Ja Rule - Always On Time ft. Ashanti

Playlist Best of Ja Rule: />Subscribe for more: /> Music video by Ja Rule performing Always On Time. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group Ja Rule - Venni Vetti Vecci />Ja Rule - The Last Temptation />Ja Rule - R.U.L.E. />Ja Rule - Exodus />Ja Rule - 2005

zachary lawrence
Anyone else on an old song spree
Amber Jade
Ja Rule & Ashanti were THAT duo in the early 2000’s
This Song is Fyre
Samuel Dzinotyiweyi
18 years later ... This is what it sounds like when listening to real rn`b and hip hop in 2019
BBLove Gaming
*Who else is on a old song spree? I can’t stop bumpin this omg Nostalgia is Real!!!*
Thank you momma for playing these songs in the car when I was younger.
jefferson araujo de lima
Alguém escutando 2019 🇧🇷
GG Allin
Who’s here after ja rules halftime show at the bucks game 🤣💀
MoniMoni MoniMoni
Ashanti I appreciate you Queen, ain't no 00's playlist without you!
Danny Badillo
The Ja Rule and Ashanti connection is so incredible what a great performance in 2019.
Xachary OK
"Always On Time" Not for the festival tho LMAOO
Amber Luv
I don’t care what people say or think about Ja Rule I love his music 💕
She Tori
Mom used to play this when we were running late for school 😂❤️ memories.
Brandon Dunn
Regardless on how you feel about Ja. He had those hits. I'll still be bumping his music. I can't get into this mumble trash
Look at how much LIFE and COLOR and SOUL this video has. Takes me back to a better time in life. The 90s & Early 2000s was the Golden/Silver age. Life felt like you were in another Dimension back then. Friends were real, kids played outside, the economy was good, people were more real and down to earth. Everyone didn't hang out on Social Sites. No one talked about the "illuminati" people just knew how to live and have fun. Now we live in the Dark Age aka Last Days. Life isn't what it use to be...
PremierEd Uk
2019 ?💗
Spicy Sam
Whose here after Fyre documentary on Netflix
Who still listening in 2k19?
Cecilia Brooks
Ain't nothing like a pretty black woman
Deja Atkinson
This song will never get old, you can’t beat the music back in the day💯!
lisa john
Still sounding great in 2019.
I wish 50 didn't beef with him. This dude had good music
The original Trix cereal right there! 0:50 That girl that picked him up in the boat was in the movie Love don't cost a thing
matheus gonçalves
As músicas dos anos 2000 vai ficar marcada em varias gerações,que época,que saudades!!!
RJ Jones
dude controlled the summer that year, he was featured in every r&b song that dropped. it got to the point where I had to change the station. Now the song is stuck in my head, this was the jam though😎
Moisés Nelson Samoli
2019 who's watching?
Liam Johnson
Wish we could turn back time to the good old days.
marcos antonio
Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷 2019 😀
Who's listening after that Milwaukee bucks game where he was embarrassed 😂😂😂😂
Telie Moala
I miss music like this and also the music videos. Currently on a nostalgic trip.
Michael Miller
Santagato studios anyone
Anyone here from Joe, Danny and Frankie?!!
Rina Lola
This is music and not the shit from nowadays... miss this era 😿
agyei romesh kwame
2019 am here enjoying 1 of the best....good music...who is here with me?
Kostas Iliadis
2019 from Greece
Levy Molina
0:50-0:53 Back when Trix cereal was still the shape of fruit!
Who else is here from Joe Santagato taking a high school test and breaking into song?
Л.С. Мото
These old songs have so much soul, which is lacking these days - even from the same artists.
Alexandre Kubinski
Vendo em 2015 ! Hip Hop na veia, porra ! Seeing in 2015! Hip Hop in the vein, damn it!
Yeah Isak
Old but Gold 2019
paulo silva
Até hoje escuto. Melhor tempo foi esse ... só música boa!
Yolanda Jones
Sounds like thats how our God is He's always on time 👍👍👍
"ALWAYS ON TIME" , "ALWAYS THERE WHEN YOU CALL", . If only they applied this to the FYRE FESTIVAL.
