Best Onboards | 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

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Mo X
Grosjean of the day: Romain Grosjean!
Max Pays
Wtf didnt even realize Daniel span out
Romain Grosjean
Where is Ericcson's onboard when he hit me?
Sebastian Vettel
That race was worse than Hamilton's haircut!
Alonso is still on fire. A lot of class shown in that outside overtake
That Williams sounds mean. Or maybe the mic was broken.
Tommy Rossi
4:25 In Soviet Russia car drives you
Every body can keep on hating Stroll because "he is bad and his dad pays his place in f1", but to be honest he still did a pretty impressive start knowing how bad is his Williams.
Timi Akinlonu
2:15 Stroll was soo lucky
Martin Neumann
Vettel: "Never raced with such an poor strategy, In My life "
Floppy Bird
4:24 - this happens to me when i try to play F1 2017 with a keyboard :-D
Daniel sanchez
Alonso's overtake absolute masterclass 🔥🔥🔥
derderdachtrdasderdasdenkt Maier
Why did grosjean stay on the throttle??
That crash was Ericsson's fault btw
Timi Akinlonu
I thought Maldonado was gone, well he's doing his job well
People hating on Sirotkin because he struggles to drive an almost undrivable car.... Just remember what Kubica said about that car and don't forget this is Sirotkins first season!
why did bottas not pick up the slipstream of hamilton at the start. vettel was way behind him. he easily could have done that.
Antonio Modena
Lewis Hamilton is now over a decade in f1 and has never driven a car thats not silver. Thats a nice fact
Luciano Mirão
Alonso the best!!!! Força Samurai!!!
Daniel sanchez
Charles leclerc start was👌 and he also had a great race keeping Alonso in bay most of the race and finishing in the points
derderdachtrdasderdasdenkt Maier
Dirty Ericsson again
Handy Goandy
60% contains early lap and 40% contains rest of the race....well done spain
Louis Sutton
That save from bottas at the start- Underrated.
Lance Stroll again with a super start!
You know it's a boring race when half the video has the lap 1 incident in it
0:00 Bottas shouldve gone behind Hamilton's slipstream
The more i see this Grosjean crash, the more i am thinking he took out the others on purpose..
Once again Alonso showing how overtaking is possible in turn 3. Not too bad!
Hussein Ahmed
Charles is going to be a champion one day
Alex Costescu
Dominik No
STROLL 🔥 He almost got "grosjeaned"
Fernando Alonso
Crashjean is a yoke!
killakanz gaming
@1:04 Gazly's reaction speed to take his hands off the wheel probably saved him a nasty wrist injury or two...
Samuel Santos
Leclerc must’ve been laughing like hell at 1:42.
Random 113
2:10 wtf is that engine sound???
Dimitri Shostakovich
Ricciardo and Sirotkin having a 150-horsepower surge?
Really sorry for Grosjean. Good pilot but that series of troubles. Hold on!
Ivan Pozdeev
0:35-0:45 Spinout, smoke, can't see anything... When the smoke clears... MAYHEM!! The car is scrap, entire track is in debris as far as eye can see... as if there was a battle
finally they show Ricciardo’s spin under vsc.. (3:08) they didn’t even show it during the race..
Did Romain think about a switch to Formula Drift?
Sir Patchy
*Leclerc sees Grosjean sideways and putting throttle on* *thinks to self: nope nope nope nope* *pushes throttle harder*
Youri Both
That was so close with Stroll at the start🤭
That Williams escaped the wrath of the Grosje by inches!
I'm so happy to see Formula 1 fully embrace YouTube like this. Gone are the days of me staying up all night with the vcr and Speedvision. 👍
Ivan Pozdeev
Finally, Ricardo's spin shown. Looks like his engine stalled or something.
If he's just pulled the clutch in he'd have been fine and back in the race in no time! Love the sound of that Ferrari gearbox!
Lukas Mihara
0:34 Get your foot off the throttle!! why the hell is he doing that!? The dirty air was not the problem, he lost it earlier. Thats just dangerous driving by GRO...
0:30 seems lag in f1 2017 multiplayer.
EndLessWarrior _
Team of the day: Manor Racing
i dont get the "you defenitely need to stop talking" radio from alonso... was he talking to his engineer?
