The First iMac Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iMac in 1998.

Johnny NiteTrain
Shoutout to the Apple II team
The day Apple woke from a coma.
Amazing how 16 years of technology has changed drastically. Imagine what we can do in another 16 years...
Steve Jobs did a really fantastic Michael Fassbender impression.
Steve Jobs straight lied about that mouse though. it was painful to my wrist to use. lol
Great presentation, can really tell the Exit signs were turned off.
He's wearing a suit.
Romono Capprotti
Nobody can make a presentation like Steve Jobs.even if the product was good or bad nobody didn't like him
Neon Weird
Almost 20 years later and a lot of people don't even have 100mb internet connections
Samuel Frade
Hey, 15" at 1024x768 was big in 1998.
Joshua Medrano
Came here from the new Steve Jobs movie
This blew our minds in 1998. I think you guys are too young to understand..
like if you are watching this on your MacBook AIR....ha ha ha ha ha
What I really like about Apple is they really take design and appearance into account.
Anthony Deng
1:55 the way he said “these things are uuuh-gly” killed me
Dave Miller
Look at this mouse. It's the most awful mouse you've ever used.
Haha the hockey puck...
“It’s the most wonderful mouse you’ve ever used.” Nope Steve. Not even close. Other than that though, this was a great product.
tbh that was one helluva good looking desktop computer at the time
Eddie L. Rosado-Nieves
I'm watching this on my 21.5" iMac. :) ... I love it. Thank you, Steve.
Saad Kashif
why it is in my recommended, in 2018?
Ian 64
is there a link to the full video trailer shown on the imac's screen?
Would be funny if they introduced the iMac 27 inch with the latest specs and an SSD back in the day haha. The world would be shocked
Funny thing is: Jobs makes fun of competition because they use "last year processors". Today Apple still sells MacPro with 2013 processors and MacBook Air with 2015 processors, and it took them an eternity to put 8th gen intel cpus in their macbook lineup. Oh, and on the iMac you still get the seventh gen... A last year processor.
James Boner
Back when Apple was still trying to be Innovative and not just find reasons to jack up prices.
Mike O'Driscoll
god that takes me back to elementary school
Joy Chakraborty
4MB memory! Really? Just kidding...
EJ Tech
That mouse was actually a failure
i fkn love "the back of this thing looks better than the front of the other guys" Lmao.
Viet Vu
Watching Steve introduce anything is a privilege.
Young Steve reminds me Soul from Braking Bad.
If Steve Jobs could see things today...
Dino martini
He did it. He is God of technology.
Amaan Ahmed
32 MB??????????? Damn dude. The world is changing!
Sadie Blackwell
Still love the design to this day, it may be obviously old compared to modern technology but it still looks so unique and brilliant
Noud Janssen
"And these things are uuuuugly." Loved that.
Ios the Brittunculi
"It's the most wonderful mouse you've ever used". Gotta love the outstanding shit salesman! I still miss his showmanship.
Mr Zark
The hockey puck wouldn't have been a bad mouse if you didn't have to pop the ball out after every week. >>
"what is the largest display that you'd EVER wanna..... 15" "
C'était le bon temps...
I still think the iMac looks dope. The red and orange ones really stood out.
Joseph S
"Let's go ahead and put a lot of memory in this thing".... 32mb. Oh, the times.
Tobias Grund
It's 2018 my download speed is 16mbs and this thing support 100k 😯
Eugene Tongue
A genius of Steve Jobs is that I want this iMac right now in 2019
Remember when i begin High School and they hade these computer, they looked like Aliens, a round mouse, only a screen,
Sidhant Garg
watching it in 2014. can't help but laugh at the specs
Kusha Monjezi
This "Hello (again)" was pretty genius
Sander Brouwer
“It’s the most b...wonderfull mouse you’ve ever used” 😂
Raaja Thalapathy
How many of you recognise the changes in his Presentation Style compared to this all the way up to his last Presentation of the iPad! Jobs is a constant learner, Right till his death ❤️
313 Conspiracies
getting my iMac 5k retina.. wow..
GeOyInGoO gAmInG
wtf this video was uploaded in 2006.... (I mean this YT Video)
Adhy Wiranto
i've become his fans since he died.
Darish Zone
I had te privilege to use this beauty when it was released, prices was still crazy to afford one, only people who lived this coloured awe can understand, piece of art.
Vignesh Moorthy
Today I'm getting New 5K iMac! Thanks Steve & team
You can still feel the energy ^.^ the feels :,)
haruki- nyosu
髪の毛あるぞ!!!! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Strawberry Jam
g3's are really good
Abdulaziz Alserhani
but in 1998, there were PCs that are even cheaper than an iMac, back then, there were sub-1000 dollar PCs, remember eMachines, the company that sells PCs even cheaper than iMacs, and they even had eOne, but is that true, let me know?