Music was better back then...
Roble Regal
0:43 - the first ever Milly rock
Beatriz Martins
A música q entra ano e sai ano e a gente continua ouvindo e amando 😍😍😍👏👏 2019
Rafael Neves
2019 Alguém br ouvindo esse hit 🤩
Tino Fadoul
who still lisren in 2019 juste like
Who still listening it in 2018? It's all love💖
Eva Bakker
Who else came here after watching Joe Santagato
pony richards
2019 missing the good old days...… love this
Bandile Nzuza
This is real music 😫😭
Just noticed that was Michelle Rodriguez in the hot air balloon.
Jordan Blanchard
This was the best decade for R&B for sure
When I listen to these throwbacks they always make me reminisce and feel so good
getting wambui
I was 7 yrs, time does fly
Genesis star
2019!! STAND UP🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shawna Monae
Just yesterday my mom was on pandora listening to 2000s R&B on Pandora and when this came on it got stuck in my head
So grateful to be born in the 90's
Reuben Singh
Classic never gets old 👌👌
Mariana Nascimento
Kd os br....? 🇧🇷 2019
Hariston MARIO
Lembro dessas musicas quando estava na 5 e 6 serie .... tempos bons que nao volta mais..
Connie Tran
this song got me mad at my boo that don't even exist
Carlos tha Realest
Listening still 2019,Love it We crank this at a cookout in the early 2000's and people got up and dance grind feeling good and freaky, What happen to those days, This my shit though 🎤💯😊
David Brady
You're right Ja, you do have allot of things to explain 😂
Mark Picard
Joe Santagato someone ?? 😂
Angela Groen
Getting ready for that concert tonight🗣💃🤷‍♂️👉💁‍♀️
Sounds ΣPIC!
Who's still listening to this in 2018??
f.u ho
Without ja Rule 50 cent would have been a one hiy wonder..FACTS
I miss the 90's and early 2000's. Maybe we need a neo to reset matrix again
Bianca16 Nascimento
2 0 1 9 Galera alguém?
Ebony Lewis
Who listein to this in 2019
Ryan Shordee
who came here to catch a "better days" vibe
Tshepiso Mashiane
This song reminds me of my late mother: God bless her soul...RIP❤🔥
This track is fyre 🔥
Slab Rider
Before Drake, there was Ja Rule
T. Gee
18 years and counting
90's music video requirement: Water
Derya Mehmet
I was a teen where i listen this music now i' m 29 😅 the 90/00 make the best black music ever😍😍🥰 sorry for my english 😂
Toyib Olan
Always on time 2019...Leggo
Steph Per
Yeeeeeeeeesssssss 😘😘😘😘
Adwoah Sy
it sounds new better than songs of nowadays
wayne kennedy jr
my son n i are headn out march 16 to see ja rule live in concert cannot wait its gonna b great
Princess Okwuba
Always on time 🔥 🔥
Hello Guy's Ja Rule Was in Egypt in this month March 2019 with his girlfriend :)
Are you sure?
Fyre festival. Anyone? Anyone?
Elizabeth Jenkins
I just love ja rule voice
Moni Moni
2k19 still on 🔥 if yall dont mind mf.
Skylar Celestia
i might need to work with Ja. Nice job Ashanti.
m. CHD
I almost cracked my screening pressing the next button so hard. She's trash.
Andrew C
damn for 01 this has great video quality
Fabricio Vicente
Respect this Man forever.🤗🦁
carlos Dudinha Oliveira
Se Loko mano esse só me lembro dos anos ali meados de 2003 a 2006 fase top da minha vida vários parsa que se foram vários role Du Loko grato a Deus por esses dias mas
Brian Pere
Love this tune now and always..
D_ E
R.I.P good music 😔
Gøvernådør Sadgrov
Mercy Mercy
Somebody in 2019? 😘💕🎶🔝 Croatia 🇭🇷
Being a teen in the 90s early 2000s was the shit. Glad I was around to experience MTV
Adriely Ferreira
Cadê os BR em 2019 ouvindo esse clássico 🙋🏻‍♀️