Villa-Lobos - 12 Etudes, performed by Alexander Milovanov

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Live Performance at the Yale University School of Music, Morse Recital Hall, April 19, 2012 Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) -- 12 Etudes (1929) Etude No. 1 ( 0:02 ) Allegro non troppo Etude No. 2 ( 2:11 ) Allegro Etude No. 3 ( 3:33 ) Allegro moderato Etude No. 4 ( 5:42 ) Un peu modere Etude No. 5 ( 8:58 ) Andantino Etude No. 6 ( 11:08 ) Poco Allegro Etude No. 7 ( 12:30 ) Tres anime Etude No. 8 ( 16:37 ) Modere Etude No. 9 ( 19:21 ) Tres un peu anime Etude No. 10 ( 22:13 ) Tres anime Etude No. 11 ( 24:06 ) Lent - Anime Etude No. 12 ( 27:49 ) Anime Alexander Milovanov, guitar (

Brigido Fernandez
Unbelievable!!! Incredible speed.  Sometimes playing a little slower is good also but your speed is astounding.  Bravo!!!  #12 was just unbelievable.
Robert Plant on cocaine
Amazing interpretation, i really liked your "Power" in playing, and its hard to impress a brazilian about an interpretation of a brazilian music!!! My regards!!
Ed Kawalec
Your mastery of the 12 Etudes is awe-inspiring! Thank you for posting, I very much enjoyed it. It is a phenomenal performance! Bravo!
Tran Duc Tai
So well played! Standing ovation.... Bravo!
Gillus Magnus
2nd study is just mindblowing!
I think it's interesting that in Etude 1, for the ascending portion he plays P for the three bass strings but descending he only uses P for the bottom two strings.. if I'm looking at it correctly. I wonder why... is there some natural reflex to the hand that he's found that makes it better to change his pattern descending?
eres una verdadera maravilla, muchas horas de estudio
Angelo Catania
Very nice job. I studied these pieces and I really know how difficult they are. Maladiez.
Giuseppe Molino
Great music and great guitarist, what guitar do you play?
Felipe PBA
Great performance!
wonjun cho
Respcet. very good music thank you
Adalberto Borges
Great. . . congratulations!!!!
Davide Borsa
Great performance!!! Very Good!!!!
Absolutely phenomenal performance! Loved watching it
I really liked how you played etude 3
Largo Doloroso
This is very good. Bravo!
Pain Paul
c'est pas un mauvais ce Milovanov !
Lopes E Silva
... Excelentes estudos guitarrísticos do Genial Compositor Heitor Villa-Lobos ... Aqui Magistralmente Interpretados por Alexander Milovanov ... BRAVÍSSIMO ... !!! ...
Gillus Magnus
...and the 9th study is a brilliant display of this gentleman's musicianship.
what fingering do you use for etude no.2 ? phenomenal playing
Ben Jones
The best part is the slow descent of his head at 29:45
More talent in his pinky finger than I have in my entire person. Also than in my pinky finger. Damned pinky finger! Stupid thing has taken to wussing out and turning to useless jelly only 2/3 the way through HVL Prel. 1. It just never seems to get any stronger! No such problems for Alexander here. Spot on everywhere.
Твой Друг
Блестящая техника. Удивительная легкость. Сыграть весь сборник за раз - дорогого стоит...
Orgulhosa de ser brasileira! Obrigada Villa-Lobos e a você também Alexander Milovanov.
Monique Ledermann
great playing...that first study always gets me - when it is well played, and it definitely is here!
David Marin
Magistrale interprétation félicitation
Margaret Tudor
This is exquisite! I loved it! ♫♪
алексей пискоха
karl walter g
Bavo, Beautiful concentration and freedom. True mastery. You're gettin down (or below) the technique into the music. Can we make requests? How about posting some Bach?
Teresa Teresa
Great performance!
Alfredo Noyola
One of those 6 no likes has to be from Igor Stravinsky... Grand playing, exquisite selection. Thanks for posting.
Ted Barrington
raffi torossian
a super guitarist...full of feeling and meaningful....bravoooo...!
Alex Muniz
Awesome performance but poor recording :/ Sounds like it was played in my bathroom !
Technically brilliant but also some very fresh musical ideas
дмитрий хацкевич
красивая музыка великолепное исполнение этюдов МОЛОДЕЦ!!!!!!!!!
Jhonatan Candido
Andre Silva
You are an INSANE man! ahaha wish one day I can reach this level, congratulations !
Shir Yeshim
Giuliobuilt worker
Great musicians i Hope to find a Lot of your cd's on Music Store!
Antuérpio Montiel Auler
Por isso existe na musica toda uma gama de expressividade em determinadas passagens quando se conhece seu verdadeiro significado se interpreta a alma da peça procurando ressaltar certas passagem naquilo que o autor gostaria de ouvir no sentido daqulilo que poderia ser real.
Antuerpio Auler
Estudo N]1 é el sonido del Rio Amazonas quando Vila-Lobos teve sua inspiracion ao atravessar el Rio Antuérpio Montiel Auler BRASIL Muito Boa performaçe cogratulations Guitar exelente sonido Bravo!