Lt H
I can't be the only one who when they see Lance Stroll i assume he's going to either - A. Crash into a wall or spin B. Crash into 4 other drivers C. Cause a major incident Strangely on this occasion he didn't do much wrong
For those who don't Parlez-Vous Francais, Leclerc is French for.... ....The Clerc!
wabi sabi
Nah.. Romain already knew he was going sideways to the gravel trap, still he floored it trying to escape.
Bruno Lima Dias
Alonso is the best pilot on the grid. Doubt it.
lalith kumar
romain tried to avoid his team mate kevin, who inturn tried block him, and thus he lost control cuz of less grip..he tried his best to bring the car bak straight bt culdnt, its jus a racing accident, i donno y ppl r blowin it up #haas #romain P.s romain is still a good driver.
Desi Car Guy PK
4:22 When u play F1 2017 game on a console controller XD
Sam M
Leclerc is a damn savage! Somebody please get this guy a good ride.
Ericssons fault!
grosjean should change sport to do demolition derby instant champion
NevRo Channel
4:14 Alo engineer: *WHAT* i didn't say nothing..
'''Verstappen is the clownest pilot of the season'' Grojean: ''hold my baguette''
Cartoon Head
They cut the radio audio of Verstappen blaming the Williams when he ran into it. The VSC light is still yellow when he hits the Williams. Also, Romain deserves a race ban, his spin with the throttle planted was disturbingly dangerous and reckless.
David F
Hamilton's start.....🏎🔥🔥 bye bye errrrbody!!
Rian Adhi
4:23: "zero alcohol at the wheel" 4:24:
Jay Calloway
Can someone explain to me the origin of the "Ericsson's fault" jokes?
McTurkish Baba
I ❤ Vettel
Lord Kirtash
I like this content. Thank you. ¡Vamos Alonso!
4:10 its amazing how Alonso looks even 3 times to his left mirror in the middle of the corner yo know exactly where leclerc is and squeeze him to the kerb, great move more difficult than it seems. Hard and fair
Muslim Rofiqi
0:30 even a pro cant drift like a tokyo drift fast furious
Eric Satria
Gasly: I spun Me: I can't believe it
I really love what you guys have done with the official Formula 1 channel. Love the quality content!
Holy hell that Ferrari power off the line????
Artur Zathas
alonso is such a masterful driver. just a joy to watch. Btw, what happened to him at 3:55?
Pega sus
This circuit is posessed first Ricciardo then Sirotkin hahah
There seems to be a quick power surge just after a corner in many cars... Ricciardo, Sirotkin, etc
Oussama Erraji
4:25 Terrible steering wheel ergonomics, very difficult to hold the wheel at 180° angle lock.
0:33 obviously the best thing to do is to floor it and cause as much wheel smoke as possible with the remainder of the field coming up behind you
The Honda engine sounds easily the best.
Starlord Stavanger
first :)
Would have been such a cool drift for Romain had he not transitioned into victory donuts.
caliber ninja
alwAys my friend GROSJEAN😑
Bozack Tbc
No wonder the Williams is so lousy,there's a JCB sticker on it.:-)
Andiarif Lukmansyah
I think the first lap disaster was pure K Magnussen fault. He trying to block Gorsjean and got dirty air from his car.
Malcolm James De Castro
the sound of the williams..
setya wardana
hamilton drifting????
Hamza Ali
fair play to Alonso caught Leclerc napping when the green flag came up
onboard with Grosjean... the mistake to avoid :D 3:56 No power... It's a joke :D
Rayne Woodside
Go lewis Hamilton 44
Christian Möslein
Sirotkin MVP for sure!
Richard Ballan
Grosjean needs to clt+f4, uninstall steam.
Romain Grosjean.... what were you thinking?!!!
so funny that Verstappen lost the front wing piece but ran faster. forgot all about that.
The Raccoon
Sirotkin definitely has a ton of work to do, he isn't in any conditions of racing another season in F1 right now...
LuisFer González
Best onboards (just lap 1) :v
JP Garnette
If AND ONLY IF Kimi left, I would love to see RIC at Ferrari, ALO at Red Bull and STR at McLaren.
Nikossauro na Área
Grosjean it's very crazy !
jesus felipe diaz moya
Romain the Bad Boy.
FN 2187
That start from Ocon. Wow jusy amazing!!
Nathan Toth
Gotta love Lance Stroll! Terrific patience!
Elian Iorio Farrell
The Williams engine has the nice roughness of the V8/V10. But in this case it means it's not a good one.