Todor 2112
...and it all started again.
ZR1 Gamer
My father used a 75 Mhz Pentium 1 CPU with 16 MB of Ram.
Rick Hinchcliff
A work of art
Vasili Bougiamas
It would if you want a CRT taking up a lot of desk space.
233 MEGAHERTZ?! THAT'S INSANEly slow by today's standards but awesome back then.
Magic Vibrations
Kitty Fister
Insane how he was touting that mouse... it was and still is shit.
I have 1 TB :D
I want a 21" display. Too bad the iMac only comes only with 15" CRT.
I said Linux not the Unix Kernel, im talking about of OS, ¿No sabes ingles o qué?
He is wrong in what he tells about the mouse.
Ed Melendez
Nice try Bill. You are fooling no one.
yotov98 with cjo
old hits (:
I had a PC in '97, I thought my 1024x768 display was baller back then but vram could only display 256 colors at that resolution lol
The Redditor /u/BlupHox
Agnaldo Gastaldi
The Redditor /u/BlupHox
are you kdding me? I have 10 Terabytes
Magnetic Ecoboost
Just amazing. I love being a part of this generation.
big tupperware ad
Christos Dimarakis
The mac pro can hold up to 128 gigs of ram.Isn't that insane?
What's the biggest display you would ever want on a home computer? 15 inches. Man how times have changed...
Forever Holiday
lol, nice to see how you glossed over, malware and virus's. Seems you spinning salesmen bullshit as well, only a lot more boring, hahaha
Coolest desktop computer ever made, until now. They should do a macbook air special edition with the colour glow imac design.
Ive seen some with 98 gigs.
Anthony Geisler
Insane how fast technology goes. A LOT of memory was 32 mb back then. I have 8 gb memory right now. Some people have 16+
Putrifying Eagor
Why are you watching an Apple orientated video,and then trashing Apple products & Steve Jobs.This to me typifies the typical "Apple Hater",the underachievers of the world punching away on their PCs leaving bitter comments.People who buy Macs,know what they want,most are lifes achievers-they keep themselves to them selves.Whilst PC owners are bitter & twisted & cant help but pick holes & make Jabs at Mac Owners.
minutes ago
True. Formatting an imacs hard drive and putting windows on it solves 1/2 the problem. but getting rid of that slow imac hardware and replacing it with a new PC that costs less than 1/2 the price, solves the other 1/2. :-)
minutes ago
and 6% went to people who switched back to windows after seeing how annoying they were. And the other 6% got pinwheels in their eyes from all the hypnotic, hipster lies jobs told.
minutes ago
no need to thank me..
minutes ago
No, he did enough damage to the world, and youth by brainwashing them into thinking he was a real innovator, rather than the marketing pundit he really was. He was smart enough to know how to use advertising and lies to take advantage of credulous people for his own personal gains. Him dying was a good thing. Of course, I don't wish death on anyone... Had he just gotten alzheimers and babbled that would have been much better. OMG he was such an over rated asshole that lied left and right
minutes ago
Steve is that you from beyond the grave? thought so. Please take your BS elsewhere.
minutes ago
OMG, Knoxerboy101, finally someone gives credit to Woz. 99% of today's apple fans, think Jobs (due to superior acting ability) is the innovator. Only one problem. What Woz created, is long gone. I bought his creation years back, apple 2 - 6502. But today, they are all PC's and x86 tech from Intel, with vastly different architecture. So neither of them innovated anything in hardware for a modern mac. Funny how apple made fun of x86 just 10 years ago, until they couldn't keep up with PC's..
minutes ago
".. to network, it's also a Beautiful..." blah blah. It's amazing how he lies and/or exaggerates, misleads but manages to make it look so believable. THAT takes skill, and you fans should respect him for that. It's a shame I'm not dumber, I'd probably fall for all that, and love apple... oh well.
So what if he woz getting more attention?
Munish Mankotia
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Senti ganas de llorar con este video... Gracias por todo Steve.... Cambiaste el mundo
It was designed by a British dude... soooo, does Steve think Britain's a different planet? Actually that'd make sense...
ethan candy
And to think, you said this four months ago. iPhone 5c.
Michael Choe
its the passion in his products and what he does he sells. i love it
Hassan Alkhazali
is that Jobs
iMac... Whooaaw! It was the first aerodynamic personal computer. I wonder if anyone threw it from the window to see it flies or not :) This is funny because it was all about cosmetics and make up. That pc expired in one and a half years.
Marc Jennings
I remember the days of being late for class and stuck with the few remaining hockey puck mice. Everyone else had swapped them on the machine they were sitting at. My fingers tremble just looking at it again.