Cities Skylines: Wayside Valley - Ep.8: Wisely & Slow

— Never miss an episode: /> Welcome to Wayside Valley! The home of the pine and the oak trees. ⮫THE MODS I USED: /> ⮫SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAP HERE: /> ⯄ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: />⯄ Twitter: />⯄ My Steam Workshop: />⯄ Music: 00:00 - 02:08 - I'll Be Bad. 02:09 - 04:32 - Secret Sauce ft. Cookin Soul - Jeff Kaale. 04:33 - 08:32 - Shine. 08:33 - 11:49 - In My Ears - Andrew Applepie. 11:50 - 14:02 - Ice Tea - Not The King. 14:03 - 19:04 - Red Velvet. 19:05 - 22:07 - Skyline - Ukiyo. 22:08 - 23:22 - Bits - David Cutter Music.

For those who wondered: My save game of Wayside Valley broke somehow, I tried so many times to revive the series but no success. I'm currently working on a new series. You can follow my Twitter page for more information.
I'm so glad this randomly popped up on my recommended videos
You could be a designer.
For me this is simply the bast start in the day. Just stand up, made my cereal, and watching this vid and listen to the nice beats.
Do Pandas Read Books?
I'm taking a vacation to Wayside Valley who else is coming?
əuʍoɹq ꞁꞁəɥɔʇᴉɯ
Awesome vid, keep up the good work. Also what are your computer specs?
Tamás Kovács
Impact, are you an actual city planner, engineer?
Kreski z Kisielu
Maaan you should have been getting way more attention, you are no worse than those (let's say) top tier most popular C:S youtubers For me you can go replace Fresh Popcorn in arrowhead series, I totally recommend you
In The assets collection, is all The props for compability in there too?
Jesus! i thought i was the only guy who decorates gas stations hahaha, great work!
Joe T
Just wanna say love the build and the beats :)
Amazing attention to detail! And well put together video. Do you do design/architecture professionally?
Fantastic build and great soundtrack. Definately gives some oldschool-Fluxtrance vibes.
YAY Impact you are my favorite
Kevin Vanderhoff
I really like your choices for the music.
It's crazy how interesting and relaxing your vids are! Great stuff!
how Long it takes to build for 1 Episode?
Tycho Wenmakers
Never seen someone this good in this game. I hope i had the patience to make cities skylines so nice. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
lollo der kartofffel
Just awesome 👍🏻you're a pro designer
Really apreciate your Work ! do more its so nice ^^
Impact you are the best cities skylines YouTuber and I have a question do you,like, put stuff on the steam workshop If you do replay please or something
Hi Impact! I'm barley new to this game and i just want to make you a question... are you thinking about having a fully working city or are you doing only a "visive" map? P.S. Sometimes you really make me crazy looking at your creations, nice job!
Oscar Lemmeke Sullivan
I see much improvement lets see more of this. Also are you planning a industrial area w/ railway station
Rooney Tunes
That city is friggen amazing!!! 😍 and the music you play to is awesome and fits so perfectly with each video 😃
dudde you are the best
Luke Armes
Fair enough, i honestly didn't see that coming. you legit have skills. and patience. lots and lots of patience!
this is art 🎨 it's no longer playing a video be this are an artist
And i though my city was ok ... Amazing work !
Jeroen Joosten
Man, these vids are awesome, they give me so much inspiration to do new things (even though I don't get them as nearly as beautiful as you do lol). Great job! Also thanks for sharing the mods and assets on the workshop, they're really greatly appreciated!!
Elon Musk
maybe you should be an urban designer for me. Help create a better and smarter city.
Impact you are the best cities skylines YouTuber and I have a question do you put the stuff you do on the steam workshop If you do then replay or something
Athavan Thanabalasingam
Cool music!!! ♡-♡ i love your creavity!! You must be a Berliner, because you have much of stuffs from berlin. And I am a Berliner too :D
So relaxing watching this. I just love your eye on the small details. Everything just looks so good and convincing! This was really relaxing to watch. :)
Charlie Clumsy
Who's the artist of the song "Shine"? The music you have in these episodes are crazy good!
Alex Gasch
Another great vid! You never disappoint! Great job!
By the way impact it looks kinda unnatural at the macdonalds with all concert just my opinion
So rexaling to watch, love it! BTW what is that roads mod thats on the right bottom corner a very big time i your vid?
