The educational raw video footage recorded and created by SmartBrainChild Sunday captured some of the most awesome videos of mother pigs and their baby piglets (authentic sounds). In addition, ordinal numbers are used to introduce each mother pig and piglets in this collection. ALL SEE this same video (NEW AWESOME MOTHER PIGS& THEIR PIGLETS A Must See - Revised) without the numbers and some extra mother pigs and their darling piglets. Children of all ages (babies, toddlers, preschool, K-2) can visually experience the interaction between different mother pigs and their babies. Kids can hear the real authentic sounds the mothers and their babies make on the farm. A loving video to watch anytime or during Mother's Day. Music: Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix ( All rights reserved)

Kate Bletcher
This is how all pigs should be treated. They get tosee the sun and be outdoors but have shelter, have enough space to turn around (I've seen sows in little stalls barely able to move) and they have soft shavings instead of hard floor.... <3
Comedic Gaming997
Mother pig being eaten alive by children ( Colorized Circa 1960 )
Olluwadare Babatune
please how can I get pig from your farm?
Tyra _Gamer10
The pig is cute very cute i like babies and mother pig 🐷🐷
Kimberly Bandiera
The mother pig is like "Im Exhausted" just do what you want to me!! 😂😂
Anh Nguyễn
ôi dễ thương quá 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷🐷🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👌👌👌
Hgvhhh Hghuhu
الحمد لله على نعمه الإسلام الحمد لله سبحان اللة وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته ربنا ماسبشي ولا اي حاجه الاما قلها في القران الحمد لله على نعمه الإسلام حرما عليكم الميتا والدما ولحم الخنزير
Justice L
Mama pig loves all her babies😍😍
marianne froholdt
I love when animals can be outside and do what they need to do,eat gras,and so on😘
Victoria Castillo
There so cute I wish I could have one
So precious.
All ab0uT -fl0wErs-
this is how widdle piggies should live
The 4th family was #earrape
Kathy Smith
please don't let them all be bread for slaughter!!!
Lavonia Duda
Awesome job! Thanks lots for sharing. :)
Random Ryan
Millions of pigs suffer everyday in slaughter houses 😭
All animals have feelings, they feel love, and the mother instinct in the ladies in these films show how strong that feeling is, pigs are a wonderful creatures, we all could be, such a shame human kind has too many bad apples, and cruelty is common :(
Ryan Dewitt-Todd
While some people like to have cats for pets, or dogs for pets, I honestly prefer having a pig for a pet.
Jenny Kristiansson
Aww there's always that one or two smaller ones who has to fight harder for the milk. In Sweden at my grandmothers place we always called them 'pelles'.
Tony Ho
This is why eating less meat is good..poor cows pigs etc..are abused and injectedwith steroids so tgeycan grow turn we get cancer by eating them...greedy corporations...
Omar Videos
I still love pigs as allah’s creation
Nikolas Cervenak
Natasha Millen de Guerra de guerra
the interruption of keep showing 1st 2nd 3rd is not necessary. wud have like to just see the pigs. found that part quite irritating.
Nancy Piglosi
pigs are so smart. Even potbellied pigs are little geniuses. I've rescued both and their intelligence, love and beauty are amazing. Idiots breed the potbellies and wean them when they can't even eat yet! I ended up raising a pig that I was told was 8 weeks and weaned. I got her home and not only could she not eat, she had ecoli! She only had a 25% chance of survival I slept with her, bottle fed and brought her out of it. These ruthless owners allow inbreeding to where their legs are like sticks and can't support their adult weight. My beautiful 2 week old piglet that I was told was 8 weeks(they don't feed them much to keep them small I found out) had to be euthanized at 5 years, she was my first and it devastated me! My current pig is very defiant and stubborn but shows me unconditional love. The piglets are darling! I will forever ❤🐷s!!!!
мoнαммed αl-мααɴι
دونالد ترامب واحفاده😂😂
Chameleon Theatre
Hi, I'm making an educational video to teach English to Spanish kids. Can I use some of these images? They're great. Thanks!
Good job, moms!
Kristine Fritz
i could never eat bacon again after watching a bunch ou pig videos
Andrea Massarelli
It's amazing how much Joy pigs bring to my life! I was having a panic attack and I looked up a video on piglets and I suddenly calmed down because of how cute they are ❤️❤️❤️
barbara butler
Very sweet. I just hope they aren't headed to slaughter.
The Finch
Thanks for numbering each picture 😒
Daze Bloom
They are harmless and friendly pets. Pls do not kill them.
Delroy Williams
Pigs and piglets cant be awesome fool, only the ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST IS AWESOME, you fool!!
Lulù Lebell
Cindy P
Nice mama pig. cute babies, but ohhh, that screaming!
