Travis Barker on the Plane Crash with DJ AM: The Plane Was Completely on Fire | Larry King Now

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SUBSCRIBE to Larry King's YouTube Channel: King Now | Ora.TV31HuYM Seven years after they were originally set to speak, Barker sits down with Larry King to discuss the deadly plane crash that nearly took his life and the excruciating treatment that followed. FACEBOOK: & /> TWITTER: />Use #LarryKingNow to make comments & ask us questions on Twitter! Watch the Full Interview Here:

Evan Frazier
Larry King is a terrible interviewer, let the man finish a thought for once!
Masta Hanksta
Hats off to Travis Barker I seen him and his daughter around my neighborhood and he is a great guy. He is a survivor..
Michael Statik
talks about plane larry: you and adam lived right? no just a barker hologram in the interview
Man, this guy went through that shit and still continues to rock peoples faces off.
pope quiet
jeez give Larry a break he's 120 years old he's doing fine
Secret EyeSpot
This story near broke my heart.. but to see him still standing, brave enough to tell his story.. that gave me strength
I have never seen anyone more bored and disinterested with ANYTHING as Larry King is in this interview.
Not feeling Larry Kings interview style at all, you can just feel him itching to interrupt the entire time. Is he always this bad? Im not really familiar with him since I'm not from the states. Travis seems like a mellow and interesting guy though. Amazing story, what a terrible thing to experience.
Jody Jackson
For someone known for interviewing people this is a horrible interview. King keeps interrupting Travis. He asks a question the interrupts him before he can even answer the question.
Yoga Cholandha
Something's wrong. Travis is wearing shirt.
True BeautyJ
This is so sad. Thank God he's still alive and well. ❤️
Melissa Wright
DJ AM survived this plane crash just to die later on anyway. Very sad x
☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
My god! 65%?! I have a 3rd degree burn scar about the size of my hand on my stomach from gasoline. It was the worst pain i've ever felt.. Tattoos TICKLE in comparison. This story is insane
Travis was the coolest! After this...he's become a hero to many! God Bless you Travis...keep on rocking brother!
If he survives a boat sinking Blink will only do US tours
I would never get on a plane again either.
Jeremy Ryder
he was saved so that they could release the new Blink album
um broog
God saved his life and he knows it!!!
Travis Barker is my long time hero, love Blink 182, love Transplants
Muhammad Smith
"i had a dream when i was 19....told my manager that...." talking about the Aquabats days
Humberto Alanis
travis barker is truly blessed not only is he pound for pound one of the best drummers on the planet but he survived a plane crash! wtf how lucky can you be? glad he made it though i love his music and it would have been tragic otherwise
God bless Travis
our plane crashed! travis is on fire! it’s got to be so weird being famous. you are in a life or death situation and you are on the phone with your manager giving a play by play so you can be told what to do.. ok i’m out of the wreckage, now what? yeah he’s on fire.. yeah.. uh huh.. burning, right.. put him out? can i do that legally? ok, how do i put him out? shut up, travis, i’m on the phone! sorry about that, what were you saying?
Jesus is the truth
God must still have plans here on earth for Travis and Adam
Hard to watch this without tearing up..
Miranda Terrell
RIP Lil Chris, Che, and my man DJ AM. I cannot believe this happened almost 8 years ago. I've read his book twice, and this part of the book, detailing the crash, gives me the chills. For those who doubt Travis Barker and how fucked up they were IMMEDIATELY after the crash, there's a really sad video that should have NEVER been released, but it clearly shows the plane still on fire in the background, two figures outside the plane (Adam and Travis) and Travis pleading with police that their friends are on the plane still. Horrendous that someone would feel the need to put that online or public, but now that it's there, i guess it's the best way to shut down naysayers. God bless Travis Barker. My hero.
you would think that plane crash would of been a wake of call for DJ AM! People and their drugs! what a shame!
Ok .. I’m REAL confused. This has to be an alt reality— I completely missed this bit of pop trivia for the last decade apparently. Wtf Travis I had no idea
Both Botv
God saved this mans life. God is merciful.
Tyler Hayes
Adam was burned "a little bit on his arm and head?" Ummm, he looked a hell of a lot worse in the documentary.
Kompa Tevez
All I wanna know about this interview is: Did Larry pass gas?
I'm amazed the Doctors never put him into an induced coma.
Joshua Hidalgo
I'm so sorry Travis praise God you're still alive
Aislinn Fagan
You know what's weird? I have to fly to Alabama in November😏 and your daughter's name is Alabama
Tommy A
God Bless him! The man survived a plane crash, was totally set on fire, and you wouldn’t even know by looking at him.
Nate J
Damn! Travis is one tuff SOB!
Horrible interviewer.
James Jones
How did Larry King become so popular? He’s a horrible interviewer.
