Philadelphia Sixers vs Brooklyn Nets - Game 4 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Ximo Pierto
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Probably the best game of the playoffs so far thanks for uploading the highlights
Come on Ximo, start including the fights in these videos. Add to the intensity of the game
Reddick and Scott comin up BIGGGG!!!
Jared Dudley sacrificed himself for nun
Christopher Emmons
congrats jared dudley...all that for nothing
Embiid, indeed, with a monster game of 31 pts. and 16 boards. Nets hung tough the whole game but good defense won it for the Sixers
Sherman Ng
WHAT. A. GAME. Nets had so many chances to put this game away but they didn't, oh well 🤷
Shout out to Jared Deadly for sacrificing himself to get Butler ejected Haha
6:10 embiid tried to hit em with that flying kick 🤣
Aljon Modesto Travel Vlog
Ximo is the fastest man alive ☇
Raphael Champion
Great game but very heartbreaking shit going on!!!
Capt Cav76
Mike Scott you beast! Clutch AF
Zach Bell
Sixers should be winning by more but it was an exciting finish, have no idea why D LO passed it to Allen in the post when he had a wide open shot. No foul there though, that was a clean trap.
Professor Beast
No matter the outcome of this series, the Nets should be proud of how far they came. I think they weren't even projected to MAKE the playoffs, let alone take a game. They've got serious talent AND a great coach in Atkinson. Shout to Sean Marks for turning this once dumpster fire around. Respecc 🙌🙏
GG Yunis
Why does everybody hate philly? Lol we just tryna win like everyone else💀
Joshua Johnson
Jarret Allen is BBQ chicken to Embiid
Artisan Windchimes
Allen with the apple turnover smh
josh ward
Dudley scores twice and talks trash like he’s mj😂😂😂 know your place
Ana Joy Velasquez
Ximo uploading videos faster than embiid running in the court
King JFreezy23
That turnover by Allen :(
Nets- WE’RE GONNA WIN 76ers- reverse card
Aaron paul Bonzo
This playoffs in the East are a lot fun to watch without Lebron James just saying. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Christian Burruel
lavert is underrated
3:36 T-rex vs. Velociraptors
Imagine calling these players bums and then losing both home games to them.
man i thought it was a wrap when dlo hit that 3 🤦🏾‍♂️
Imagine if the nets just had one more all-star
Urz Truely
This broadcaster has the best voice in NBA
Frederick Amey
3:13 That's a big time carry, dang!
khan 1992
this was awesome to watch, embiid completely took over
Yeeeessss btw thanks ximo you the man
Tough win by Phili, Nets gave a good fight. Phili in 5.
mus gary
Why's Scott looking like a samurai
Randy G
Damn the nets really choked the game away in the fourth quarter smh.. well it was a good while it lasted Brooklyn, but this series is over 😬
Lawrence Peterson
Ok Philly stand up . The process is working all we got to do is keep applying pressure and trust the process.
Justin Smith
This lowkey just broke my heart I feel bad for the net 😩
Embid all ball. Jared Dudley pushes Jimmy Butler Butler pushes Jared and Jared and Jimmy gets injected. But that's what a teamate does that's why 76ers have great chemistry. Incredible game.
lgs sneakers
Best game so far, saw embid comment on fist of all who is dudley? Lol The end of quarter 4 make heart beating though :)
Riley Gholston
Do they ever call traveling in the NBA anymore.
Joel Embiid is so fucking good it’s really scary. Top5 player in the league and the best two way player in the entire NBA. JoJo and the 76ers 👏🏼.
Zonghua Li
Sixers are way more talented than nets but still nets fight ferocious with them.Hope phily not just for the second round and get themselves together.
Proppa Music
*Let's be real y'all.. 76ers is 3rd seed for a reason*
Lol Leedler
7:46 Coach calling a travel on big Ben lol
If Allen catches the ball cleanly its 2points game tied 🤷🏽‍♂️
meh meh
This years first round games are so close like 2013 playoffs :0
Hadi Qasmieh
*Taunts Simmons* *_LOSES_*
Czarnie Peraz
No technical foul!!!!! C'mon this is really what I call "THE CHEATERS DAY"
Jeds Silvestre
I'm loving this BKN-PHI series. 😍
Twoface 99
The Nets are finding all types of ways to lose. Can’t win with Butler ejected, can’t win when Embiid is out one game with injury. My god, SAS strongly believes this series was going to 7 games, but we might not even get pass 5.
