Michael Todd vs Denis Cyplenkov

Michael Todd and his wonderful style King's move

Denis=everything is under control Todd=everything is under the table
were they doing the commentary up from Space???
I could only see Denis. Where was the other guy?? Under the table lol
I see Todd shaved off his beard. He probably got tired of getting chewing gum in it from hiding underneath every table he encounters.
simon morton
Audio sounds like the moon landing
Tolib TV
Тоже ищешь русский комент 😂
I’m a proud, red blooded American and this is one fight I am more than happy to see Russia win.
Art Of Edit
Michael Todd will always go in arm wrestling history as the most hated arm wrestler.
Marty Morgan
Love watching Todd lose! I don’t like cheaters!
Dennis is such a nice guy. Even when he is fighting a cheater!
John Boettger
How long will they continue to let him lay down under table. Stand up and face him
Todd is like that annoying kid in fighting games who only knows one "Special move" and repeats it over and over. All fine until said kid comes across someone who knows how to counter that move.
Alex potap
Does he eat food on the table? Or under?
always enjoying michael loosing a match
"Цыпа Красавчик" 😎👍
In a recent interview Denis Tsyplenkov was saying: "MTodd was like a Russian submarine. Power like a nuke and always under the table. I mean radar."
Casey Cole
As always, Todd’s hiding under the table lol way to represent America buddy...
free nomon
if todd ever manned up and stayed over the table he would have no chance against Denis like in one of the matches where todd lost in half second.
Playstation 1 Collin Mcrae Rally commentary😂ahh the good old days
was the audio recorded on walkie talkies?
Michael “most hated “ Todd
Beaver Bandit Outdoors
Cyplenkov, SLAYER of monsters under the table!
J. P.
Houston, we have a problem. Todd is under the table again
Bartosz Bratyszewski
Rumors says then the Judge and Devon still search Michael under table
Cosmic Solution
"Pull the Todd from under the table" competition.
Yawea Ree
*One small step on the moon* *ONE PERSON UNDER THE TABLE*
LOL.... Did you guys notice how Denis almost stopped a shoulder press in a tired state? A shoulder press is always supposed to be a flash pin. Not against Denis. The strenght on this dude's biceps is phenomenal !
Michael "Under the Table" Todd
Obiwan Kenboi
4:05 camera man knows whats up
vineeth pv
Dennnis always humble!!
I doubt if Dennis can use the keypad on his Iphone.
Ryan Halien
Finally! Elbow fouls ACTUALLY called on this clown
Ferdy S
Michael todd is disgrace to arm wrestling
Nikolas Sarachilli
Yeah but denis is too strong even for the kings move. His arm barely budges and doesnt use much energy to reposition
Sabong Mabaho
There are 4 difficulties in this sport 1. Easy 2. Moderate 3. Hard 4. Russia
Trevor Gratton
One of the first matches I've seen where the officials have finally called Todd on his elbow fouls. The match was great but the officials are very weak on calling fouls on Todd. They finally kept Todd honest.
*Michael Todd is cheating he is leaning under the table with all his body weight to produce more advantage himself !!!*
Denis is always relaxed and chill,love his attitude
Bruce Leroy
Was this recorded through two soup cans connected by a string?
@28:55 as usual both shoulders under the table and elbow off the pad and the Commentator says "..and Michael Todd 'Stands Up to it' .." Ummm no, he's doing the exact opposite. Should've been fouled out most of that match.
Orun Makarov
Omg Oleg Zhokh holding ice for Cyplenkov.
e dz
Michael Todd is not a stand up guy
finally, a referee who pulls up todd for his elbow fouls!
Дмитрий Outpost
I guess if armwrestlers used chairs during fight then mr. Todd would be out of top-100 best armwrestlers in the world.
Velocity Delin
I love thanos,great attitude. Russian have much strongest man.
Iakwbos Nomik
The intro of Michael Todd should be a table with Wheels showing up on the stage and then he appears from it! Isn't that great?
S k
"micheal todds wonderful king's move"? you mean cheating on a Pro-level? micheal todd is really weak and try everthing to win, even cheating is a option for him.
