Quiet Nite
I was trying not to cry watching this but when I heard Amina s boyfriend..I could not hold the tears any longer
Chandler Rose Redmond
Anyone notice how the mother cried while talking about him cheating but not when talking about the death of her children?
Donna Bray
And who lets their 16 year old daughter marry someone from the middle east ? 😳
Creflo Dollar
why dont they track the Said bank accounts and find out where they're sending money too. they're funding him wherever he is
Guinevere Byrne
You don’t many people as good as Joseph and his mother. We need more amazing people like that in this world.
Madison Socha
I give major props to the crew on this documentary for not losing their cool on the mother during her interviews!!!!! That’s self-will if I’ve ever seen it
Tajahae J
Watching this made me more and more mad at the mother.. she calls him a good father but he murdered those two girl??? That’s not a good father.. why is she defending him?? She’s a horrible mother.
He married the cow for a green card in the first place.. why stay when the abuse started? Of course it'll be hard to leave when you're pulled in the dark hole already! And why is it that the 911 dispatcher sounded like a blank, dense, imbecile?
Lisa Hil
The mother should have killed the husband . You’re suppose to protect your kids at all cost
Parys West
I truly wonder did anyone really care about Sarah....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Alicia Baella
And the "mother" had the guts to pretend that she was suffering during the funeral? She's the one responsible for her daughters being inside those caskets, if she had been a mother those girls would still be alive today. 😡😡😡
roxy dmnds
damnnnn this story brought me to tears multiple times. smh
Suchitra Das
these two sick people the mother and the father didn't deserve those precious daughters
Chelsie Ward
It's very easy to see that the father sexualizes his daughter even in the videos he takes of her. Who comes in his daughters room in the morning and talks about their bodies. The mother needs to be in jail for life. She kept her daughters in harms way and ultimately got them murdered. I wouldn't doubt it if the brother was raping the sisters too!
Isaiah Johnson
call me crazy but I think the mom was jealous of those girls honestly
1:25:55 - That was the longest most convoluted explanation I've ever heard for someone trying to say "I think I've just come across 2 dead people in a car."
Angela Nava
I watched this over and over😣💔 this guy might of gotten away from from the law but not from God.
grace heart
"Honestly, I don't think Yasir would abuse his daughters." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, bih is you slow, he killed them. Now if he did that I'm pretty sure he sexually abused them as well, kids don't lie about things like that. I know she going to be feeling guilty for the rest of her life, even though she didn't kill her girls herself, she damn sure pushed them the death.
Melon Yemane
I saw more emotion come from everyone else in this film more than their mother
naina billore
So heartbreaking...... She even got her *pink* flowers :'(
Just Jewelz
That damned woman, not a mother, should be in jail!!!
Sue Meira
This mother deserves the death penalty, she’s discussing as much as the father. The boyfriend and he’s mother were more loving to this girl than her own mother. I hope she will pay the price,appalling discussing woman, I have no words, I would do the same to her that she did to her daughters, feed her to a murderer... Sad sad sad
Jennifer Moran
I can’t believe she’s crying when talking about the abuse her abusive husband and not ever for her daughters
Audra Auclair
That mother should be in jail. There were so many people, why did no one call the cops?
Vishnu A Venu
She is so mean, she still wants him but not her daughter!
s .B
My heart melts for Muslim women who lived in a strict family and living in the middle East is disgrace for women😭
Jennifer Moran
Hearing Sarah moaning is so heart breaking
wazzup dock
What a wotherless cow of a mom
I understand what they mean about the reality setting in, at the viewing. My love died almost 10 years ago. For the 2 weeks before the viewing/funeral, I kept making up all these crazy ideas about how everyone was wrong in my head. He was ok somewhere and everything was going to be fine. It was completely irrational of course, bordering on insane but you desperately don’t want it to be true.
It’s almost as if this man is obsessed with his daughters mainly Amina! Seems like everybody cares more about Amina
Asli Celikkol
The mother seems more hurt by him having 6 other affairs than him killing her daughters like wtf
Iuliana T.
This mom shows no emotions while talking about everything....
Rayen Khelifi
Amina's boyfriend showed more emotion than her mother I think that explains everything
Bonita Mi_Amor
It breaks my heart that all of these documentaries are mostly focused on Amina. I wish there was more on Sara, she was the true hero, even when she was dying she had managed to identify her killer. RIP
Rob Mullin
Pres.Trump,round up the Said family in Texas and deport them back to the violent third world crapshoot they came from!!!!
Ntina Zosimidou
This "mother"makes me sick, instead of the girls she should be dead now, she is responsible for everything from the day one!!
MC 1
Yasser is the new Osama!! FBI stop sleeping, go and catch the guy and bring Justice, otherwise they will think they can get away with this even in USA!
cely R
It shocks me how the law hasn’t really done anything on this case. This evil man and his family killed 2 American girls. They have also continued to threaten anybody they feel like threatening. Something is strange about how they have handled this case.
Victoria draycott
So she married him just to get out of poverty ? Sick woman Now she’s got nothing ! She was fortunate to be born in America,where one could have a lot of opportunities.she should have schooled and got a good job and never depend on a rich man
Lulu Williams
Pigs, pigs, pigs, worst than that, killing their own children. Devil!!