1 vs 23 insane computers

Quốc Hoàn Nguyễn
So it is clear. Only lag can stop him.
Hi, guys. I tried to win 23 insane computers 10-12 times. This is my last try to do this. Now I can declare that it is impossible, because Warcraft 3 does not allow playing with so many bots. Every minute brings more and more lags and at the end you just can't control your army. If Blizzard will fix that, i will do this with pleasure.
Now try it with Warcraft reforged.
Мужик с чашкой
It's not about FunnyWarcraft3 to fail his goal, it's about failure of the game itself to compete against him properly.
Celso Sepúlveda
1 human vs 23 insane computer using 3 wisps
Atanas Dimitrov
1 insane guy vs 23 random computers
Battle of Berlin 1945 Colorize
Gratuitous Lurking
RIP game engine.
Arman Mussin
Я час смотрел🤦‍♂️ Чтобы узнать что все залагает и выиграть нельзя, огонь
rinchhana hnamte
For all the people commenting he should kill off some bases before lag. I can see you have no knowledge regarding how AI operates. If he attacked a base it would be suicide. It was the right decision to save resources and troops to resource starve his opponents. The reason he did not kill off certain neutrals and the reason he built his base so compacted in the corner is to avoid the AI detecting him. And i can see what he was trying to accomplish with the copters and towers, it was a very very smart move. Overall i cannot be certain if he would win even if he plays without the lag but i doubt anyone can think of a better strategy at the moment. Well Played a true gamer indeed.
1 vs 100 insane computers we wait ths
You are playing so bad. I can 1v1 an easy bot in 55 mins,get on my level
41:40 The goblin who has been working for 35 minutes ...
Nguyen Pham Thanh Giang
Literally my reaction when I first read the title: *AS EXPECTED*
Wortelex TV
OMG! I've spent 1 hours to see phrase, that it's imposible to win? Really?!
Leon Alex
Of course, I should’ve expected that he’s gonna try that
sanjay dut
greedisgood whosyourdaddy i win with that :v
in 30 minutes a single attack on the base, this is called against 23?. ridiculous.
The plot twists: massive lag atacks by insane computers.
in 2018 we will have flying cars. 2018:
Keith Adlawan
give me back my time
14. NojVpechen
2048. 1vs100 insain computers.
Помнится, подобные лаги были в Green TD и прочих подобных играх, когда ходили волны по 200 тауренов, а каждая башня била по 10 раз в секунду...
Polarus Starseeker
I knew you would do this, was only a matter of time
Fedor Fedya
Urski Naattori
Well... i would have probably just used whosyourdaddy
Eazy E
*It was only matter of time...* Keep it doing it!
Frank De La Cruz
A la mierda esto es posible GG Eres un espécimen avanzando Yo puedo con 4 a las justas
Darion W. Beats
28:17 heard of walking a dog? Walk your undead army instead
Диас Исаев
Now i want to see battle vs 23 players)
Clank boss
Nic3 video *BUT CAN YOU DO DIS*
Ahmanet Swiftie I
What map ... Have player about 23 ?!? I want to play this map
poor WTii ((
Владислав Головин
ЧТООООООООООООО неужели этот чувак сказал что в вакрафте есть что-то для него НЕВОЗМОЖНОЕ? Я не верю, фани варкрафт, вернись, тебя подменили
Tru Desu
50% handicap vs 23 AI default handicap
Just type by enter "whosurdaddy"😅😅😅😅😅
i think AI is bugged on PTR. i think some1 said that the AI kinda creates infinite loops commands on stuck units and thats why there's the slowdown.
davichost 1
Step 1 :Whosyourdaddy Step 2 : win the game
Karim Akors
hosted on his own pc? or on a powerfull server
Mirain Cunanan
*''Nothing is impossible'', Never give up*
Алексей Потапенко
23 insane bots vs 1 INSANE COMPUTER
Алексей Потапенко
23 insane bots vs 1 INSANE COMPUTER
Alry FireBlade
wtf 23 How? Since when it is possible to make more then 12 Players on a Map?
lerigin 777
у нас озвучка пизже, маг у вас говорит как старый писклявый старикашка, а озвучка гнома больше похожа на озвучку пьяного троля или как старый прокуренный рыцарь.