I love the fact that Denis goes over to his chair and just chills
John GTA
why dont they tie that strap every time??
Michael Newton
Uh... does that say 28 inch forearm? They mean 18, right?
Roman Cacean
орехеть тактика, повисел на руке противника потом запрыгнул на неё.нужно какие то новые правила вводить против таких "борцов"
mak hines
the "undertable"
Ken Marko
Denis is relaxed... He know he can beat a cheater anytime...lol
Игорь Иванов
Подстольные противники Денису тоже нужны как учебное пособие,чтобы быть к таким готовым.
franc Dumagan
Dennis is just relaxing in the chair. LOL! 🤣 Dennis is a very humble beast
Avinash Kumar
Michael Todd starts to wrestle on the right side, goes under the table during the wrestle and then end up on the left side after he losses... Such a genius... 🤣😂
Ben Colón
Mike actually made Cyplenkov think 🤔 for a sec in this match like oh wait a minute
Paul Masters
The music choice and the audio in general was so bad here it's embarrassing...
Amanda Huginkiss
Something tells me Denis can't play the guitar.
there was only one competitor at the table and one under...
Nur Hidayah Islam
Ιωαννης Τσιφλικλης
Russia for win! Love from Greece
Michael Toad is a tool.
Pronator Tendon
The nationalist in me says I should support Todd. I'm not a nationalist.
Kairat Goonaly
Dennis 👍 tood👎
My Info
I have never wanted anyone to break their arm... but with Todd...
Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL
Michael "The Elbow Little Monster" Todd.
Mark Knight
God I love it when Todd loses❤️
Космическ Корабельский
Хитрый америкос висит всем телом на руке Дениса, забивает ему мыщцу, а потом трицепсом свежим дожимает-вот и вся его тактика. Боролись бы чисто-Денис его победил бы во всех раундах, так как явно сильнее
BananaGamer Over9000
Meanwhile under the table "where you going buddy"
StealthAssasin 1Day
This was when Todd was still halfway on top the table... Now both his shoulders are under the table and arm fully extended with zero elbow touching the pads. We need more of this Ref though unlike the current one in WAL
i almost never watch AW but i've heard of the underthetable todd xd. poor guy
Herr Starr
Michael "elbow off the table" Todd
DESQ Samba
i From indonesia
How many times did those stupid commentators say "USA vs Russia"
Dr. Weird
Look at those freaking fingers LOL I wonder how well he can type on a smart phone?
dude denis is on another level you just can't cheat against him
I actually like how the commentators sound like they’re talking over a helicopter radio.
Frank Stidham
What type Job did Michael Todd have before arm wrestling? Under the table.
Tims Kyonig
Лицо Дениса выключил ли я утюг дома🤣🤣🤣
Donut D. Beast
Michael *TOAD*
Haitham Kombarji
Dennis😬 vs the under the table frog ( Toad 🐸)
Tribeman highland
lmao where you going buddy
Louis Lee
Floating hands! Holy smokes.
Thans for uploading. much respect.
they should make a rule that players shoulders must be above the table surface level
Z ed
11:00 people yelling “Mine mine mine mine ...” sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo 😂
Karan George
Todd...! What the hell are you doing? Match starts and he is invisible ( Prob under the Table :p )
swit tsokoleyt
Yeah buddy!!! it feels very good to see TODDpole loosing. 😂😂
The audio is so amazing, making me glad to live in 2019.
Claussanta 86
i would like to hear Commentary saying'' Thats some small Step for Man''
Where are you going Michael? Todd: under the earth.
Давид Анахт
Я не понял когда это было??? Такое подозрение что на днях...
Wesley Mooney
This could be 3/4 shorter video if they just go to straps first.
Gonza c:c
Undertabler lose again 👀
Dr. Winterfresh
This is an old video being re-uploaded. This match took place at Armfight #46 back in 2016.
kenneth vincent valdez
I wanna fight denis 😂😅 right hand 💪🏻 hahahaha
zog noty
roids cheater vs pure cheater.larratt is the best,he don,t need to cheat like these 2 mofos
Captain Shonko
Cheers, but man this is ear rape.