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The Price of Honor is an award-winning documentary about the murders of Amina and Sarah Said, teenage sisters from Lewisville, Texas, who were killed in a premeditated “honor killing” in 2008. The film chronicles the lives of the sisters and the path to their eventual murders by their own father, Yaser Said, who fled the crime scene and remains at large. The film reveals new details and uncovers evidence about the case that has never before been made public, including a previous murder committed by Yaser, his abuse of his daughters from a young age, and the ultimate sacrifice of Amina Said, who had a secret plan to protect the love of her life. Her voice, through home video, emails, letters and diary entries, becomes a powerful thread throughout the film depicting the girls’ struggle and makes us reconsider much of what was assumed about this case. Despite the tragedy, viewers learn of an incredible love story that still has life after death. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: /> Follow us on Twitter for more - />Facebook - />Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Espresso Media. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Smart Lips

Christina Rodriguez
Her boyfriend's mother loved her far MORE then her OWN mother; sad story!!
Joseph's smile when he talks about when he first met her breaks my heart :(
Rebecca Carrier
Patricia should be tried as an accessory to double murder. She is just as liable as Yasser. She lied so many times during this. Its just disgusting. To know all of the things that had happened to her daughters and disregard all of it. She should have left him as soon as the sexual abuse was found out. Someone should have taken custody of them after their own mother made them take back the report. She didn't deserve those girls.
Labek Storm
The wife knows where that killer is.....she is lying, most of what she is saying are all lies. she doesn't look as if she is sad she is lying....she is crazy!
“Honestly I don’t think yaser would abuse his daughters” did u forget that he LITERALLY MURDERED THEM????
Kym Hughes
The videos the father took are terrifying.
mackenzie cathleen
“i wanted her to be my wife, i wanted her to be my queen” i’m sobbing what a gem 😭😭😭
It's been 11 years since these angels were gone.😔💖
Asli Celikkol
The mother seems more hurt by him having 6 other affairs than him killing her daughters like wtf
Joseph's mom loves amina so much than amina's own mom
Tajahae J
Watching this made me more and more mad at the mother.. she calls him a good father but he murdered those two girl??? That’s not a good father.. why is she defending him?? She’s a horrible mother.
There's A Reason Why Sarah Slept With Her Jeans On and In The Same Clip Amina Says "I'm Gonna Erase This After...Then Says This Is Illegal 🤔 She Meant Something By That...And How He Tells the Brother To Take The Blanket Off
Ms.Dimples Aka: Chloe Makinwa
The mother has no real remorse for the two daughters. She was very dumb and is definitely apart of the killing
Anitha J
They don’t even have bedsheets! This entire case is appalling, I hope Amina and Sarah Rest In Peace finally, beautiful souls lost too soon 😢
It’s obvious that the aunt loves the girls more than their own mother
Crazy Gemini
The boyfriends Mom at the end, god💔💔💔💔💔💔She did have a Mothers love. If only she could have experienced it longer. She would've had such a wonderful mother in law and grandma to their babies. Not fair. She had the chance for a good life. Breaks my heart.
Suchitra Das
these two sick people the mother and the father didn't deserve those precious daughters
If Yassir hated everything America, why even come then?
Kainat Urooj
The mother of a boy is better than her own mom .
Melon Yemane
I saw more emotion come from everyone else in this film more than their mother
The High Priestess - Connecting the realms
That mother Patricia is a compulsive liar, she was not under the influence of Said during her interviews and had every opportunity to seek protection if that were the case. She has no emotions whatsoever when speaking of her daughters only of herself. I wouldn't surprise me if she has a touch of Munchausen Syndrome.
Brendan Mcbride
I feel like everything the mom said was a complete lie
the mom knows where he is. abuser's are never ok with losing control and I doubt he's given up on controlling the mom
Barbbie Reenay
That 911 call. I can’t imagine how scared that poor girl was, knowing that she was dying. Heartbreaking
Cloud Ink
Not every woman deserve the word mother 😕
Guinevere Byrne
You don’t many people as good as Joseph and his mother. We need more amazing people like that in this world.
Caitlyn Marie
I’m only 28 minutes into this, the parts of footage where their father was videotaping them is very creepy.
Jennifer Moran
Hearing Sarah moaning is so heart breaking
Malou Lopez-Vito
OMG, this dispatcher is not listening...
The mom knows what’s going on, she knows where he’s at, she talks to him, and she knew he was taking the girls to go Kill them. She’s a liar.. she is definitely in on it.
Annoyed90 Uggh
The way he recorded them in bed made me sick. This was horrible what happened to these girls.
Just Jewelz
That damned woman, not a mother, should be in jail!!!
Emily Montalvo
Broke my heart when the boyfriend’s mom cried on Anima’s gravestone and said I love you. Truly has a heart of gold. The mother is a total nightmare who should be arrested for holding back information about her ex husband. You can tell she’s hiding something. You can tell by her body language and what they call microexpressions that you can easily tell. The immediate family makes my blood boil.
