FM - Full Concert - Live in Chicago 1979 (Soundboard) Remastered

Cameron Hawkins Ben Mink Martin Deller FM - PARKWEST, CHICAGO 12/79 WXRT-FM 1) Intro / Orion 2) Dialing For Dharma 3) One O'Clock Tomorrow 4) Aldeberan / Hours 5) Father Time (faded tape flip) 6) Destruction 7) Slaughter in Robot Village 8) Seventh Heaven 9) Phasors On Stun LINEAGE: Soundboard - FM broadcast - probably 1st gen TDK D60 trade cassette - Nakamichi BX-100 cassette deck (no nr) - AUDACITY track splitting/level setting (no processing) - TLH Flac8 - Remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2016

Jeff Fite
I've been an FM fan since around 1978, Surveillance was my first purchase and I was hooked. Much of my drumming was influenced by bands like Genesis, Yes, and FM, but I have to say that Martin Deller might be my most influential. Thanks for posting this!!
Thomas Zadorozny
Fantastic performance; Horslips was out first. Fm sounded more progressive and intense#
The Boffomundo Show
Great band. Friends of Rush. I believe they toured with them at some point.
I love FM and yes I was also first exposed to FM with Servallance what a great prog record. Thanks Mitch
Drum Knight
A great recording.  Too bad there is no "Black Noise" but otherwise this is a really treat for progressive rock fans.
Mani Goug
Wow Love this! Is it on CD??
Dhalgren TV
Saw FM opening for Rush on the Moving Pictures / City of Fear tour. Any recordings of that out there, I wonder?
Excellent! Thanks Bruno. Job very well done! indebted to you forever!
Neil Peart was inspired by Martin Deller. You can hear it for sure!