Spartacus Gods Of The Arena - The Syrians vs The Carthagenians

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Either Syriac or Aramaic; probably Aramaic since that was the lingua franca of the Middle East at that time.
Julius Joseph
Only Barca was Carthaginian not Auctus is actually Greek
Ancient arabian
What language do Ashur and Dagan speak???
yea me too
Cristian Mosqueira
Spartacus lo mejor de lo mejor
me too. seeing him in gods of the arena. i wish he was around cause would love to see a spear user in vengeance.
Kevin141690 In Vengeance(season 3) oenomaus gets owned by an egyptian. And after he lose his left eye, the egyptian has advantage and kills him!
Jade Caulfield
All i wanna know is did they eat the birds raw or cooked?
Paul Cowsill
@TheBluehollywood it shows gannicus defeating barca fairly easily in behind the mask and again without paying much attention in reckoning, but barca was actually injured in the attack on tullius in the bitter end, so didn't fight in the arena on the opening day. it also shows crixus defeating barca in sparring at the beginning of reckoning. so, after the departure of gannicus, crixus became champion. he had already defeated barca, and barca was also injured.
0:20 tomoe-nage is the name of that throw from judo ^^
Aeden Harmstrong
@Kalypso1323 Homophobia, racism by skin colour and all of that prejudice didn't really exist back's really only a modern ideal.
Isa L
Love this f'in scene. But...What does it matter if he's gay? Barca is still a cool dude. Look at the characters around him--they don't even seem to pay mind to his relationships--ever. It isn't even a thing for them, so why do people insist on putting this focus on this ONE unimportant aspect of him?!
@UnionLords I agree with you on everything except the gay part, I think a gay guy could easily be like Barca but to each his own opinions. Im totally with you on the Spartacus thing, he never fought Barca so no-one can actually say that he could beat Barca. I think its a shame they never gave him the opportunity to be champion he would have been an awesome and fearsome champ. He is bloody scary when hes mad , beast of Carthage is the right name for him!
I don't know why but I find eating someone's pets more vicious than slashing throats.
Love these animals
Imperial Patriot
@UnionLords Although he is homosexual, he is still among my favorite. I like the way he ran at Dagon before kicking him, he looked like he was angry marching. Also, he killed his own father. Gotta give him credit for having the balls to do that(See the motion comic for Barca's backstory). And he looked pissed off at Ashur for stabbing Dagon in the eye after a cheap move. Too bad he died the way he did. I would love to see him in Season 2.
J .El
mind fucking lost
Barca's kick in 0.18 !! Wow man Dagan literally flew 5 meter away !! (And the music rocks !!) Barca truly is a Beast I'm damn sure he would have MUCH more fans, if he wouldn't portrayed as -man fucker- To be honest, if a man has to play as homosexual in the show, Barca would be last choice.. I mean come on look at him !! Nevertheless, it is awesome to see how intimidating he can be. His face turns really scary when he pissed off Btw I seriously don't believe spartacus can take down Barca 1on 1.
Patrizio Humphreys
@HushCage23 Looks like someone has been taking some wrestling classes while in Syria haha
However, only Barca is carthagenian. Auctus, if i'm not wrong, was greek.
@XDraydenReapZX He deserved it, shady bastard
lol love the cook
lol titus!
@HushCage23 ya until crixus fucked his leg up
Gannicus is soooo cute when he laughs XD
crixus sure as hell is thinks about this ''honor'' and ''brotherhood'' thing for real. I would have helped anyways but knowing Usher ta hell with him
Guy who plays Auctus is hoooooootttttt.
Amerikkka's Most Wanted