Johannes Rautio
I admire your effort, also its funny when the battles are so intense that you have to save only so that your computer doesnt crash mid-game xD
The madman actually did it!
Jakub Wojciechowski
"I'm not afraid" *Teleports out of battle*
Andrej Krivda
fckin insane player...iam just dissapointed that there was not happy ending xD wp bro WP
Nahiri Gathering
31:47 100 TPs at ones lol
try 10-15 bots with 3 workers xD
Алексей Перкутов
imagine 24 free-for-all it's like a warcraft battle royale
Master Keyz
Try it in 24 players divide and conquer
maybe try to beat em earlier? mm i suppose u tried..well whatever
Лимонов/Сок Lemon/Juice
you are awesome man for me you are the winner :))) RESPECT bruh ;3
Oscar Magnusson
You require my assistance?
OMG, I saw 1 hour of match to make me say that sentence in the end ... you took an hour away from my life, congratulations!
Jiya khalid
How you make 23 vs 1 there is only 12 people space
It is remarkable😂……Is your computer still ok?
brion acapulco
I miss editing a warcraft3 map using Warcraft world editor and I miss this game.
Consorcio Ecogas – Programacion Norte
+FunnyWarcraft3 For link para descargar ese mapa
Maybe Bliizzard fixed this problem in 1.30.2, they said they increased the occupation of RAM. Please attempt again in the new version!!!!!
offspring res
First i thought my youtube get hanged if i watch this 😄😄
I loss easy computer •~•
Jupri Chan
omg, i miss this game
still warcrafting in 2018? I love the game, nice bro! Do you play sc2?
I demand a rematch when reforge is released
Crazy Constanta
Круто. ) Жаль без продолжения. ) Чувак, а какие у тебя характеристики компа?
TheMysticPlayer 2.0
i think blizzard mess up with the 24 players, it really was ok with the originally 12. but what i can see here that it´s too much for the game it almost can run with so many units in the map. In the worst of the cases it can broke the game.
I Qgin
15:20 Whaat? Did he.. He destroyed ring?
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
This is free for all right? Not 23 vs you
The freeze is real
nsm 1
How can I play in 24 ppl maps ? My warcraft cant run more than 12
wait... did WC3 get an update?
damnn this guy must have a really good pc to be able to play vs 23
wesos de queso
Come on you al mighty Blizz, remaster this game or fix the engine.
Просто Игры
Я прибывал очень сложно ты молодец
No- problem
15:40 blue screen XD
Sheharyar Qureshi
Did you really just wasted an hour of mine just to loose in the end?
Insanity x2. You are never too serious. :3
Bioct Jack
The 1.29 is insane LOL
Don't try it. For your computer's life.
PSD_ notor
then, whosyourdaddy
ng jekjin
Used to be 1vs11 now 23...(THIS IS SPARTA!!!)greatest Warcarft III channel~
I think you're prepared for the Russian Federation.
bhupendra gour
bro next time use cheat code ok😁😁😁😁
wong icarus
Ops the title is a bit wrong,it should be " 1vs23 insane computer (fail)"
Where can I get this map? I want to play.
reynard gen
well i just wasted my 1hour watching this and hoping he could win
i didnt know u could have that many players
O rgasmo M adre mia willy G enial
No IDea
This is getting out of hand...
Oh, wow. You're more insane than that.
First 3 minutes of game. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I must improve my playing skills as human as soon as possible :D
Peter Maffay
Great... now i watched this without knowing the outcome geez!!!!!
Johnpatrick GamingYT
I cant believe it your incredible
Jonathan Walters
Well played :) Love Warcraft 3 , still fun even in 2018 :)
Desi Derio
I'm suscribed to ur channel, bro.. You are greater than Sargeras.. I was wondering why the computers don't attack your others expansions, when I play, they attack my bases asap..
15:39 moved your birds over the enemy base, oops :(
Dee Dee
EVERYTHING the peasants say in this game is a meme in itself. XD