Ey buddy, whats your assets pack? I downloaded ur mod pack but i cant find the assets!
jamie watton
Thanks, new FreshP! (RIP old freshP)
lachko mitov
This channel is underrated!:)
Ivan Abascal Kosoblik
i must say, i enjoyed this video more than i should. Your attention for details and the realism of your constructions its amazing. keep up the good work sir.
El Physikarl
this is dope! mean beats and your city looks real nice! i need to start playing with mods
like your work and the effort !
if the city could be funcional whould be soooo awesome
Really the Berlin Zoo Palast is there? xD
L.C. 21
I like what you done you doing to keep it up subscribing to you now
Avocado Power
What mods do u have installed or are u subscribe to. Btw great video I like the music and how much detail you put into your city. Keep it up
Real Name
I really don't like those tunnels. Otherwise great work and a nice video as always.
when the song that started at 19:05 (Ukiyo - Skyline), it reminded me of MarzBarVlogs. I used the song as well.
Marcus L
Just happen to stumble upon this, great work!
What did you learn in life when I'm allowed to ask?
SomeLay Maybe
Shine But Artis?
Ion Potato
Can you plz build a racetrack
Jannis J
Livestram ? Who wants one too?
Could you, in every episode, add something to the worksite, such as a concrete wall :D
Mr. Gibbys
At some point you're going to need some sky scrapers. Awesome though.
Loving it as usual!!
thanagorn lowsingkham
the best city in my mind
this is INCREDIBLE. I would love to see your intersection in action once the population increases. Just a minute time lapse of or something. Amazing attention to detail, keep it up!
Holy crap, that is a lot of mods. Just curious, are any DLC's required to make these work or do these mods work with vanilla?
I wish i possessed city building abilities as good as yours
El Presidente
Do you have a collection whit all mods? (Steam)
Ken Lee
that ramp looks awesome <3
Jimmy John
Popped up my next play loved the music
Impact, I like your playlist, can you list me the songs, or send me a link?
Andrew Jacoby
nice vid, how do you get the line detail in the concrete?
Nolimar Miranda
professional vid
first comment of vegans
Shaker Shephard
Sir you have a amazing mind
LOVE the work with they roads! Only watch someone spaming props is boring after few minutes
Thank you for this ❤
Golden Games
Can you give me the modems you use what I hope to reply
hannah paull
you should make a starting town
Your attention to detail is astonishing man. Nice one.
cool vids. what mod tool packs are you using ? sorry if its been stated and obvious i missed it..
K. Repporio
The guy in charge of that construction site really should get fired
Amazing stuff!
Media market is Polish I think
Opt. Medusa
I like how you can highfive your neighbor in the next highrise.... but what you lack in architectural senses you make up for in the traffic layout.. and attention to detail
Can you upload your assets please?
You could build an airport or something like that...
I wish my rig could handle all the assets you use!  KUTGW, love the videos!
Furkan Özkaya
This guy is a god
thats like a 4* mcdonalds right there!
Donny Yario
The attention to detail is insane
Ken Lee
less parking lot
Borno Zaman
Your sheer attention to detail is what makes these videos.
Make an airfield!
Nikola Lutov
Veeeery nice! INCREADIBLE attention to detail! Please, list the mods you are using! :)
Bo Hellström
Are you German? because you use some of my favourite cinemas, the Zoo Palast :D Its the most popular Cinema in Berlin.
Chris La
you have this two games: Sims and Cities Skylines. Than there comes an guy. This Guy, his name is Impact btw, just downloaded so many mods for Cities Skylines, that he can play with the Sims Builder in Cities Skylines! Even the Lanes at the Streets was put by Hand, thats just epic! So much love to the detail, you doing very well :)
Brandon Baker
I'm thinking of buying this game for XBOX ONE when it comes out next weet. Is this way of building (brushes and custom prop placement) available in the vanilla version? Or is it a mod?
PC specs?
If i have so much mods my game crashes does someone know how i can fix that?
Slash Gamers
waitong for the new video
Rokas Ratkevičius
1:21 isnt it supposed to be other way around?
Pig Nebula
loving the music and attention to detail. subbed
Max Krause
please place some harbor cranes and Industrie and rails into the marina
Hey, Imapct Who is the artist of the song Shine that plays at 4:33? All you have written is Shine, but for the life of me cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!
what a great video