I feel like his plan the whole time was to sell them off to the men back in Egypt. Basically raising them like cattle to be wives. That probably explains why he kept taking videos of them to show them off as “products” to his friends. And him sexually abusing them (which was tragic of course) could’ve been a way of testing them out so the “bitters” could know how functioning they were in that way. I also believed he never took them seriously because he never even took the mom seriously and just saw her as a dumb American, and he just had kids with her so the kids would half white and also potentially be “worth more”. So once they attempted to have their own lives it ruined his whole plan and he had no use for them anymore, and also proof he never valued them as people and just as products, therefore he was cold blooded from the start and had no genuine love for them. Which is why it was probably so easy for him to just kill them. That’s my theory
This case needs to resurface and I’m glad it is getting the publicity it deserves. Yaser Said needs to be found!! justice for Amina & Sarah
patricia changes her stories SO MANY TIMES
annel Beausoleil
this woman gave me anxiety through out her whole interview, because i just wanted to choke her out
Rachell Ventura
Amina and her boyfriend would've made a beautiful family
Quiet Nite
I was trying not to cry watching this but when I heard Amina s boyfriend..I could not hold the tears any longer
the boyfriend trurly an angel...
mezpacito 67
Those girls would be 30 and 29 this year. What a waste of precious life. What a life they could have had
Georjean Brown
These girls really floor me with their demeanors. Theyre so very smart and correct and brave.
عَقبيهُ ١٥٢
I am an Egyptian Muslim Arab and proud and Yasser does not represent me 😠💔
He married the cow for a green card in the first place.. why stay when the abuse started? Of course it'll be hard to leave when you're pulled in the dark hole already! And why is it that the 911 dispatcher sounded like a blank, dense, imbecile?
Daiana Hernandez
The mother is lying and she was in on it 100%
My god that cemetery looks awful
Madison Socha
I give major props to the crew on this documentary for not losing their cool on the mother during her interviews!!!!! That’s self-will if I’ve ever seen it
Gabrielle Chanel
This made me cry so much. I came from a home like this, but I left when I was still young and cut all ties with my parents. I had a hard life but life with them was worse. I was beaten every day for the most innocent things. My mom always protected my dad and his actions, while my little brother did whatever he wanted with praise. God rest these angels' beautiful souls. The police department and the "justice system" in general are set up to protect criminals. The mother is also a criminal. Justice will be served by a higher power in the end. Rest in peace angels. xoxo
naina billore
So heartbreaking...... She even got her *pink* flowers :'(
hE wAs A gOoD dAd - ok so explain why he murdered them
Angela Nava
I watched this over and over😣💔 this guy might of gotten away from from the law but not from God.
Lonnie McDonald
why dont they track the Said bank accounts and find out where they're sending money too. they're funding him wherever he is
Ms Angelz
Amina and Sarah I am so sorry this happened to you both 😔😭 I am sorry that your mother did not do what mothers are meant to do and that is to protect you. I am sorry that no one was able to have stopped this happening. Amina and Sarah you are not just a memory ... You have touched so many hearts around the world and I hope one day Justice will be served. May God bless you both 🙏🏼✨🙏🏼
OnlyHere 4theComments
How can the mother just blatantly lie about every single detail?!?!
Leaping Owl
In a way...the mother killed them too. By going back to him.
Vishnu A Venu
She is so mean, she still wants him but not her daughter!
grace heart
"Honestly, I don't think Yasir would abuse his daughters." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, bih is you slow, he killed them. Now if he did that I'm pretty sure he sexually abused them as well, kids don't lie about things like that. I know she going to be feeling guilty for the rest of her life, even though she didn't kill her girls herself, she damn sure pushed them the death.
My heart breaks for Joseph and his Mother. Patricia is evil.
Lolita Corpening
Being born to parents like they had,those beautiful souls never had a chance!Rest in paradise Amina and Sarah💔
Mel C
The mother is just as much to blame for her her daughters deaths. All that denial even with the sexual abuse allegations. She is just as much of a monster.
Native Nfree
POS Yaser makes " moaning" sounds looking at his own daughters behinds or body parts..why is he alive and not Amina & Sarah???😢😢😢
Amelia Shostak
Poor jojo and his family. They were very lucky to find one another, most ppl go their whole lives never knowing the love they had for each other. I hope jojo and his family can one day find peace again.
Behnoush Andrew
Anastasia Wilson
The mom should be in jail.
Reiko Rakin
This should be a movie
Luke Simons
19:33 “i was scared he’d kill my mom and my dad..” What about your own kids!!!!
Lain !
Jojo's mom is a testament to unconditional love. My heart hurts for him, but it's comforting to know he isn't alone and that his mom is there for and loves Amina as if she was her own child. Patricia's family loved those girls more than their own mother, and she should be buried in that awful cemetery 20 feet under, for being complicit in the murders of Sarah and Amina Said. Neither of you will be a memory.
Annabel Grace
Those girls were so beautiful. Their father did not deserve them.
Halfway Horrible
"Yaser was never abusive to his kids. He was only abusive to me. He was a good dad" - HE LITERALLY MURDERED THE KIDS.