Leo Hekker
maestro maestro
Antuerpio Auler
Etude n 11 El Page Dança para salvar um índio que havia adoecido, é possible notar no segundo movimiento del TRemollo, imaginando el Page com cocalhos ...e o céu todo abrindo-se em prantos!!
Rumpilstiltskin Wang
mohsin alsaigh
حقيقه عزفك جدا ممتع تدل على مهاره فائقه وياليت اسمع منك معزوفه ملاقا شوكرا
George Kalan
ti moi favorit :)
Fernando Pérez Romero
Maravillosa interpretación, felicidades!!!
Wunderschön ! Es sieht beinahe so aus als hättest du mehr als 5 Finger :D
Excellent performance. One dislike. Its gotta be his X-Wife
Impressive, buy all muscle and no brain. Hopefully he will figure out that speed isn't everything. Great talent with enormous potential.
Fabiano Pereira
Best Villa Lobos, Best music Brazilian
Daniel Messias
Brilliant performance! These 12 etudes by Brazilian composed Heitor Villa Lobos are extremely difficult to play and perhaps this is the reason for one seldom hearing these musical pieces.
Dez Le Bherz
Dynamic & Brilliant
Paco Carpena
Breathtaking! Tanks for this great performance.
Gilberto Manzanares Guitarrista
Excelente, me gustó mucho.
VERY VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap clap clap clapclap clapclap clapclap clap clap clap clap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clap YOU ARE THE NUMBER ONE!!!!!
very very impressive, one of the very best performances i've heard of these since Barrueco's landmark recording
Ian O'Sullivan
אמרי קוגלר
Leonardo Bezerra
Wonderful presentation! Villa-lobos always was a visionary!
Melissa Joe
ahh, to wash dishes in a sink on a rainy morning and hear you practicing these, would be heavenly. sigh. always loved the villa-lobos works. my fave etudes..
Luciano Bertelle
Alexander Milovanov
Thank you, Rene!
Rene Izquierdo
Great Job Alexander!!! One of the best performances of the 12 Etudes that I have heard out there!!!
Excellent and wonderful performance. I was deeply impressed by your interpretation and was motivated to practice these pieces more intensively. Thank you.
Jonas Tavares
hey, you are my idol playing Villa Lobos...he´s my favourite composer, and i watch you play very well(sorry, i´m brazilian and my english is poor) my video in my channel playing Study 11...
Jinsoo Kwon
Fantastic playing~!! Very good^^
Vance Renfroe
wow. spasibo bolshoe
Robbie Chan
Amazing feat. I'm speechless.
Rodolfo Durán
Yo quiero tocar como tú !!!
Beautifull, long time ago when I was 12 years old I studied classical guitar and some permormed some ot those melodies... Choros 1, Capricho Arabe, and many more. Unfortunely I don´t play anymore... So this performance bring me great days. Thank´s for your music.
Chris Andersen
That was a fierce performance. Technically unimpeacable and exciting and fast! You are great at bringing out the beauty and modernity at turns when needed. It reminded me of all the metal bands that try to excite with volume and speed, and you are a band unto yourself with excitement and speed and chops to burn.
Mikołaj Dudkiewicz
It had to be a lot of work to prepare all of them. Congratulations!
bad man ting
Иван Синявин
Замечательное исполнение этого произведения.
Christopher Rude
Astonishing...Spectacular... Astounding...This performance is both musically and technically definitive. Though it may never come, I long for the day I can command these etudes with your divine facility and poise. Bravo!!!
Just Great ! I would like to be the first to share it in Brasil.
Robin Ros
Hi alexander! That's some nice playing here! How long have u practiced to play these pieces?
Excellent playing, very musical!
Jonas Francisco Scopel
Is the microphone turned to the audience? Great sound and technique!
Leo Hekker
Jhoc Jacob
wow! very ripe etudes!!!
Cittadino Nessuno
Very good, Alexander. More videos!
Юрий Кузнецов
В добрый час, Александр: безусловно, Ваше исполнение Джулио Регонди вызовет большой интерес у всех любителей гитары. Удачи!
Alexander Milovanov
Благодарю за ваш коментарий. Надеюсь что скоро удасться также записать на видео ещё один интересный цикл: 10 этюдов Регонди.
Юрий Кузнецов
Прекрасно, Александр! Несмотря на солидный "возраст", Этюды гениального Вила-Лобоса по сей день остаются сложнейшими произведениями для гитары. Они никак не девальвировались со времени их написания, ничуть не стали легче и привычней: по-прежнему исполнение всех Этюдов в одном концерте представляет для исполнителей своего рода подвиг.
André de Moura
Wow, if that is all you gained from this performance I am sorry for you. Great rendition Alexander! I don't agree with some of the tempi but you are surely a virtuoso!
Chad Michael Ibison
Brilliant!!! Hope you come to study here, man.
tin užar
8. etude ,2. page -fail
Nezihi GULEC
Le Mieux
Awesome! Thank you for a beautiful performance, Alexander!