Michael Todd vs Denis Cyplenkov

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Michael Todd and his wonderful style King's move

Mirco Ghirelli
Denis=everything is under control Todd=everything is under the table
simon morton
Audio sounds like the moon landing
were they doing the commentary up from Space???
I could only see Denis. Where was the other guy?? Under the table lol
I’m a proud, red blooded American and this is one fight I am more than happy to see Russia win.
Denis is always relaxed and chill,love his attitude
Tolib TV
Тоже ищешь русский комент 😂
Herr Starr
Michael "elbow off the table" Todd
always enjoying michael loosing a match
Dennis is such a nice guy. Even when he is fighting a cheater!
I see Todd shaved off his beard. He probably got tired of getting chewing gum in it from hiding underneath every table he encounters.
I actually like how the commentators sound like they’re talking over a helicopter radio.
Ferdy S
Michael todd is disgrace to arm wrestling
Michael Todd should be banned from competitive arm wrestling. He's a joke, he doesn't arm wrestle, he just extends his arm and sits under the table till his opponent wears out then he arm wrestles. He's a sham, a joke, a cheater. What Cyplenkov should do is squeeze Todd's hand so hard he breaks it.
Captain Shonko
Cheers, but man this is ear rape.
J. P.
Houston, we have a problem. Todd is under the table again
Art Of Edit
Michael Todd will always go in arm wrestling history as the most hated arm wrestler.
Marty Morgan
Love watching Todd lose! I don’t like cheaters!
Bartosz Bratyszewski
Rumors says then the Judge and Devon still search Michael under table
Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL
Michael "Under the table elbow monster" Todd. #Cheater
Vinnie hill
Denis the man. He just sits down n chills. Knowing he aint gonna lose.this dude aint got shit for him.
"Цыпа Красавчик" 😎👍
GUN Master
In first round Todd start to say Woohoo and gets pinned...
Todd is like that annoying kid in fighting games who only knows one "Special move" and repeats it over and over. All fine until said kid comes across someone who knows how to counter that move.
Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL
Michael "The Elbow Little Monster" Todd.
Michael "Under the Table" Todd
Oleg Zhokh is Tsyplenkov's ice guy...👍
AJ covers
How satisfying to see a cheater lose. Relief. Sitter cheater. Arm wrestling league is an accomplice.
Level 9000
Everyone talks about Todd like he actually any good. Just because you can do a move that literally almost has your elbow off the pad, doesn’t make him good. He clearly has no power just a cheap move.
Casey Cole
As always, Todd’s hiding under the table lol way to represent America buddy...
Karel Kuiter
Always the same with Todd! that ain't armwrestling!!
Michael “most hated “ Todd
Дима Грищенко
Мне не нравиться способ борьбы Тода. Как вообще допускают подобное? Когда под стол залазят?
Dubravka Spasojevic
Honestly Cyplenkov seems like the nicest guy ever. Ultra humble, plays fair and seems friendly. Which begs the question how is it possible since all the roids and meds build up your testosterone? I mean you kinda should be in a euphoria-like state to pull of ur max. but he literally seems like he's going for a walk in the park.. if anyone has exp. please do tell...
finally, a referee who pulls up todd for his elbow fouls!
Min Lee
Strength vs bone lock
Fck Todd.. I can lay down and pull too but takes a Man to stand up and arm wrestle someone.. Can't stand him..
Дмитрий Макрэй
Амер как пидрила борется если это вообще борьбой назвать можно. Хоть бы Денис однажды эту его протянутую руку вырвал нахуй или переломал. Подстольная обезьяна ебаная.
Inex Networking
Michael undertable tod looser
Roman Cacean
орехеть тактика, повисел на руке противника потом запрыгнул на неё.нужно какие то новые правила вводить против таких "борцов"
Video Games & Yu-Gi-Oh
*Michael Todd is cheating he is leaning under the table with all his body weight to produce more advantage himself !!!*
Moraco Mole
Cyplenkov's explosiveness is crazy just how many arms has he broken in his career
Trevor Gratton
One of the first matches I've seen where the officials have finally called Todd on his elbow fouls. The match was great but the officials are very weak on calling fouls on Todd. They finally kept Todd honest.
The Kings move is a legit move and is good especially if you're somewhat outmatched. The thing with Todd, at least from what I understand. His left shoulder shouldn't be below the table when he dips to extend the kings move. You can get low and use the move but your shoulders shouldn't be dipping below the line of the table.
michael "under the table like a bridge troll" todd
they need to redesign the table to not have space underneath
Accidentally skipped to the middle of the video and saw Dennis fight a floating hand what the hell
He must have really wanted to give Denis a blowjob but Denis didn't want it. Had to keep pulling his whole body out from under the table.