Nyea Lott
The auntie and sister are telling the same story while the mom is telling something totally different from evryone else
If Amina and Sarah were capable of hating their mother, they might have had a chance at happiness. Its sad to think like that but its true, they loved their mother and wanted to save her along with themselves, but clearly that woman didn't feel the same about them as they felt about her. Its horrible that because they had such love inside them they had to die. Its just horrible.
Tameika Aaliyah
I pray these 2 beautiful souls are resting together in paradise. There aren't enough words to describe how horrendous this whole situation is. Sending them love and happiness, wherever they are. Amen.
Paige Hollingsworth
Omg the end made me ball my eyes out. The producer of this documentary did such a good job.
Joseph is such a sweetheart i feel so sorry for him, hope he‘ll find his peace
Big Mama Eternal
Joseph’s mom deserves happiness and love. Amina’s real mom is a piece of trash lets be honest.
Adele Madden
Joseph, rest assured your true love waits for you, you will be together again.
Courtie Shay
All the police officers should be fired.
Iuliana T.
This mom shows no emotions while talking about everything....
Misha Nicholas
She said they were 'daddy girls'? Sick. The mum needs to be investigated .
Apeksha P
I hope these girls get their part of justice. Ashamed to see such a disgusting evil person like Yaser still roaming freely !!!
tan annika
Yasser was a paedophile and had definitely conducted family abuse, both on Patricia and her daughters equally. Unfortunately, he had successfully manipulated his wife to the extend of her throwing her daughters to him and his brothers whenever she was away for either an excuse or a good reason… Rest in peace, Amina and Sarah. What a shame for such tragedy like this to ever occur. I have one question to ask, though: ● Was a lie detector invisibly present (to avoid Yasser's caution) during the interview? ● How was there no evidence to the girls' testimonies about their father? Survey can be conducted in a particular community for, such as, the whereabouts of Yasser and his brothers when Patricia wasn't at home with the girls. Having just a gang of Yasser's brothers and himself enclosing on the girls was way too suspicious and perilous that a thorough investigation was to be conducted. Yet it did not happen. Why? A gang of men surrounding 2 girls can be staged as a pack of hyenas waiting to pounce on them at once. Since the girls even made several reports regarding to this outrageous issue, a thorough investigation was all the more necessary. ● Since all the girls' family members were foreigners, particularly from India, was an interpreter in place when the phone call from the victim was heard with foreign verbal abusive language? Perhaps it would've been more effective if all police departments throughout the country have sectors regarding to immigrants' cases. Though I would say no more regarding to internal issues like police workforce scarcity, especially bilingual or multilingual police officers. Well, nevermind about all that, I believe the real cause of the carcasses apart from Yasser was miscommunication within the family. It was very messed up. Hmm… now speaking of the recording videos done by Yasser himself, he seemed not to be compulsive of his obsession with young girls probably because he knew deep down he would be protected by his "slaves" (the girls' maternal family members) all thanks to fear, money, brute strength, and also miscommunication. Nevertheless, may the girls' justice be served, and for them to be in peace eternally.
Rob Mullin
Pres.Trump,round up the Said family in Texas and deport them back to the violent third world crapshoot they came from!!!!
Bonita Mi_Amor
It breaks my heart that all of these documentaries are mostly focused on Amina. I wish there was more on Sara, she was the true hero, even when she was dying she had managed to identify her killer. RIP
Kiran G
The mother is just as guilty as the father
White Dogra
You dont think he'd have abused his daughters????? He murdered them in cold blood...?
zoro rondigger
Can't someone put a bullet in the mothers head
Obayd ubayd
Cultural believes ruin LIFE'S!!
Amy Basney
Omg I'm still watching this poor JoJo and his mom. The dad even looks like an evil pervert. I still hate the girls mom.
Z¡a Qu33n
Those girls were absolutely beautiful... You can tell that guy still deeply loves her... This is heartbreaking... The mother should be charged as an accomplice...
Wolfz Music
why did they have to put so many ads on here
Chloe-Belle's Cottage
And these “Honor” killings are anything but.... cowards!
Heather Rushedge
Why does this sweet young man's voice and mannerisms shout BARRACK OBAMA 😍😍
Missi A
Patricia ("mother") needs to be put in prison!!!! Poor girls <3
Thatsgirl Cece
Monster: “She smiled to the customers” Amina: “Baba she has to it’s part of her job” Monster: “She’s in trouble” I mean are you actually being serious ??
Rachell Ventura
I'm bugging. I feel like I've met Amina before but not in this 3d world.
Jennifer Moran
I can’t believe she’s crying when talking about the abuse her abusive husband and not ever for her daughters
The Cinderellablog
I believe the mother is hiding him , I would def. track her ,she has to go to jail for helping yassar to kill these 2 beautiful souls
Breaks my heart. Such beautiful young ladies. Hope they find that scumbag.
Tania M.
Heartbreaking that the boyfriend's mother loved the girls more than their own mother ever did.