Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 40] NYC Photo Booth Adventures!

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jennifer velastegui
:') Oww Tom! Magical :3
Sherlock Watson Holmes
Tom sieht richtig scheiße aus , die geben wir ab 😂😂😂 iconic haha omg ich liebe die Jungs
i want that pic of all of them
ich liebe euch bill und tom ihr seht sooo zum anbeissen aus... <3 aliens 4 ever!!!
Michele Schub
"tom sieht richtig scheisse aus, die geben wir ab !" ahahhahahahahhaha bill ich liebe dichhh
mina belusshi
У Билла удивительное личико
Emma Von Schafer
kiero ser georg T.T
Athena Alexander
Awwe how cute when Bill runs out :DD <3
I love them :)
Shaynill Madrid
Aww! So cute and funny! There very exited and enjoying the photo booth! I just love these guys! I love TH forever and ever! Thanks God for creating TH!
HAHAHA I love Gustavs laugh at 0:49 x'D <3
maddy grace
Bill: Yes, they are awesome....and Tom looks totally stuped! we'll turn these in - hey guys, these are our shots." !!!!!! xD
I love how Bill is saying all the celebrities names with accents but when he said Tyra Banks hehe wow....I love this boy! His accent is to die for!!!
Renn Morreaux
i love how fast they go through the booth!!
Evelyn Bambarakos
Bill is flippin hot and so cute and sweet :)
Daniella Karlsen
HAHAAAHAHAHAHA GEEEORG! xD I'm in tears xD omg xD you're so fucking funny xD
ahahaa.. TOMMIE was totally protecting his little brother at the start there.. Bill: True, you can't see me since i'm behind them.. Tom: Let's do another strip! Bill: Look at this- no way! *Gustie and Georgie making fun of the epic picture of bill* Tom: come on guys let's go..mtv can pick up the other pics. probably ppl'll think i'm reading too into it.. but haha that was totally wad was speaking out to me from tommie's actions..
man i remember logging in every wednesday night to see the new videos xD i miss those :)
Trishy Lou
aw bill has a boo boo on his hand:/ damn those fans are nuts poor tom they ruined his hoodie lol
Bill looks cute playing with the pillow at 4:18 :)
Kacie M
i love how bill posed
Madison Bunch
Lol, i love how gustav acts so giddy to get in the photo booth and he just sits there; no smile, no anything, just a straight face.... lol ich liebe dich gustav <3
Rebekah J
Lullzz @BilliePiperLuv I havee to agree with you I lovee it xD
LOL 4:17-4:30 I love how Bill is flipping around that pillow xD Haha I loveeeeeeee Billllllll!!!!!!!!!!
Someone drew on my back! :( awww tommmm!!
Yes,they are awesome....and Tom looks totally stupid! Haha aww ;') <3
and Tom looks totally stupid! We'll turn this in!
That's the flash you idiot! LOL! I JUST ADORE TOM!
Linh Do
bill: blah blah tom actually looks stupid xdddd
See I wish I could have been apart of TRL. I mean you have to be famous to get those picture things but I would sneak and find it XD
@semisecrettwihard me 2 xD
love it when bill says hurry hurry.... <3 <3 <3
kadie keller
haha i love it when Bill says "Tom looks really stupid... yeah we're turning these in." lmao
Lulu 4 Presidente Lordo!!Bill sounded hot saying Tyra Banks!0_0
katie loope
dirty thoughts ran through my head when i saw gustav spank georg
Bill: and tom looks totally stupid XD
LePedo Bear
lol i also find it funny how at the end when they all say tokio hotel....all their heads do the same movement at the very end of the video kinda when they thanking us 4 our support
Love how Gustav laughs out loud about the picture of Bill and saying he wants to keep them! 0:48 "HA HA! I have to keep this! I have to keep this!!! & Than Bill when he's saying Tom looks totally stupid walks the other way saying "Hey guys, these are our shots" 2:51
everyone here is nervous. that's why this country sucks! lol
Bekah McCann
pause at 4:38 like this
Bekah McCann
Bill: yes they are awesome....and Tom looks totally stupid! We'll turn these in ;-) haha love u Bill <3 :-P
Notice at 1:59 how Bill ONLY mentions FEMALE artist, no males lol XDDDD love him
Lizzie Echelon
HAHA ! toom !! he makes me laugh ... that's why I love himm ! ♥
katie loope
something tells me about gustav about him smacking georg on the ass
Courtney Roberts
3:36 Spank it Gustav! I love how you actually hear the slap if you listen closely.
bills so obsessed over the pics ahaha "hurry hurry!" and "tom looks totally stupid.. we'll turn these in" ;) i love when tom says: and STUFF LIKE THAT XD he sounded like a hick. haha plus bill playing with the pillow (:
I love it when Gustav smack Georg on the butt, and Georg looked back. @ 3:39 - 3:43.