Bruce Leroy
Was this recorded through two soup cans connected by a string?
Adii S
Todd is a disgrace to the sport.
franc Dumagan
Dennis is just relaxing in the chair. LOL! 🤣 Dennis is a very humble beast
Beaver Bandit Outdoors
Cyplenkov, SLAYER of monsters under the table!
Mark Knight
God I love it when Todd loses❤️
John Boettger
How long will they continue to let him lay down under table. Stand up and face him
there was only one competitor at the table and one under...
Iakwbos Nomik
The intro of Michael Todd should be a table with Wheels showing up on the stage and then he appears from it! Isn't that great?
Amanda Huginkiss
Something tells me Denis can't play the guitar.
Thi The Ef
What if Denis learned MMA. That whould be some scary shit imo... :D
Sabong Mabaho
There are 4 difficulties in this sport 1. Easy 2. Moderate 3. Hard 4. Russia
Jumarinne Mhae
*One small step on the moon* *ONE PERSON UNDER THE TABLE*
Michael Newton
Uh... does that say 28 inch forearm? They mean 18, right?
Kirill Sarychev and Andre Melanichev might disagree about who the Strongest man in Russia is. lol
Setting in front of the PA speakers? Mute alert!!!!
Maciej Chojnacki
Take the strap out of the Armwresling and B Move does not exist :)
Michael Toad is a tool.
BananaGamer Over9000
Meanwhile under the table "where you going buddy"
Qalib Musazadə
Denis poverful
Unlicensed Memes
Man, don't you just love how they switch camera angles right when they say go and then you can't see wtf happened, what amazing camera work...
Denis seems like a really good guy. Much respect from him.
Obiwan Kenboi
4:05 camera man knows whats up
Dan Kullman
The Apollo moon landings had better audio.
denis is standing at the table like he's chilling at a bar
free nomon
if todd ever manned up and stayed over the table he would have no chance against Denis like in one of the matches where todd lost in half second.
mak hines
the "undertable"
Jonny Miller
Everyone knows Under the Table Todd wouldn't last above the table. So cheap.
Michael always tries to bring his opponents home with him underneath the table but doesn't work on Cyplenkov he's just too strong.
Igor Svačić
There is no american, south or north, nor canadian, australian, african, or not even western european man that can win against Denis. He's not winning on techniques, speed, nor endurance, he just crushes his oppnents by brute force. Devon sad that he is like 30% stronger than him. Do you even know how much is that? THere is no technique, NOTHING that can level up and compensate for such a difference in strenght.
Luis Amador
28 inch forearms!!!!??
That was more close than i thought it actually would be. Even though i dont like Michael Todd's technique at all, i kinda get a bit of a respect towards him, regarding how much strength and technique lays behind Denis.
Walter Dabrowski
Todd is the multinational cheater and pos the world over
chris manolidis
I'm so happy denis destroyed him😂
the queen of kings moove
Cosmic Solution
"Pull the Todd from under the table" competition.
cruisin thru
I almost lost count of the elbow fouls on todd. You can tell even with his right hand, denis is at least 20% stronger than todd. That technique (The queens move i call it) that todd uses is like a hyenia figuring out a way to struggle with a LION....sickening to watch but sometimes effective on a higher class fighter.
*Cyplencov hand of Sherek* Steroid man
Truth Dante
I'm glad Denis won........his facial expression looks like he's trying to work out some impossible math equation. :)
Gonza c:c
Undertabler lose again 👀
Karan George
Todd...! What the hell are you doing? Match starts and he is invisible ( Prob under the Table :p )
The 19th century called... It wants its audio back.
Rogue Encampment
Brad Burks
Risky move. Denis could’ve shoved him off his pad several more times than he did and forced the fouls
Космическ Корабельский
Хитрый америкос висит всем телом на руке Дениса, забивает ему мыщцу, а потом трицепсом свежим дожимает-вот и вся его тактика. Боролись бы чисто-Денис его победил бы во всех раундах, так как явно сильнее
Classic Hmong Music Productions
We need to paint dennis GREEN.
dude denis is on another level you just can't cheat against him
Ferdy S
Michael todd’s ‘style’ is embarrasing. I dont know how that’s even considered arm wrestling!
Tims Kyonig
Лицо Дениса выключил ли я утюг дома🤣🤣🤣
22:04 That's you beat Todd. Force him to elbow all the time. Push forward while he's under the table. Very smart.
Frank Stidham
What type Job did Michael Todd have before arm wrestling? Under the table.
Michael 'Level with the table' Todd. Respect to both. Absolute war.