Jaycelyn Christian Dumale
To many foul basket on nets. But refs are totally blind. Cmon refs.
Romeo Samson Jr.
@6:10 I'll definitely gonna see that in Shaqtin-a-fool
Cristhian Macias
Good game but RIP Nets. Maybe next season.. lol
Sixers gotta do something about that inside defense!! Without embiid it’s literally open for anyone to have their way 🤦🏾‍♂️
Michael Zhou
How does mlg have more subs than ximo?
Ardy Wade
Usain Bolt? Is that you? Your the best dude😎😅💪
Hirini Haere
I liked Russell from the jump didn’t love him just admired what him and Jordan did together for some young cats lol even through Nat Shaggy P drama 😂😂😂
Archie Enoy
Great job again Ximo! But please, include the fight scenes
That man Embiid is a whole house out there. what a load!💪🏾
Eagles Expert
I lost my voice after this game
Byrd Man
Man Philadelphia Defense is absolutely incredible
Carey Robinson
If Allen didn't fumble that pass that would've been a ez layup or dunk
rick mason
SIXERS in my DNA. Mike Scott mvp
Asaru Ptah
76ers exceptional fourth quarter to go up 3-1 against the BKN whom really through this game away. Peace!
Ace Bisnar
Wow this is playoff basketball for sure. Each player wanted to win and the defense in both teams are ferocious. The BKN last play was good but because of the power dribble to avoid the travel 2 wing defender was able to catch up. It could have been an open basket if it was a glide. But wow. Kudos to both teams. This the playoffs without lebron.
I guaranteed Allen will work on a jump shot this summer while Simmons go out partying with the Kardashian.
Kung-fu headbands, Afros, alley-oups... feels like a game at the Rucker
Carol Hughed
Respect to dudley for having allen's. Back
M.C. Siar
Damn. This is good basketball right here. Both teams are balling for real. You gotta love these series.
Slick Ric
Where are the big men for the nets? Embiid and Simmons are having a cakewalk in the paint
Proud of that BKN team especially Levert 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Scott Lawrence
Yes sir philly 1 win away from round 2 baby, great win
Always Unit G
I watch 140p because of bad signal . Cause it's Easter Sunday . Hehe BTW, God bless everyone
maxiqum s1
Last 5 minutes = last 30 minutes Thanks for unlimited timeouts
Nikola Ger
Upload some more Playoffs
RJ Macready
Lakers should have let go of everyone but De'Angelo
Mani Batala
That intro is straight 🔥😈 🔥
Nets got a squad, also Caris Levert might be there best player.
Steve Nasty27
Nets been facing the refs all series damn bruh give them Nets a chance to fight
Just want Brooklyn to loose just so Russell won’t win nothing lol
KingSo Indabuildin
Literally if joe harris just made one 3 it wouldve been nets win
XxLeonDynasty1x X
Bruh Joel tried to kick Spencer all the way to the stands 6:09
Mr. Right
Redick for threeee! BAAAAAANNNG! May kasama pang foul!😂😂😂
The Don
The Nets choked during clutch time maybe they should of stayed in Jersey. smh.
Larli Hirokami
I like how salty Nets fans here hate almost all Philly Fans comments
tevin johnson
The Nets bench was too lit!😂
Salvadore Andretti
If the sixers don't make it to the finals they're top ten busts to me. I can not believe they managed to pick up butler AND Harris, best midseason trades I've ever seen. They literally have 5 top 50 players and a top 10 shooter off the bench...
Elliott Baller
This was intense and prob the best game yet in the playoffs
Fabio Caporaso
Monk Amani
I'm a Detroiter and a NBA fan. Two good teams here. Great futures for both. I know Marjanovic, Harris, Dinwiddie and Monroe are giving thanks this Easter for SVG. Idiot.
Mike Morada
What a game! Eastern Conference playoffs is 🔥🔥🔥
Gilford McCormack
Brooklyn played a hell of game unfortunately they lost very bright future
Lucifer Wang
Nice play Sixers! This is why I love playoffs~
Ada Ghost
Last time Ben woke up, this time Embiid said "Good Morning Brooklyn"
Oz Joey
Joel GOAT Embiid 🔥 215
That sacrifice for nothing, thanks Dudley