God bless him, couldn’t imagine what he’s been through.
juh sh
Larry King a real one. Got two Cartier love bracelets on. One for the main chick and one for the side piece
Aya's Reviews and toy colections
If this isn't GOD trying to tell this man to sober up and change his ways I don't know what to tell ya!! Thank God he survived!!
Can I Say is a great book. I relate to T.B. Larry King should let people talk, WTF.
Filipe Cardozo
I was just waiting for lights out....
If he was burnt how come his tattoos are all still there??
Kevin Sørensen
He sounds like Justin Timberlake
bose knows
God loves all angles, those with, above, and also those below us. Travis embodies everything I could image as a blessed soul before the accident and especially now!
Josh Hayes
Jesus, King must be the worst interviewer ever, he constantly steps all over the person answering. It's like shut up.
Weave Snatched
Jj Is legitness
God bless Travis he's ok
Tyler Barker
Travis Barker is still here and alive and well due to God’s grace.
Dick Nixon
Crash on a plane, then OD....solid.  Very grateful.
Raymond Martinez
This might be completely wrong but is this why Travis got tattoos, to cover up burns?
"I guess he might have died"
The Healthiest Skeptic
This would be a tragic story if it were true. Fortunately it's not, Travis is lying, and his friend, Dj am is likely doing fine, living somewhere relatively remote. Ahhh the good life. Does Travis sound convincing? Does the story sound likely? Does his voice match that of someone who's friend died tragically? But why? Why would he lie? Why would DJ ams death be faked? I don't know for sure but lots of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Bernie Mac, Elvis, tupac, jfk, etc. lots of proof is out there, rather, lots of clues are out there. It's up to you to put the pieces together
Kreepy Pasta
Burning Jews LOL!
Mike b
Who cares both of you are nobody's end of story.
Timothy Haviland
Stuff like this really makes me hate Tom DeLonge...unfortunately
Eric Morse
Planes don't bounce
Terry K
God Travis looks and sounds really bad.. I truly hope he wins the lawsuit
Flutter Bize go through something like that it has to change you.
Medical Opinions
It’s all about probability, mechanical error, cheap company expenses, weather and human error. Fly enough, the risk is there.
“Adam, was he burnt too?” Maybe it’s just me but the wording rubs me the wrong way. “Burnt?” He’s not a piece of toast. Wouldn’t “burned” or to say “suffered burns” have been more appropriate?
Carlos G
Larry totally sounds like a lawyer in a deposition hearing LOL
Miryam Hernandez
You have my ultimate respect. What an amazing person. To fight to live and help others.
Thank you Mr. Barker for sharing your extremely intimate personal tragedy with all of us. Glad you are still here for your family & friends. ok, ok your huge fan bade as well. We love you *Hugz
danny davideos
The guy that was the witness said her saw dj am taking off Adams clothes for him.
danny davideos
Who did he say was on drugs.? My something was on drugs.?
A Poker Life
Did Larry King retire yet? What a worthless interviewer; stop interrupting thoughts.
Liz Smith
That's absolutely crazy
Cj Hud
so jet fuel can melt steel beams to liquid. but this man was engulfed with jet fuel and hes perfectly fine
Mister Frog
Walter White much ?
Rich Luna
I remember reading about that on the internet. And here I am 10 years later finding out how bad it really was. I had no idea...
Larry king interrupts waaaaaaaaay too much
Shaun Haley
Hmmm. He survives plane crash. Friend dies. THEY tried to kill him.
Is it just me or does he kind of sound like Mark Wahlberg?
owain bright
That hat is horrendous, he looks like boy George.
Ken Clark
The landing gear popped? And the plane went out of control?? If he was totally on fire his tatts wouldn’t look so good
Why is his hat so dirty? Looks like he found it in a dumpster nearby.
Travis Barker is extremely embarrassing
Hey Larry, Can I get a smoke from ya buddy?
Regardless, anyone is still much more likely to die in a car accident
Carson Hoy
Carl Mape
His jaw was on drugs? What?
Tomis Muska
dont take small planes travis
Larry needs to stop interrupting him
Jennifet Niebla
Fuc&*G horrorshow. Wow.
Who is this guy? Never heard of him!
7922 8792
Nick Koopmann
demigod 253
Where is his burn scars?
PoopiePants Mcgee
Jonathan Castino
Amazing story... Sorry for the casualties brotha, God bless.
Vintage Invincible
Does he tour over seas
John Smith
Wow i can't imagine
Chad Higgins
Larry king could not be a worse interviewer. he almost made that compelling story boring. glad Travis is still here
Wassup Foo
Aye for real my family has a jet and they never let me use it they kind of use it against me but anyways this story makes me not even care about wanting to fly in it now.
No Bigotry
this video is interesting I'll be back gotta do some investigation be I put my two cent's in.
Keith James
Holy fuck. And he still went on to make two of the best albums of "our" time, with blink? Amazing. Just. Pure. Amazing.
Fuzzy Butkus
Debreeding in the water tank is by far worst pain ever.