Lubega Richard
Those kids are to much for her
The baby pigs are so cute
the best part is the piglet piles for nap time...
Rosa Fuentes
I don't understand why the video were numbered. Would have been better to see it without it
Dakota Brewer
I really like this video pigs look nice and healthy
Elli loves pizza
this reminds me of why I'm vegan <3
Maryuri Gonzalez
quelindo yoquierouno
Alejandro Ruiz
The most beautiful thing. Love to animals. Greetings from mexico.!!
Lenda Lends
aww so cute
Alisha Radford
I’m ashamed I ever ate bacon😢
Ra7 Ana
So heartbreaking that these beautiful animals are so smart and yet so little understood. Until recently I didn't know they behave similar to dogs and feel a range of emotions. Just breaks my heart so much. I want to take them all home :'(.
Ha Du
They are so so so cute baby pigs
puran soni
Very bountiful
All God's humble creatures.
Pisey Kitchen
thank for sharing i love to watch
Charles Gentert
I became vegetarian recently. This makes me want to stay that way.
gak tau kenapa pas liat induk babinya, gw pengen tonjokin tuh babi. anak2 babinya juga pngen gw tendang. udah gendut, haram, najis, menjijikan pula. dasar BABI.
Venetourytravesias Worldlink
حسين حسين
سبحان الله
Rodel Taping
Milagros Penida
que lindos
Dave Boerema
Is industrial farming mean at its finest you can't really criticize fever free capitalist they're just really mean they have no compassion towards animals I love my animals and I eat my animals you should come look in my freezer I label them by name
Conni- Switzerland
Martina Chovancova
Ty prasečí maminky josu starostlivé a trpělivé s těmi splátky je radost se na ně dívat 🐷🐖🐖🐖🐖👌👍👍.
Dipranjan Bora
un loka khna kia nm ha
Syeda Gulana Marajal
Why is number 4 so bad.
Vivek babu
Bhai apna Number do
Dagmar Künzel
"Oh, nice! Sweet! Cute!" And then you eat them ... Long live the falsity. Animals have a right to life as we humans.
Nicolas Camacho
They are too cute and adorable animals to eat them
Deeps Maheskar
So sweet
AngryVeganMom 69
Ik they are pigs but cute af
Rs H
In the bible they went fishing for fish on at least one occasion, and I went into the kitchen for a BLT!
Kutta aur khinzeer angraizo ka sabsay pasandeeda janwar. Ye hay inki taraqqi. Jahiliat.
Mei Lin Pang
Love piggy! I wish people don’t eat them! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️
rainbow unicorn boyd
This is so cute and adorable thats the way all pigs should live happy and well fed plenty of space to run around x im glad i dont eat pigs that was a lovely vid thank you xx
العراقي العراقي
Kathleen Holsinger
Adrian Wooten
Does anyone know the mom pig at 36th one she keeps shaking
Lilian Fernanda
isto Adicionar ao seu email, 😀🐖🐷🐖
This is not then playing or having fun it’s just them drinking so name it piglets drinking mothers milk
BroGamer HD
This is how a happy pig looks like!!
Sarah Boey
Im not a vegetarian but really want to be. After seeing this video, it helped me for becoming a vegetarian. I find that whenever I try to tell myself that im that eating a its harmless pig, I just can't and its very hard. I guess it might be because its already dead but thats not excuse.
John Davison
dede denver
Nice clean pens, no gestation crates, peaceful and comfortable for sow and piglets. Nice job!
Siti Salasiah Abd Hamid
babi bodo susu bodo anakn bodo babi bodo
lang ka akin nivera
ito dko makalimotang baboy nato
Benjamin Kolls
mmmm Bacon.
Tut Secret
They save lives. Do you know the story of the lady in a trailer having heart attack, the pig came out of the trailer trying to get people's attention.
Thuy Nguyen
thấy thương quá thật đáng yêu luôn
Rahma Berkane
سبحان الله كل صغار الحيوانات تلعب إلا اولاد الحلوف
Joe Russo
0:38 mom pig cuddle with baby pigs
Who is the month the mother or the son...
brumea carmen
super dragut purceii si scoafele
Aliaksandr Anikovich
Safa Sawan
يييي بخوف
Meegs B
Please research the flat Earth!
baby Calif love
Son unos amoores💝💝💝💝🎁🎁🎁🎁🌄🌅🗼...
Sol Escobar
علي علي
jass im
Samsung Prime
Jose Dominguez
bonitos cerdos , saludos desde Mexico.
Martin Vasquez
Yan!!!! Dapat lang sa inyo yung mga bagay na yan sa inyo mga hacker ha ha ha ha
Stelle luminose <3 vivessero sempre cosi liberi e sereni tutt i Pig del mondo <3