@VKaty15 i agree he looks sexy.
bill don't afraid you're always look good in photos!
bill looks like a little kid taking pics and did you guys see his totally perfect pose on 1:22-1:27 he looks so cute ;)
Madison Bunch
Lol gustav goes in the booth and just sits there XD
Madison Bunch
@ 0:49 Gustav had a funny laugh XD
Pia Kristiina
"Tom sieht richtig scheiße aus", wie nett von dir Bill ;-) naja Bill sieht immer so super aus, er kann alles sagen xDD
Zhou Mufasa
who is taking these shots...someone needs to destroy them(the shots or the people?)
Stuff like that! --> LOL!! love it! :))
Ella Jones
3:50..xD gustav spank georg..xD
Jennifer Jönsson
Bill: "Tom sieht richtig sheisse aus!" hhahahah<3
Jennifer Jönsson
Tom:"Ofcourse, that's the flash you idiot.." hahhaha they're so funny. love them so much! Bill: "Tom sieht richtig sheisse aus!" hhahahah<3
Jennifer Jönsson
Tom:"Ofcourse, that's the flash you idiot.." hahhaha they're so funny. love them so much!
Angela Santos
how cute is bill hurrying to catch the shot! lol x)
@blueberrypuff33 i know! bills the cutest lol
Tom: '' nd stuff like dattt'' LOL LOVE BILL&TOM <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
@girlishmeluvluv no its german !!
Arifa Azam
excuse me,what languange are they speaking.sounds quite like japanese.
...LMAOF Bill crying over the pixs,
Holy crap wish I'd known
Ellen Engen
looked like shit then.
Ellen Engen
"tom looks so stupid, lets take them" xD
Omfg!! Why did gustav hit georg on the butt ~.- ??
Lmfao..Georg's laugh is soo funny XD
Alice Clara
cara, eu amo vocês *--*
vonette n
haha i love how he says tyra banks lol
i love when thet takes theese pictures and this FUNNY picture of Bill! x)
YulieSunaka s
bill we should take a photo together
Zhou Mufasa
i tottaly understand why Gustav was laughing at bill's picture . he looked spooked
i would like to kidnap them and keep them for myself! they're SO ADORABLE!!!
Then how do u think they sing the fucking songs ! Smart ass.....
If Tom looks stupid and Bill does not, then everything is fine? That's kinda funny. I love Bill, and Tom. Bill can say my name. :D
lol that was so cheeky ... "tom looks totally stupid - we'll turn these in" XDXD
I love how Bill just stiked a pose like he was at a photoshoot XD It was funny seeing them in the photo booth.
Danielle Jacobs
okk bill is a BIT vain but we still love them
Bill sounded super cute when he said "Jessica Biel"
'Melyssa K' Kennedy
Oh, god, those girls were going nuts! That has GOT to be annoying!
i wanna freaking Lick bill hes so Cute..
Eleni Vlahos
tom: someone drew on my jacket.." luv the way he says it..
Violet Masque
omg, i absolutly luv the way tom was like "stuff like dat" XDXDXD
Nicole Watlington
ICh liebe when Billis reading the other atist names LMAO
I love 1:30 when gustav starts to hurry but then realizes that nobody is waiting after him hahaha!
Brittany Thomson
lol bill is so cute when it was his turn to take the picture xD
Bill: "...Tom looks totally stupid! We'll turn these in..." Brotherly love, I guess?
XD Gustav slapped Georg's butt!!! ROFL And Georg was looking at Gustav like "WTF!?!?!?" LOL Bill and Georg had a brain fail moment. "Maybe it's because of the lamp in there?" "Ohh, why didn't anyone mention that!?!?" Tom's all like "~,~||| of course, that the flash you idiot." lol lamp. lol, Bill reminds me of me whenever I get my picture taken; I always pose. ^~^
Cassidy Garrone
i love how tom says and stuff like that and when georg and bill think that the flash is a lamp rotflol
Cassidy Garrone
at 4:18 to 4:35 Bill is playing with a pillow but i still love him XD
Kitty Kaulitz
i know xDDDDD he's tooo adorable. :)
Yeah, that adorable childlike energy is what I love most about him. :)
Kitty Kaulitz
creepyy lol.
Kitty Kaulitz
Loll! i noticed that too. xD and how adorable is it that he comes out of the booth claping like a little boy! :)
Aww Tom! "and stuff like that" I replayed it over and over.. ..that and Gustav slapping Georg's ass ;D